EXCLUSIVE: Makeup gurus, cosmetologists & salon experts take THESE precautions to prevent Covid 19

As every industry is facing a crisis, we talk to experts like Shraddha Naik, Jamuna Pai and more as they reveal the precautions they have been taking.
EXCLUSIVE: Makeup gurus, cosmetologists & salon experts take THESE precautions to prevent Covid 19
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The world has come to a standstill with the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. It has already affected thousands of people worldwide and caused multiple deaths. Every public place including theatres, parks, gyms, schools, colleges, etc. have been shut down. The Covid - 19 virus has also heavily impacted businesses and the beauty sector with big events like the MET Gala, award functions, junkets and multiple shows being postponed indefinitely. With every brand doing its bit to ensure everybody from their employees to clients remain safe, the beauty and makeup industry has also taken a big hit. Bollywood makeup artists, cosmetologists, beauty gurus and more delve in. 


Big budget shoots have been rescheduled and cancelled in India. But the smaller ad films are still running. Places like beauty parlours and other services have also not been shut yet. Considering the number of people visiting these places and the re-using of tools, Pinkvilla got in touch with beauticians, cosmetologists and makeup gurus from the city to see how they handle things. 


Shraddha Naik, makeup artist popularly known for giving Shraddha Kapoor her glam looks said she not just washes her brushes but also sterilises them now. "Cleaning brushes with soaps and shampoo is not enough I now make it a point to sterilise them as well. Many times, when we work with the same celebrity for 2-3 continuous days, we tend to take it lightly and not wash the blush brushes. But now that the situation is serious, I make it a point to wash everything no matter who I'm working with," says the artiste who is also geared up to wear a mask and gloves to her future shoots. "We are in such close proximity with our clients and many times we end up touching their face with fingers," she adds. 



Adding to Shraddha’s measures, Riddhi Dhamelia, professional makeup artist and founder of Ridz Artista, revealed that she has started to cancel orders to follow the self-quarantine advice given by the WHO. A true makeup junkie at heart, the artiste and entrepreneur is still figuring out ways to deal with all the free time in which she has been sterilising her products. "I make sure to sterilise all my tools and wash my hands every 20 minutes," Riddhima reiterates about how she goes about her makeup as she too ensures she wears a mask and gloves. 



For those who are on the field, dealing with people on a daily basis comes with the job. Cosmetologist and founder of Nicci Skin Care, Menka Kirpalani reveals that she ensures her environment is clean and hygienic. "In the current situation, we have increased our vigilance with effective sanitisation measures before and after treatments, wearing professional masks before starting the treatment and disinfecting the room every time the client leaves. We also go ahead with the appointment after confirming with the client if their health is fine. We have requested our clients to use digital tools of communication for skincare advice and have put one-on-one contact to a minimum," adds the entrepreneur. 



In addition to all the measures being taken Dr. Jamuna Pai, one of India's Biggest Cosmetic Physicians recommends that while it is important to take strict measures, it is equally important to look after one's skin. "As we are now constantly washing our hands, symptoms of irritating hand dermatitis are emerging where it ranges from dry skin to cracked skin to eczema getting aggravated." To prevent this, the Director of SkinLab recommends one to "moisturise as often as you wash. Look for products like glycerin, castor oil or petroleum jelly or even anything that you already have at home. At night, you can apply something heavier before you sleep," she says. 


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