EXCLUSIVE: Sonam Kapoor looks fabulous in our jewellery: Roma Narsinghani on accessory trends & more

The jewellery designer took us through what it was like to create a virtual collection for the Helsinki Fashion Week, what to keep in mind while picking out accessories and more in this exclusive interview with Pinkvilla.

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EXCLUSIVE: Sonam Kapoor looks fabulous in our jewellery: Roma Narsinghani accessory trends & more
EXCLUSIVE: Sonam Kapoor looks fabulous in our jewellery: Roma Narsinghani accessory trends & more

In the 'new normal' jewellery designers have figured out an unconventional yet smart way to showcase her latest collection. Following suit of multiple international designer labels, Roma too, is going the digital way to showcase her collection, Gaia, at the Helsinki Fashion Week 2020. In a tete-a-tete with Pinkvilla, Roma talked about her designs which are a mix of contemporary and traditional, where she gets her inspiration from and accessory trends to watch out for. 

Your creations seem like a modern take on traditional accessories. Tell us about your process.
All our designs have traditional, hand-making techniques. We also use meenakari in a few of our pieces. Most of the techniques that are used by our artisans have been passed down through generations. 
You mostly stick to brighter shades of gold and brass. Why not explore more silver, oxidised silver and darker materials?
I have always loved temple jewellery, so the colour of the gold kind of came from there from the very beginning even before I made pieces for myself and it flows into all our collection. We are also working with copper now and we have also used gunmetal for one of our recent collaborations but yes predominantly I love gold, I have a massive love for gold. 

You also seem to have a soft spot for hair buns with a range of them. Are they your favourite accessory?
I think it comes across like that because a lot of customers buy the hair buns from us but yes I do particularly like gold plated bindis, even I wear a lot of my rings and I think ear caps are something that has stayed with me. I wouldn't call it my favourite accessory because I don't want to limit it to one because I think every piece is special and unique in its own way.


What did you do differently for the Helsinki Fashion Week? How different was the experience since this collection was presented virtually?
Everything is different about this collection considering that it's an entirely virtual collection that's been created. It is also one of our most minimal collections in terms of the assortment, as the focus is to look at jewellery in an intangible conscious way. There are many such learnings that have come from us moving into this digital world especially for our virtual collection. Normally we would shoot an offline campaign. For this one there's a completely virtual campaign where the models are created and then we place the pieces on them. 
Your designs have made their mark on Bollywood celebrities as well. Who according to you wears your accessories the best?
I absolutely love when Kalki wears any of my pieces, I think she is stunning and also Sonam Kapoor. I think she looks fabulous in all our jewellery.


When we can step out again, what according to you will be a raging accessory trend that we can expect?
The idea of raging trends will vanish because jewellery and clothing have become a lot more personal now. I feel people will buy things that they truly care for and not necessarily things that are trending. I see a lot more minimal pieces like rings which might have some sentiment behind it, even in terms of designs. I feel mainly small and minimal like studs, chains and wellness like crystals sort of phase picking up.

What are some things to keep in mind while picking up accessories?
You should definitely keep in mind the weight of the accessory. 
Make sure the rings that you buy if you are buying them online are the free size as they fit well and it's easier to manage them as well. 
Even when you are buying earrings online, in terms of the size of their neck and how well long earrings look on them so to have a human scale element is important when you are checking when you try earrings. 
Look up their size on the website and check the length of the piece. 
Also, keep in mind the jewellery that you buy is nickel-free. 
If you are buying any jewellery you can also look at some upcycled options. Try to choose well. Buy less and choose accessories that will stay with you for a longer period and not just go buy trends. Buy something that will last you for many many years. Quality is key!


Which accessory according to you is a must-have for every girl?
I would say hair buns as it works so well for different cities. You can take that piece with you at your work in the morning and in case you are having a bad hair day, take it to lunch, or maybe a wedding. It's so versatile. So for the days when you don't want to do your hair, you can still make an updo and look fabulous. 

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