EXCLUSIVE: Miss Universe 3rd runner up Adline Castelino reveals Lara Dutta’s golden advice before her journey

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Miss Universe 3rd runner up Adline Castelino reveals Lara Dutta’s golden advice before her journey

Adline Castelino is someone who doesn’t need an introduction now. The lady has emerged as the third runner up at the prestigious 69th Miss Universe which took place in May this year and it has left the entire nation overwhelmed and proud. Recently, the beauty queen, who is overwhelmed with her triumph, got into an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla and revealed at former beauty queen Lara Dutta had given her a golden piece of advice before she began her journey on the pageant.

During the conversation, Adline stated, “Lara ma’am told me this just before leaving, she said, “You can control what you do but you can’t control what happens to you””. She further added, “I am firm believer that your destiny takes you places. If you are not meant to be somewhere, you are meant to be somewhere else and I gave it my 100% in terms of every little preparation I could do physically even emotionally because I feel that the circumstance around me also groom me and made me a much more aware person to represent India in the best light possible. So, I didn’t hold back anything, I gave it my all. Even while standing at the stage I was very proud of the accomplishment.”

When quizzed about how the pageant had changed her life, Adline explained, “For any girl that walks into a pageant, at the start of the pageant we only see the glamour quotient of it – oh you have to look nice, you have to talk well and a lot of things. But when you enter here, you see women for what they are. There are a lot of women that you work with and you just start realising that every woman is blessed and that they are so different from each other and there is actually no competition at all.”

She also shared a piece of advice for other women and young girls, Adline stated that she wants the ladies to have the confidence to be what they want to be despite of what people are going to say.

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