Rebel Wilson's Weight Loss Secrets Are Here to Inspire You

The “Pitch Perfect” star embarked on a self-proclaimed ‘Year of Health’ in 2020 and lost 77 pounds of her weight. Here are Rebel Wilson’s weight loss secrets.

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Rebel Wilson Weight Loss
Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson has opened up about her two-year weight loss journey in which she has lost 77 pounds. She embarked on a weight loss journey in 2020 and certain lifestyle modifications, the ‘Year of Health’ paid off. Apart from the weight loss results, the actress seems extremely happy with her lifestyle changes. If you browse her Instagram profile, you may notice that she is recently celebrating the success of her new movie ‘ Senior Year’, which ranked number 1 on Netflix in just three days. Lately, Rebel has been flaunting her body shamelessly on her social media accounts after her incredible body transformations. Besides, she has been more vocal about her fitness regimes than ever. If you have a big waistline or are looking for ways to shed a few extra kilos, Rebel Wilson’s weight loss secrets may help you reach your fitness goals. Let’s take a quick glance at the actress's diet and workout regimes that helped her bounce back to a perfect figure. Scroll down. 

Who is Rebel Wilson?

Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson (Rebel Wilson) is an Australian actress, songwriter, producer, and comedian. She was born on 02 March 1980 in Sydney to Sue Bownds & Jack Bounds -professional dog handlers. She attended Tara Anglican School For Girls and completed high school in 1997. 


During the early years of her career, Wilson studied at the Australian Theatre For Young People and moved to New York after winning a scholarship. After moving to the United States, Rebel acted in several films that brought her fame. A few of her best movies and web series are - The Bridesmaid, Rules of Engagement, Workaholics, Ice Age, etc. 

Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss Diet

The songwriter-actor was diagnosed in her early 20s with Polycystic Ovarian Disorder which led her to gain excess body weight. Her goal to get healthy before freezing her eggs was to have children later and to fulfill her goal, she made certain lifestyle modifications. 


Diet plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health and optimal body weight. There were several speculations that Rebel Wilson’s weight loss plan followed a Mayr Method Diet Program in 2020 to lose excess body weight, but in an Instagram story, the actress revealed that it was never her diet. Additionally, there are speculations about Rebel Wilson’s weight loss pills that helped her to achieve optimal body weight. However, the actress further clarified that she has never endorsed any magic or diet pill as a part of her fitness regime. 

Here Is All That Comprises Rebel’s Weight Loss Diet 

In an interview with People, Rebel explained that she eats protein-packed meals every day. Earlier the actress used to eat 3000 calories in a day which led to excess weight gain. But, now she restricts her daily calorie intake to 1500- 2000. She added that she ate 3000 calories a day probably because they were all carbs and she would feel hungry. Now that she has switched to high-protein foods, she has a better hold on her daily calorie intake. She found switching to a high-protein diet challenging as she didn’t use to eat a lot of meat. But, now she often loves to gorge on fish, salmon, and chicken breast regularly. 

Besides, Wilson credits the Coronavirus pandemic to slow down and switch to healthier eating habits instead of snacking on unhealthy foods. It helped her to eat mindfully for overall health and her struggle with emotional eating. The actress revealed that she tends to do emotional eating and ends up overeating earlier but things are pretty different now. 

But, Rebel doesn’t deprive herself of her comfort foods. Since she is now trying to maintain her body weight, she munches on healthy snacks and sometimes even eats her favorite ice creams and chocolate. She feels this approach is more maintainable. She also incorporates healthy ingredients in her snacks such as shredded carrots and avocados in her tacos. 

The actress is trying to go for overall balance but she confessed that nothing is forbidden for her. When she is on her cheat meal, she would eat a burger and a few fries, half of what she would eat earlier. 

Rebel Wilson’s  Workout Routine

Rebel was extremely determined to lose extra body weight and has worked with her fitness trainer, Jono Castonao for up to 7 days a week. Shedding a few extra kilos can be challenging without a healthy diet and regular workouts. The actress shared a few intense moves such as flipping tires in her Instagram post and inspired millions of her fans to get in shape with a proper diet and workout routine. Take a glance at Rebel Wilson’s workout routine.


Stair Sprints

Rebel is a big fan of high-intensity workouts and performed at least 30 laps of stair sprints during her gym session. Short stair sprints are a type of workout known to build speed, cardiovascular fitness, and strength in your legs. The plyometric exercise targets some of the largest muscles in your body and exerts the muscles to their maximum potential within a short time span. 

As you run stairs, your heart rate increases, which makes you breathe faster to pump more oxygen into your body. This improves your VO2 max- the maximum volume of oxygen a person can use during an intense exercise. 

A study concluded that performing stair sprints for 30 minutes per week is not effective in improving cardiorespiratory fitness but it directly improved longevity (1). On the other hand, another study pinpoints that the best benefit of stair running even in short reps is that they are potent enough to improve cardiorespiratory health (2).

Morning Hikes & Brisk Walks

Even when the Rebel is extremely busy with her hectic schedule, she remains devoted to her workouts. The actress revealed on her social media handle that she used to wake up super early (6 AM) and went on a hike. Also, she performed a couple of 100 meters sprints to keep her cardiorespiratory health on track. 

Apart from the morning hikes, brisk walks make Wilson’s other weight loss secret. During her “Year of Health’, the actress found out that brisk walks were actually the best way for her to get rid of excess body weight. These aided in Rebel Wilson’s weight loss journey. 

Sports and gym workouts 

Rebel loves to play tennis as a part of her fitness routine. When she is not hiking or indulging in any outdoor sports, she workout in the gym at least 3 to 4 times a week for 30 minutes. When you burn more calories than you consume, you are more likely to lose weight. 

Rebel Wilson lost excess body weight with self-discipline and hard work. You can do it too. The biggest problem most people experience with weight loss is the lack of motivation. Let’s take a look at how the actress keeps herself motivated for weight loss and what weight loss tips she has to share with all those looking to lose extra body fat. 


Rebel’s Wilson Tips On Weight Loss

Stick To The Plan

Rebel has such a sweet tooth that she loves to eat dessert every day. While she indulges in her savory treats in moderation daily, she also switches to healthy snacking options such as celery and hummus. And this is the key to adhering to a healthy diet for the best fat-burn results. 

Of course, you can indulge in your cheat meals once a week, but to do so, you need to adhere to strict diet regimes for the rest of the six days of the week. On the seventh day, you may feel like the best day of your life. Indulging in your favorite treats once a week not only helps you keep track of the calorie count but boosts self-confidence as well. 

Stay Well Hydrated

To lose weight and increase your daily calorie burn, it is important to stay hydrated all day long. Rebel revealed that she keeps on guzzling liters of water regularly to flush the toxins out of her body and stay active and energized. Many times, when you don’t drink enough water and are thirsty, the human brain misleads the signal as hunger and pushes you to gorge on unhealthy foods. So, remember to drink 1 or 2 glasses of water every hour to keep a check on your calorie count. A study mentions that the optimal daily liquid intake for men is 3000/ml a day and 2200/ml a day for women (3).

Be Confident With Your Shape

Many people may be in shape but do not emit positive energy due to low self-confidence. Rebel told that she never aimed for a skinny body and she is always confident with her curves and stuff. Confidence doesn’t come with expensive clothes and jewelry but with how you feel about yourself. It naturally comes when you do the right things such as eating mindfully, working out regularly, and not taking yourself for granted. You must love every inch of your body plus sleep properly, indulge in new hobbies, go on a trip with your loved ones, and do everything that you can do to boost your self-confidence. 


Rebel Wilson’s jaw-dropping body transformation has captivated millions of her followers around the globe. She suffered from excessive body weight due to emotional or stress eating, but certain lifestyle modifications helped her reach the optimal body mass. The Australian actress credited her healthy lifestyle habits such as switching to healthier food alternatives during the pandemic, spending ample time working out with her fitness trainer, and staying hydrated throughout the day as effective tools for her weight loss transformation. Increasing the amount of dietary fiber in your everyday diet helps improve glucose metabolism and gut health, thus leveling up your energy and more calorie burn for increased weight loss. Additionally, Rebel Wilson’s weight loss secrets included doing sports activities and going on a morning hike to shed excess flab to bounce back to a perfect hourglass figure. She has always loved every inch of her to stay confident and inspire the world with her amazing body transformation.




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How much weight did Rebel Wilson lose?
Rebel is said to lose 77 pounds of her body weight during her self-claimed ‘ Year of Health’.

Did Rebel Wilson undergo any surgery to lose weight?
The actress reported losing weight through lifestyle modifications such as healthy eating, getting proper sleep, regular workouts, and staying hydrated. Also, she didn’t undergo any surgery for weight loss.

Is Rebel Wilson’s weight loss plan healthy?
Rebel Wilson’s weight loss plan majorly includes healthy lifestyle modifications. So yes, her weight loss plan is said to be healthy for most people.

How long did it take Rebel to lose weight?
The Pitch Perfect star lost around 77 pounds of her body weight in a few months.

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