Jujutsu Kaisen: How Are Yuji Itadori and Choso Connected? Explained

The Shibuya Arc of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime introduced novel character relationships and featured a thrilling battle between Yuji Itadori and the Cursed Spirit Choso.

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Exploring How Yuji Itadori and Choso Are Connected
Yuji Itadori and Choso in Jujutsu Kaisen (PC: MAPPA)

The Shibuya Arc of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime introduced new character relationships and a thrilling battle between Yuji Itadori and the Cursed Spirit Choso. Choso, the older brother of Kechizu and Eso, fights for their honor. Itadori is initially seeking revenge after Satoru Gojo is captured, but in a shocking twist, the antagonist is unable to follow through. The arc showcases the intense battles and character relationships in the anime.

Choso, about to deliver his final blow, recalls a false memory of himself and his brothers, Kechizu and Eso, and Itadori. He flees from battle, confused and mortified. Itadori uses this opportunity to find Gojo, hinting at a shocking link between the new antagonist and JJK's main character, who are both creations of Kenjaku. The scene reveals the connection between the two characters.

Choso - a Cursed Womb Death Painting

In the first season of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime, nine Cursed Womb Death Paintings were held at Jujutsu Tokyo High. However, during the Goodwill Event, Disaster Curses attacked the school and stole the cursed objects. Mahito and other curses incarnated three Cursed Womb Death Paintings: Kechizu, Eso, and Choso.

In the Death Painting Arc, two of these brothers are sent to retrieve one of Sukuna's fingers that resided under the cursed Yasohaci Bridge; unfortunately for them, at the same time, Itadori, Nobara and Fushiguro were also investigating the bridge. When the two groups collided, Itadori and Nobara faced off against the brothers. Kechizu and Eso were eventually killed by the sorcerers.


Choso in Jujutsu Kaisen (PC: MAPPA)

The Cursed Womb Death Paintings are part of ancient sorcerer Kenjaku's experiments, which resulted in nine special grade half-human and half-curse hybrids. Choso, a more successful version of the hybrids, has a flesh-and-blood body and high intelligence. He appears mostly human and is visible to both curses and non-sorcerers due to his human DNA. His brothers, who appeared less human, were persecuted due to their appearance, leading to their hatred for humans.

Kenjaku played an important role in Itadori’s life

Yuji Itadori's past remains a mystery to fans of the show, as he refuses to learn about his lineage. He lived with his grandfather, Wasuke, before joining the jujutsu society. His grandfather passed away early in the series, leaving only minor hints about his family tree.

Yuji, a newcomer to jujutsu society, struggles to understand the underground organization fighting monsters. However, Itadori quickly adapts and gains an innate understanding of jujutsu. Despite being from a non-sorcerer family, he can use cursed energy quickly. His mastery of jujutsu surpasses his peers and upperclassmen, indicating a higher power at play. Itadori's rapid mastery of jujutsu eludes higher powers.


Choso's memory, false during his battle with Yuji, provides insight into Itadori's life. The sorcerer who created Choso and other experiments also meddled in Itadori's life. The mysterious Kenjaku inhabited Yuji's mother's body, birthing him after relations with Jin Itadori. Sukuna, another ancient sorcerer, may have planted the mysterious memory in Choso's mind, making the curse realize this connection.

Before Itadori was about to be killed by a cursed hybrid, a shadow of Sukuna appeared, expressing his disappointment at Itadori's defeat. The reincarnated King of Curses disappeared, leaving Choso shocked and holding his head in pain.

Sukuna may have implanted this memory in Choso's mind to save his vessel and protect his malevolent plans for jujutsu society. The same ancient sorcerer who created Choso also played a role in Itadori's life, creating a bond to protect him from the hands of his fellow half-curse half-human hybrid.

Yuji Itadori and Choso in Jujutsu Kaisen (PC: MAPPA)

Itadori and Choso are brothers and Choso is taking his role as Itadori's brother seriously


Choso and Yuji Itadori, two sorcerer-curses, could be considered brothers due to their bloodline connection. Kenjaku, who created Choso with his own blood, played a similar role in Itadori's life. The connection between the two provides insight into Itadori's family line.

Choso has always strived to be the best older brother, protecting and encouraging his siblings. He never allows anyone to harm or kill his brothers, even himself. However, the thought of Choso killing his own brother led to a mental breakdown, causing him to question his own life and the relationships between his siblings.

Choso is deeply resentful of Kenjaku, an ancient sorcerer who ruined his and his brothers' lives. They were created to be weapons and had to watch their mother be used as a vessel for their creation. Kenjaku had high expectations and forced them down a path he paved, leading to disappointment when they failed. Choso tries to be the opposite, being honorable and dedicated to his family. He is the father figure to his brothers, who were cursed but also half-human, possessing humanity and feeling human emotions.

The realization that Kenjaku severely meddled with Yuji's life takes its toll on Choso. Knowing that Itadori may have gone through the same harrowing experience as he and his brothers makes Choso feel that much worse for targeting him. This, combined with the recent deaths of his brothers, sends Choso into a spiral, causing him to break down mid-battle. While he briefly disappeared in order to process his actions, current actions, he reemerged in order to better support Yuji's growth.


The Shibuya Incident Arc introduces new and developed characters, including Itadori and Choso. The manga continues to reveal details about Itadori's family history, but Choso decides to keep Yuji as a family member after his grandfather's death, ensuring Yuji's survival. The manga also explores the family history of Itadori.

Yuji Itadori in Jujutsu Kaisen (PC: MAPPA)

Choso, a fiercely protective brother, sacrifices his revenge plans for Yuji, who is revealed to be related to Itadori. He returns to train Yuji to fight after losing access to Sukuna's cursed energy. Choso frequently calls Yuji his brother and compares their bond to that he shared with Eso and Kichezu before their deaths.

As part of his training, Choso has helped Yuji learn Blood Manipulation techniques, such as those that Noritoshi Kamo of the Kamo clan, displays in the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen against Megumi Fushigurou and Hanami. In fact, the techniques are similar enough that Yuji even requests additional help from Noritoshi when he feels that Choso isn't teaching him well enough.

That being said, Yuji has been seen to use a move that is most likely Piercing Blood, which is Choso's signature move, further indicating that he has been trained by the human-curse hybrid. Clearly, Choso is doing all he can to prevent Yuji from meeting the same fate as his other brothers.


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