Metallic Rouge Episode 13: What Is Roy’s Endgame? Release Date, Streaming Details, Expected Plot, And More

Metallic Rouge Episode 13 is the season finale, and the stakes are high as Rouge confronts the Puppetmaster's schemes alone, following Naomi's sacrifice. Find out more details about the release here.

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Studio Bones, Crunchyroll
Metallic Rouge [Studio Bones, Crunchyroll]

With Metallic Rouge’s season finale on the horizon, fans cannot wait to see what’s in store for Rouge in Metallic Rouge Episode 13. With the Puppetmaster’s identity finally revealed and Naomi down for the count, Rouge now faces the trial of Roy’s scheme’s alone. Keep reading to find out more about the upcoming episode’s release date, streaming details, the expected plot and a recap of the previous episode.

Metallic Rouge [Studio Bones, Crunchyroll]

Release date and streaming details of Metallic Rouge Episode 13

Metallic Rouge Episode 13 is set to premiere on Wednesday, 3rd April, around 11 AM GMT / 3 AM PT / 8 AM CT. However, the exact release time may vary depending on the platform's upload speed, so anticipate it to be close to the specified time.

Following the trend of previous episodes, it's likely that Metallic Rouge Episode 13 will be released with both English and Japanese dubs simultaneously. Metallic Rouge airs on Fuji TV+ Ultra in Japan and is available for streaming on Crunchyroll outside of Asian territories. Keep an eye out for the latest episode to be uploaded soon after its release.

Metallic Rouge [Studio Bones, Crunchyroll]

Expected plot in Metallic Rouge Episode 13

In the last episode of Metallic Rouge, we witnessed the revelation of Roy Junghardt's true identity as the Puppetmaster, Cyan's father, unveiling a significant twist in the narrative. Given Roy's manipulative nature and his apparent interest in Rouge, Metallic Rouge Episode 13 may delve deeper into his plans for her. Roy may attempt to sway Rouge to his side by exploiting her vulnerabilities or offering her false promises of freedom and power. His charismatic bearing and persuasive tactics could pose a significant threat to Rouge's resolve.


Roy might seek to harness Rouge's Decrypter abilities for his own sinister purposes, whether it be to gain control over the Neans or further his own ambitions for dominance. Meanwhile, Naomi's sacrifice to aid Rouge may lead to consequences for her character. She could face repercussions for her actions, potentially becoming a target for Roy's schemes or facing internal conflicts over her decision to betray her own identity in Metallic Rouge Episode 13.

Metallic Rouge [Studio Bones, Crunchyroll]

Metallic Rouge Episode 12 recap

In Metallic Rouge Episode 12 titled Mask Graveyard, the episode commences with Opera conversing with the Junoids, updating them on the smooth progress of her and the Puppetmaster's operations. Meanwhile, Cyan engages in a conversation with the Puppetmaster, who elaborates on the significance of the mask she's wearing, hinting at their final performance for the day.

Subsequently, Rouge and Naomi encounter ‘Jean,’ suspected to be Jaron in disguise. Sensing something amiss, Rouge attacks Jean, suspecting Jaron's presence. Jaron eventually reveals himself and offers to lead them to Jean's location. However, a disturbance interrupts their conversation, signaling a possible altercation nearby, which Rouge attributes to Eden's involvement.

Elsewhere, Eden engages in a fierce battle with Graufon, exchanging words about Jill's strategies before Graufon's demise. Rouge and Naomi follow Jaron, eventually encountering Jill, who confronts them regarding Rouge's significance as the Decrypter. Despite Jill's offers, Rouge refuses and transforms, leading to a confrontation between the two.

Meanwhile, Jean and Aes discuss their mission to save Jill, with Aes expressing doubts about their methods. Jill and Jaron's conflict escalates, resulting in Jaron's apparent demise. Later, Jean seeks Eden's aid on the Puppetmaster's ship, referring to him as his father.

As the episode progresses, Rouge confronts Jill, leading to a tense battle where Jill gains the upper hand by exploiting Rouge's vulnerabilities. Naomi, witnessing the confrontation, initially flees but later decides to assist Rouge. Meanwhile, Jaron assists Naomi by defeating a group of robots and guiding her to the Black Reactor's control room.



Naomi's guilt prompts her to return to Rouge, where she discovers Rouge still functioning despite her injuries. Naomi decides to sacrifice her own identity chip to aid Rouge, mirroring Eden's selflessness. In another scene, Jill reminisces about Graufon before Rouge confronts her once again.

Metallic Rouge Episode 12 climaxes with the revelation of the Puppetmaster's true identity as Roy Junghardt, Cyan's father, who asked Rouge to ponder her newfound sense of freedom.

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