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Kalank Box Office Collection Day 3: Varun Dhawan & Alia Bhatt multi starrer fails to rake in the moolah

Kalank's box office report of day 3 is out and as per Box Office India, the movie saw a huge drop at the ticket window on day two and on the day three as well the film hardly minted any money.
Kalank Box Office Collection Day 3: Varun Dhawan & Alia Bhatt multi starrer fails to rake in the moolahKalank Box Office Collection Day 3 Varun Dhawan & Alia Bhatt multi starrer fails to rake in the moolah
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Kalank's box office report of day 3 is out and as per Box Office India, the movie saw a huge drop at the ticket window on day two and on the day three as well the film hardly minted any money. For the unversed, the multi-starrer collected whopping Rs 21.60 crores on its day one and became the biggest opener of 2019. On the second day, the collections failed to show rise and collection was around Rs 11.45 crore.

On day three, in spite of the Good Friday holiday, the numbers hardly went up as opposed to the expectations of 30-40% rise. As per BOI, the film collected around Rs 11.60 crores on the third day.

The BOI's report read as, "The business of the film is mainly in metros be it Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore with B and C centres just not taking to the film and the bigger areas could be holding better as Good Friday is more of a metro holiday rather than a mass one like Holi. The business in Mumbai is 12 crore nett while Delhi / UP is 8.75 crore nett and the best circuit is probably Mysore at 2.50 crore nett. East Punjab is poor with business of 3 crore nett which is hardly better than Mysore when it should be double considering normal circuit values."

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So, the total box office collection of the movie, as per BOI, till now is Rs 44 crores 65 lakhs. Have watched you watched the movie or are planning to? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Even in spite of such a lackluster storyline, Kalank needs an actress with fierce eyes, grace, courage, and elegance to play the daring and graceful Roop who has the courage to love a Muslim man when married already. I am not a hater of any of these actresses, in fact, Alia is great in Raazi. But, overacting and having that childish glow does not define Roop. Roop should be played by the actresses like Deepika who loved Ram despite of family war or Priyanka who is a brave undercover agent loving criminals in Gunday. Alia is good for Masala and action films, but she just does not suit these serious period films. She does not have that fire in her eyes and talks too fast and overacts. We need some slow, fierce, elegance for this type of role, which can go to Deepika, PC, Aish, or Madhuri.

Why are people celebrating so hard about a movie failure. This is not the end of careers of the nepo kids because of one flop. It is just another movie for them, Not every movie is expected to be super hit.

I am unable to reply so a fresh comment. I had mentioned above that I feel there was something wrong with the ferocity of language in the comments here. A person replied and first of all thank you for the frank, straightforward reply without aggression. You rightly mentioned that people have the ability to evaluate, and that you were not particularly fond of an actor and producer in the movie. Thats totally reasonable. People have different sensibilities when it comes to colours, tastes, entertainment, fashion etc. So they evaluate. What appeals to them they indulge in, but what doesn't they can avoid. They may also vocalise their displeasure on occasion. But the language and ferocity of this dislike, for a regular person, doesn't go off the scale into personal attacks or four letter words. That's all I was trying to say.

Just shut up.. kalank is a failure on so many levels thats why people comment on whatever they find sat uneasy with them. If kjo had not promoted oh sorry shoved this movie on our throats by heavily marketing using his fav alia then maybe reaction would have been different. People are only giving a honest deedback what was FED to them ok.

Karma hitting back at Varun, Kjo and Alia for laughing at Kangarans nepo remark on stage . She is proved right

For such roles you need an actress with lot of grace, elegance and certainly big eyes to be able to emote few scenes. Alia has small eyes , how can audience feel connect if she has to only shout and cry to make her presence feel . She can’t do subtle acting Hence this movie flopped

U clever alia fan. Look at 27 alia is having gully boy and kalank. In gully boy she was a 15 mins sidekick doing overacting and in kalank she didn't act at all. Deepika had yjhd, ramleela and CE at 27, Priyanka had dostana 2 at 27, Kangana had Queen at 27 and Katrina had rajneeti and Sheila ki jawani at 27. Now that exactly shows how bad alia is doing. It's just that she isnt getting good competition from a good looking, young and talented OUTSIDER probably because alia is eating away all the chances of outsiders. Even Disha and Kriti can throw her under the bus if they are given a good film.

What struggling ? Outsiders ok but Priyanka and Katrina were already a big name at 25 esp katrina. They were given the best roles written for leading ladies at that time. They used to work with top actors and had 2-3 releases every year. Deepika and kangana were struggling at 25 and doing left out films and they were not considered A lister back then untill cocktail and queen. Twm was a moderate hit, it's sequel was a big hit. Alia is having a good choice from beginning of film. 2 states highway, kas, dear zindagi, UP and the best Raazi. Her filmography is on its way to become a legendary one.

Horrible, horrible movie overall.
Music was one of the lowest point of the movie. Too many big names with mediocre acting, it almost seemed like they were forced together to act in this movie. Way, way too much makeup and gaudy outfits (kinda trying to emulate Bansali but failed miserably). Even though efforts were made to make this around Varun-Alia love story but there mediocre acting just made me cringe throughout the movie. They do not have the potential to carry off a period drama on their shoulders. Please stick to Judwa type brainless movies where the dialogue delivery is basically how they speak in everyday life. Same for Alia, her expressions just made me cringe! There was so much of facial tweaking, it just made me wonder if she has some muscle control problem.

it was such a dark movie and not made well. Some of the most important threads of the movie never added up for me. The only good performances were ARK and Kunal Khemu.

Why people are feeling bad for varun? he's very overrated like alia and deserve this.Both needs to dissapear after shamelessly insulting period films.

This is why you should leave this genre to the SLBs of the world. Taking on that epic style and inserting a female lead who lacks sensual appeal in a role that actually requires it, was a TERRIBLE idea. I fear what will become of Takht, which is a film KJo has admitted he wants to be "up there" with SLB films.

Step back for a moment and look at the comments. Any normal film goer will never use language like the stuff going up here. Which regular person in their right minds is so closely involved with actor camps, comparisons and their lives that they would make such comments? Something's not right. If this is the work of the film fraternity, please stop. I cannot believe that people like you and I...who just watch films for what they are would use language like this.

Its not the work of film fraternity but a cinema goer.. Hey for god's sake, a common person has the evaluation power.. Already there is a glut of Aalia movies, heavily promoted by none other than KJo.. She is an average actor with very average looks.. She lacks the finesse and seems too immature...So here you have it..

Let this be a lesson for dharma queen. Give us a break from nepo kid Alia and Varun. They can’t carry period drama on their shoulder.

why no single word for varun dhawan fighting the animated bull but many silly comments on kangana close up scene with mechanical horse.It is definetely someone PR generating negativity , and they all silent on it because they are slave of nepo baap.

Karan needs to do some fast rethinking, especially for Takht. More than anything, this proves multistarrers don't work, at least not like this decade, they aren't on trend, and especially not with 6 big names, there isn't enough screen time for everyone. Like, Dilwale was abysmal as a script, but as a multicast 4 actors worked. Takht seems uber similar to Kalank, with some Padmavat thrown in, and has even more actors unnecessarily thrown in.

Time to boycott overrated alia, she had tortured audience with her 4-5 expression in 3 hours film and time for SLB and ss rajamouli to replace her unless they are doing charity work after karan begged them but warning, failure will hug them soon.

Toooooodles Kalank

Just proves mediocre talent.
As long as a script is good the film will do good.

when is kalank success party? dying to see the rat faced smirk and attend with her achievement (rk) LOL!

A well deserved tight slap to nepo papa and nepee Kalia.

kalank failed because of mediocre talent! how can u justify alia below average looks rat like face, arrogant illerate attitude, shorty, nepo kid, bff backstaber in a movie like this! mind boggling!

Jb kisi movie me varun dhawan o to movie kud hittt ojati

The cost of making was 150 crores . that seems like a huge loss to the makers .

Next up is Brahmastra for K Jo. If that sinks he and his Dharma productions go down the drain.

No actress had Raazi at 25.
Deepika was doing flop films like bkb and arakshan at 25, Priyanka ofcourse had fashion at 25, kangana had twm, Katrina had newyork at 25. But these films can't be on par with Raazi.

So ure proving the point that nepotism exists big time for Alia. All four actress you mentioned r outsiders fighting for a good movie at 25.

None of the above actresses had KJo delivering movies to their door step.

Fashion was a national award winning film and a huge box office success and TWM was a big commercial success as well. Also, all three of the actresses you mentioned don't have any film background. Where KJO is handing movies to Alia. Alia would have never made it in Bollywood if she was an outsider.

Why is there so much hate for a young actress who have atleast another decade to be a top actress. How can one film end her career. She will bounce back big time. I like deepika but she won't be the star she was in 2015 again. She can't be now the most happening girl of Bollywood because she is now in her mid 30s and is married.

Deepika and Katrina should be fucked to it pv don't be biased.

Again Katrina and Deepika randy fans will make this comment section a garbage.

alia and karan shoudl be beaten to death

this movie is a flop because it has short below average man alia in it .

Alia and varun are the biggest kalanks of bollywood

Karma is a bitch .Alia and karan johar your time is up .get lost now losers


I feel sorry for Varun, he is the only one who gets good reviews from everybody and every critic. He was let down by KJo, the editor and Alia. But it's good to see that people are finally being honest about Alia's performance. She was never as good as KJo tried to make us believe. He will be in over drive to promote their Ranbir-Alia flick and shove her down our throats even more. As soon as Janvhi or Sara become more successful he'll throw Alia under the bus for them. He did the same to Kajol, Rani, Bebo and even SRK.

Varun is so bad he only can overact

It’s a headache ... nothing at all works , no story , not well suited actors , only good thing was Aditya Roy Kapoor

Karan Johar kya picture tumne produce ki hai aur kyu ?

Finally varun's first failure.

I read some of the reviews in the international media, and they are uniformly critical of Alia's performance. Variety for example called her "unaccountably bland." The truth is she is an adequate or mediocre actress but she has been shoved down our throats by KJO and her family.

And she wants to go to Hollywood?! Deepika and Priyanka are terrible actors in Hollywood but atleast they have exotic looks and sex appeal. Kjo and her believe their own hype.

What a pathetic movie, huge disappointment

Bland movie,extremely slow,boring,monotonous with full of overacting.

Three hours of torture, wasted of time.

Ending of the film sounds depressing, don’t think I’ll watch it. No wonder it’s not pulling audience

Hy Deepika. R u still in depression wait you will get some more depression seeing brahmastra grand success and alia and ranbir maary and produce beautiful babies.

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