Chae Jong Hyeop and Kim So Hyun's sweet romantic chemistry shines in Serendipity's Embrace script reading

Chae Jong Hyeop and Kim So Hyun bring charm and anticipation to upcoming drama Serendipity's Embrace during a script reading session with their adorable romantic chemistry.

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Chae Jong Hyeop and Kim So Hyun; Image Courtesy: tvN
Chae Jong Hyeop and Kim So Hyun; Image Courtesy: tvN
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  • Chae Jong Hyeop-Kim So Hyun's chemistry at Serendipity's Embrace script reading captures fans hearts
  • All about upcoming romantic drama Serendipity's Embrace

Chae Jong Hyeop and Kim So Hyun are set to charm audiences in upcoming drama Serendipity's Embrace as evident with their heart-fluttering chemistry during the show’s script reading session.

Meanwhile, the drama promises a mix of romance and deep emotions, exploring how their unexpected reunion reshapes their lives. Scheduled for premiere on July 22, it's directed by Song Hyun Wook and penned by Park Geu Ro.

Chae Jong Hyeop and Kim So Hyun’s chemistry at Serendipity's Embrace script reading

On June 28, tvN gave fans a delightful sneak peek into its upcoming drama Serendipity's Embrace with a heartwarming script reading featuring Chae Jong Hyeop and Kim So Hyun. The video unveiled the charming dynamics between their characters, Lee Hong Joo and Kang Hoo Young. 

As Kang Hoo Young, Chae Jong Hyeop earnestly professed his affection, delivering lines like, "I liked you then, and I still like you now," which elicited shy smiles from Kim So Hyun's character, Lee Hong Joo, who maintained her cool demeanor with responses like, "I didn’t like you then, and I still don’t like you now."

Chae Jong Hyeop and Kim So Hyun's chemistry shone through as they portrayed the evolving relationship between their characters, drawing anticipation for their on-screen interactions. Their ability to convey both the sweetness and complexity of love left fans eagerly awaiting the premiere of Serendipity's Embrace, set to capture hearts with its heartfelt storytelling and endearing characters.


Take a look at Serendipity's Embrace’s script reading clip here;

More about Serendipity’s Embrace

Serendipity's Embrace, based on the popular webtoon Uyeonilkka, promises a heartfelt journey of rediscovering love and overcoming past hurts. Kim So Hyun stars as Lee Hong Joo, an animation producer wary of romance due to painful memories. Her encounter with Kang Hoo Young, played by Chae Jong Hyeop, her first love from a decade ago, sets the stage for emotional revelations and healing. 

Directed by Song Hyun Wook known for The King's Affection, the drama explores themes of second chances and fate, offering viewers a narrative intertwined with the complexities of love and personal growth. Premiering July 22 on tvN, the drama featuring 8 episodes in total, will be airing every Monday and Tuesday.

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