EXCLUSIVE: After Khalnayak, Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri Dixit are BACK together for Abhishek Varman’s next

In what can be called a casting coup of sorts, Karan Johar has managed to get Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt on board for his next production, to be directed by Abhishek Varman. The movie has been in the news for quite sometime now.
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Karan Johar has managed to pull off a casting coup of sorts by getting Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt on board for his next production, to be directed by Abhishek Varman. The movie has been in the news for quite sometime now.

Earlier, late actress Sridevi was a part of this movie which also stars Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha and Aditya Roy Kapur in the lead. The movie was reportedly called Shiddat but later, Karan Johar tweeted a clarification regarding the name of the movie and revealed that it is yet untitled. 

However, with Sridevi’s sudden demise, the movie’s announcement was put on hold. Sridevi’s daughter Jahnavi Kapoor later on posted on Instagram that Madhuri Dixit has stepped into Sridevi’s shoes for the movie. While this was confirmed by KJo too, speculations regarding the leading man of the movie continued to make headlines.

But today we have learnt from a source that KJo and his team has managed to do the impossible. He has got both Madhuri and Sanjay together for the movie, that is slated to hit screens sometime in 2019 first half. Informs a source, “Yes Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt have agreed to work together for this film and it is indeed the best news in the longest. Ever since Madhuri came on board, everyone was wondering if she would be willing to work with Dutt, owing to their controversial past. But after much back and forth and some discussions, both the actors have given their nod.”

Adds another source, “Whatever happened between the two is past. They have moved on happily. Also, Madhuri has always believed that personal equations shouldn’t matter when it comes to professional work. It is a mature decision from both and they are both excited to work together almost after 25 years. The film rolls next month and they are aiming to release it in April 2019.”

To get an official confirmation on the same, we have messaged Director Abhishek Varman and the official spokesperson of Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions and are waiting for a revert.

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This will be interesting. I still remember when KJo asked Sanju about Madhuri's comeback on KWK. He had said why does she want to make movies, she'd stay home and raise her kids. lol And now they are about to work together, hmmmm

They both moved on in their personal life so it doesnot matter anymore. Both are extremely professional in their work. That is why they are the mega stars of their time.

Both Madhuri and Sanju are desperate for a movie. Either no one wants to caste them or the the movies they get casted in are weird roles.
This is dharma production, decent director, toot pade dono. They have been high and dry for long....

Except for Madhuri everyone else in the movie is a product of nepotism. Karan johar wants to prove that whatever kangana said about him was right again and again. Sick to see him casting alia in almost every production of his.

Madhuri is greatest dancer India has ever seen but an average actress though

I wish its true and somewhere I had the feeling that they will do this film. They have greatest reapect for each other. Everything has been cooked by the Media.

Sanjay and madhuri are both so matured, well done mads for showing that you are beyond the laws of stupid gossip rumours and you are not insecure like some other actresses. Mads you are a role model for showing what humanity is all about.

Best wishes kjo!

If this news is true then I'm happy for it. I would rather watch Madhuri-Sanjay then Alia, Varun, Sonakshi. I think they should work together. Its been so many years. Both have moved on and happy in their lives. I also want to see Aamir-Juhi, and Salman-Madhuri on a big screen. The current generation of actors lacks proper screen presence and charm.

This is not happening, good luck creating gossip, for no reason.. stop this nonsense..

Miss u sridevi ji

i feel tabu will b pefrct for this role....

as Sanjay's grandmother?

Maybe sanjay plays her grandfather. He certainly looks so!

Could watch them any day over the nonsense so called actors like alia varun etc.

I don't think so

these two need to have another fling..

If Karan Johar can pull of getting Aish and Salman in a movie then I would consider the real "queen" of Bollywood!

It will be interesting to see madhuri do what Sridevi would have done. Im sure the impact would not have been the same

Of course it won't be the same. You know why? Because they are two differnet people! They have their own way of doing something. However, that doesn't mean one would be better than the other. Both are extremely talented people and Bollywood should count itselves lucky for having such gems. Especially considering the duds it has now.

Madhuri is a much seasoned actress

As much as I want this to happen, i doubt this is true. Sanjay dutt walked off angrily when media asked him about his movie with madhuri

I would love this it

Ash will never work with Salman..

I don't think so. They're both happily married with children. Leave them be.

So next we wait for Aish and Sallu miya to come together for next Dharma production

Oho my mads n baba is back

wooooah! this is big. good on these two for being mature about it. i'm excited for this one!

No I wanted Madhuri with no hero this film

I love Madhuri

Why karan johar has many drama with this film

That’s one way of free publicity

Next would be Salman and Aish. Watch and see

This will be dependent on Aishwarya's desperation for a hit or stronger second innings. Because Salman certainly has no need to cast her. He gets numbers with a heroine of Kareenas stature featuring in four scenes.

Sorry, Aish doesnt need Salman's help. Aishwarya Rai itself is a brand. She has achieved a lot and she will continue to do so. And she doing well.

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