EXCLUSIVE: Aishwarya Rai-Abhishek Bachchan’s daughter Aaradhya Bachchan gets a SPECIAL INVITE from Nita Ambani

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan along with daughter Aaradhya Bachchan attend Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta's pre-engagement bash at their residence Antilia last night.
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Last night, industrialist Mukesh Ambani and his wife Nita hosted a grand party for their son Akash and his fiancee Shloka Mehta, the daughter of diamond magnate Russel Mehta, at their residence Antilia on Altamount road in Mumbai. While a host of celebrities including Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Karan Johar as well as cricketers Zaheer Khan and Harbhajan Singh among others were seen attending the glittering soiree, what raised quite a few eyebrows was Aishwarya Rai Bachchan attending the so-called adult event along with her six-year-old-daughter Aaradhya Bachchan. Some even criticised the actress for getting her child to a party when she had school the next day.

A guest at the Akash-Shloka's pre-engagement party, where the theme was all pink and hearts, tells us, “There were other children invited too and what only a handful know is that it was Nita Ambani who specifically invited Aaradhya to the party. Imagine how many people are lucky to get invited to the Ambanis party! When Nita called to personally invite Ash, Nita requested the actress to get Aaradhya too because a small ballet was being presented by some young children at the party. She told Aishwarya that she wanted Aaradhya to enjoy the ballet as the child’s school was closed anyway for spring. Who better than Nita to know that as she’s the Founder and Chairperson of the same school (Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai) that Aaradhya goes to. She would hardly invite the little girl on a school night for an adult party. Also, Nita’s mother Kokilaben is extremely fond of Aaradhya and always gives her extra stuff like toffee and candies whenever they meet.”

The guest was amused at why some people at the party were remarking on Aishwarya making Aaradhya repeat her pretty pink dress again. “Aaradhya had worn the pink dress on the red carpet at the 70th Cannes Film Festival last year and so what if she wore it again at the engagement party? Aaradhya’s outfit at Cannes was one of the customised looks of designers Gauri & Nainika who had worked together with Aishwarya’s stylist Aashtha Sharma. Even Ash repeats her clothes. She has repeatedly said in her interviews that she is a normal human being and if she has invested so much in an outfit, whether hers or Aaradhya’s, why would she throw it out after one wear? At Antilia, Aishwarya wore a strapless Osman gown and paired it with a matching black Ferragamo satin clutch while Aaradhya looked pretty in the formal pink, Gauri & Nainika dress with a ruffled trim and pink headband.”


Shameless trolls, attacking a six-year-old. This shows your pedigree or lack there of. #Muppets

Poor kid not allowed to grow up thanks to her mother

She will be dressing like a toddler rest of her life

Wow! Get a life! Worry about you. To target a child who has not harmed you in any way. Maintain some dignity!

I feel bad saying this but this child has always looked and dressed so annoying.

Considering you are Sallu the ullu's fan, it's not surprising. Shame on you!

Bhai ka faceless fan tujhe to aisa hi lagega. Tu bas chup hoja bhikhari. Ye wadelog hai.

This kid will be 7 years old this November. And she’s still dressing like a 3 year old with an annoying hair style. Aish needs to really let her be her age and wear different hairstyle and clothing.

I thought Ash was way above all and very dignified according to her fans how come these personal photos were leaked?

Not all in laws are bad. Considering how Aish is, I don't blame the in laws and husband. They were super nice to her at first. I wouldn't emphatize with Aishwarya because she was full on herself when she was newly married because of the Bachan tag. Only now she's a bit humble (faking maybe). Over the years, they saw her true nature in the way she behaves with their son and the way she raises her kid. So they're maintaining a distance.

Looks like aish paid the girls in the background for her aradhya, she wants to show aradhya is the special one here.

My aunt was like this. Always promoting her kids among the whole family-saying they were the most loved.

If Ash thinks this is newsworthy ...she doesn't have much going on in her life. Just another crazy lady that wants her fame back, cant get it, and now will do anything...just like Kareena is now!

Aish pic is heavily photoshopped

Who are these child dancers in the background? Paid ? child labor? why isn't someone noticing that?

yeah, they will continue to keep her in the limelight!

Rich people's not so rich ideas !

All for their publicity

started performing quite early. aish is grooming her for films

Who cares

Don’t know why Ash and her PR needs to give explanation. In close friend circles , people generally do take smaller kids with them even if invite is for elders only . Bachans and Ambanis party together all the time, no big deal if Aaradya went there

Ara's smile look so forced

she is little princess very cute and real princess act as a fairy tale princess.

Aish is a typical nouveau riche...fake attitude,poor dressing sense and huge ego...and after all this years of stardom she still feel lucky and thrilled to be invited to this lame ambani parties...
Grow up woman...

It is Aishwarya making the statement. I don't know why she even bothered to make a statement. Her child wore a beautiful dress to the party. Ambanis and Bacchans are family friends.
My only grouse is that Aishwarya does not know how to make 'a source was heard saying' statements :D

Aaradhya is not a confident kid. I remember watching her and Azad (Aamir's son) performing on stage on a song with other kids. While Azad was performing his own steps confidently and looking at the audience, all Aaradhya did was to constantly and uninterruptedly look at Azad and copy him without glancing at all at the audience. Also, she looked abnormally taller than all the other kids on stage. Aish's over protective nature will surely make a weirdo out of poor Aaradhya.

It's amazing how Aradhaya attends ONE event yet everyone makes a big deal about how she is constantly kept in the limelight

They are jealous that's why, they all wish Aishwarya gave birth to them instead. #Muppets

Who leaked the pictures of Ara from the party?

Aradhya Bachchan seems to never come out of her ballerina-like outfit!

Who else? Publicity hound Aishwarya

its disturbing to see little white girls used as props for rich star kids to pose in front of.

Good lord people leave the child alone..I would like to see how all of you were dressed when you were little...

Aradhya needs to change her hair and stop with repeating pink everywhere. ash if you are reading, please make a change!

First criteria for the "special invite" is you have to be wealthy and of course be a kid of Bollywood celebrity so of course you'll receive special treatment!! Should have fed those abandoned kids in the streets, but if you dont have deep pockets, ppl dont care, friendship is based on your bank balance!!

not just any celebrity... someone whose presence with highlight your party.

Nita might have casually said "oh yah, you can also bring aradhya, there are some shows by kids that will keep her entertained". Aishwarya's team unnecessarily clarifies each and everything that's posted on Pinkvilla. Height of desperation!

why the need for this essay? say what you want but Jaya Bachchan kept her kids away from all of these celebrity night parties till they grew up. the reason abhishek is a decent guy (yes he is lazy and not successful) is because he grew up just like regular kids should grow up.

Oh why Oh why!

This screams damage control

Aaradhya looks adorable. Who are the girls in the back ?

Aaradhya looks cute. I don't understand whats wrong in repeating dress not only for kids but for adults too ? Thankfully Aaradhaya doesn't looks like her bua " Shweta " .. Lol.

Aradhya’s eyes are beautiful

Yes but those are abhishek’s Eyes she got

Both Abhi and Aish have big eyes, Abhi and his entire family combined is way more handsome than Aishwarya's and Aish is the only pretty face in her family so her genes are really coming from past generations. Aradhya looks most like Aish's brother if anything and has mostly his features, but is getting prettier by the day.

Thanks Aishwarya Rai and PR for clarification of something no one cares about.

God knows why people become so negative, such a cute kid she is, why unnecessary bring hate,so what she repeated her outfit, i think its a good example she is setting, we all repeat our outfits, Ash is giving good lessons to Aru, they both look sweet here.. NO need to be negative unnecessary.

Someone's seen the comments here on PV :) . Nothing wrong in repeating an expensive outfit - imagine spending all that money just to wear it only once .She could have kept Aaradya's tights away as the dress is pretty long & the weather much too warm . Kid will protest when she's a little older about the hand holding.

Who are you to tell her what to do? its none of your business. Ash can take care of her daughter well, she does not need your free advice.

Nice to meet you too :) .Aishwariya does love her little girl a lot ,but it's not going to be nice when the kid is poked fun at for having an over protective , clingy mother . Around 8 years is when they gradually refuse to hold hands - it's a part of growing up , asserting your individuality & facing up to the world . Then comes the hellish rebellious teen years where they turn into drama queens -friends rule over family . It can hurt a mother , especially an over protective mother if this happens . Yes , Aishwariya does not need my advice -free or not -but she'd do well to remember this .

Very true! My 7 year old gal has her own choices and I respect her for that. Whenever I go for buying any dress for her, I ask her to select whatever she wants and I help her with it. And of course she knows what she wants and she's very clear about it. I have seen the salesgirls looking at us very surprised and I tell them with a smile that she likes to select what she wears. That is how you can bring the individuality in them. They have to learn to be independent of you so that in life they can aim and achieve what they aim.

Exactly , children have a certain idea about what they want .Parents must channelize them in the right direction so that they know how to do their own thing in the future. It's not possible or healthy to haunt them like ghosts for the rest of their lives .

Aradhya looks like Ash. I am so happy. All these years I was thinking she looks like Bachchans.

Aradhya looks like Abhishek Bachchan or Jaya Bachchan. She has got the Bachchan height too. She is a cute little girl with long legs.

Aishwarya’s eyes are so kind.

The other bachhans were not invited?

It's other Bachan's way of resolving conflict with Aishwarya. To let her steal the limelight.

aishwarya always does this" stealing the show" as she lacks of acting talent she survives on only a beauty pageant tag ,she exploits everyone's talent without co star support her movies always failure...even in hollywood she failed couldn't go further being loreal guest sure without loreal no one cared her at cannes anyways in short this is best thing she does :surviving on cheap tricks controversies careless of anyone else!!!

What is the problem if Aish takes her daughter to party even though there is a school next day. She is so young and missing the school for one day does not matter. About her dress I would say whatever the child likes to wear. In most of the cases the kid tells you what they want to wear and sometimes are adamant too. Even if Aish made her wear it what’s wrong in that. I guess jealousy becomes the major reason for criticism .

It’s ok to repeat dress

Team Aish is mean. Stealing the spotlight from Akash-Shloka's pre-engagement party is not cool.

Hope Ambanis don't invite Aish at the wedding or she'll steal the thunder again. Just like when she pushed Deepika during Khele Hum Jee Jaan Se premier or Richa Sharma from Sarabjit.

Indian Kardashian Aish knows how to turn and make everything about her. This party was about the Ambanis.

This should be about Akash-Shloka's pre-engagement party. Only Aish knows how to steal someone else's thunder.

Aradhya is special. We get it.

Of course, it's true! Nita Ambani loves Aradhya so much she wishes Aradhya was her daughter. In fact, the whole world wishes that, but sadly, only Aish has the privilege of being her mother. And we all should just gaze with amazement at the life Aradhya.


The height of desperation to make daughter relevant after hiding her from media when she was born. Now that team Aish sees what a mistake it was, they want to catch up with the rest of star kids. From Taimur, Misha, Imara to Lara, Karisma and Sushmita's kids-all seem to natural around media. Team Aish is the only one who has made this all weird.

when was the last time we see Aaradhya on public place ? probably 1 month or 2 month ago ... still Aishwarya Hide her and try to raise her as normal as she could ... did you just mention Taimur ? Seriously ? Taimur who's mom is obsessed with media and clicked her son everyday .. is that really normal to you ? please !

super photoshopped

damage control mode is fully operational! They still forgot to mention what Aradhya ate, what time she went to bed. LOL.

This ''exclusive'' on Pinkvilla proves team Aish takes the comments seriously, but never on board. Instead, they go into damage control mode, which makes it even worse.

Aaradhya has beautiful eyes. She's such a cutie.

to the one who wrote- Aish is the lady superstar because everytime Pinkvilla posts about Aish, she has more than 200 or 300 comments. Well, Osama Bin Laden had zillions of articles and posts on him, is he a superstar?

Well, they think any publicity is good publicity. Truth is, it isn't. Hence the damage control.

Why release such details... damage control for sure!!!LOL

Hahahaha hilarious excuse ...

Ballet performance at a 'pre-engagment' party?

It seems Ash read the other article on pv n answered everyone of the bashing, Dats a mom, she would have done it if it were for her, expect ofcourse Da voicewriter would have done her job. Anyways after reading this, it appears Ash is being a wonderful mom trying to instill good qualities in her child, n guests saying why she repeated her dress, well idiots say idiotic things, what u gotta do!! Stay clam n live away

Full damage control ...

Damage control ...

Why do people need to comment whether she is like Ash or Abhishek Bachchan...she is just a very beautiful girl with her own identity.

Reshma shetty is good at damage control...

aish is the lady superstar . everytime pinkvilla post about her , she has more than 200 or 300 comment . i think her haters are most stupid haters i have ever seen .
if you hate why you read her news and commenting about it . its clear that they hate but they can't ignore . she is the queen agree or not

Damage control.. she came to see a ballet show. We get it!!!

Wearing a ballet gown...

Actually she looks like shweta bachchan

Oh no! Aishwarya is not gonna like this comment at all!

copy of ash? dont agree.she is looking more like her father's side.People are so obsessed that even if she does not look a bit of ash they keep typing it when the reality is so clear...

azad is in the same class as aradhya and yet there is no 'news' about him. His clothes, his schedule, his parties are all thankfully kept away from media focus like a child should be. Don't give me that argument that parents are celebrities therefore children are automatically in focus.

Its not a guest but her pr. Why would a guest do such a favour to her?

Beautiful mom and daughter. Aaradhya looks cute and I love her. Stay blessed baby and mommy

Beautiful mom and daughter. Aaradhya looks cute and I love her. Stay blessed baby and mommy

Damn, personally invited by the Mrs Ambani. Aara is only like what 6?? and is already a winner in life.

Ambanis have a lot of money, we all know that. But all these parties really don't go well when you are surrounded by poor people around you. Ambanis and these friends of theirs should be a bit humble and modest.

Alright, we get it. Aaradhya is very lucky. Don't flaunt it in a country where some kids don't get even a full meal a day, let alone any access to a school.

We get a full explanation now.

That hairdo is very weird. Let her grow hair & tie them in simple pony tail. That would look good.

She is photocopy of aish

I love how Aradhya repeated her outfit. First off, the kid is not a celebrity where such expectations should exist. It also sends a good example to parents who can't afford multiple dresses that it's okay to repeat.

It’s a little Abhishek

Aaradhya has a ridiculous looking hairdo

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