EXCLUSIVE: Dhvani Bhanushali on trolls: Sometimes being Vinod Bhanushali's daughter has 'acted against me'

With Dhavni Bhanushali's latest release Nayan, Pinkvilla caught up with the singer for an exclusive chat in which she opened up about her journey to becoming a pop star.
EXCLUSIVE: Dhvani Bhanushali on trolls: Sometimes being Vinod Bhanushali's daughter has 'acted against me'.
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Singing sensation Dhvani Bhanushali has given her fans multiple reasons to cheer ever since she made her debut. The singer has been dishing out hit tracks like Vaaste and Leja Re. And the latest one to take her fans and social media by storm has been Nayan which she released around three weeks ago. With the song's release, Pinkvilla caught up with Dhvani for an exclusive chat in which the singer opened up about her journey to becoming a pop star. 

The music video features Dhvani as a fresher being ragged in college and the singer revealed that it does reflect her journey so far. Talking to Pinkvilla, Dhvani said, " I've had self doubts. I have been someone who wasn't looking like this. I always struggled maintaining my lifestyle," adding, "This video reflects my whole journey and how I was as a person in a very short span." 

When asked if breaking into the industry was a struggle or being accepted, she said, "I think both. Even now people are not completely open to that idea but we're much better than what we used to be. I feel like if there are many artists that were like me or are like me .. I feel everyone's expression is different and I'm always going to stand out. I have always had that in my head and I've done things. I never thought 'competition nahi hai toh easy hoga'."

However, Dhvani's rise to fame has also come with its share of trolling. When asked about being targeted because of her background, she said, "I feel like that. I feel like my "privilege" you know that my dad (Vinod Bhanushali) works in the company has, in a way, also acted against me. People have said stuff like 'she can't sing' or she is basically there because her dad put her there. But I feel like that's wrong..everyone has their own journey and my journey has been really difficult that you don't see. My dad can't do anything if I don't put efforts." 

Check out Dhvani Bhanushali's exclusive interview with Pinkvilla: 

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Anonymous 2 months ago

To all those asking who is Vinod Bhanushali, he is the Global Marketing President of T-Series. And Dhvani's most songs are of T-SERIES only (both singles and movie songs).

Anonymous 2 months ago

You're retarded and so are your songs. F***** auto tuner.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Dhvani who??? And Vinod who???

Anonymous 2 months ago

But who is \vinod ?

Anonymous 2 months ago

And who is this Vinod Bhanushali ? LOL