EXCLUSIVE: Geeta Basra on embracing motherhood second time: ‘Our house is bursting with fun and laughter’

Updated on Aug 02, 2021 12:55 PM IST  |  809.9K
EXCLUSIVE: Geeta Basra on embracing motherhood second time: ‘Our house is bursting with fun and laughter’ (Pic Credit: Geeta Basra / Instagram)

On July 10, Harbhajan Singh announced that he and his actress-wife Geeta Basra have been blessed with a baby boy. In an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, Basra says that becoming a mother is a beautiful feeling, and she is lucky to have experienced it for the second time. “What makes it even more special is that we have Hinaya with us to enjoy the happiness. I am thoroughly enjoying the madness, the chaos, and our house is bursting with fun and laughter. That being said, I believe that now I have to strike a perfect balance between the kids, managing time, giving equal attention, and prioritising them above all is my only aim,” says Geeta. 

A few days ago, Geeta had even announced her son’s name on social media. “Introducing HEER ka VEER.. Jovan Veer Singh Plaha,” she wrote on Instagram. Geeta informs that she had selected the name Jovan, when she was pregnant with Hinaya. “For some reason at that time I had felt that I was having a boy, so I had selected this name. However, we always take out a letter from Guru Granth Sahib, so I felt that anyway there’s no point in selecting a name, when you know that you might have to select another one, if another letter comes out. However, when Jovan was born, and I always wanted to call my son Jovan Veer - imagine when we took out a letter from Guru Granth Sahib - that letter was J. I think it was like a blessing, where we were supposed to name him Jovan,” reveals Geeta.



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Further talking about Hinaya’s reaction after the birth of her baby brother, Geeta says, “Hinaya was extremely excited, but I think I was more excited than Hinaya, because I wanted to see her reaction - how she would react seeing Jovan for the first time. It was like a priceless moment for me, because she was so excited to come to the hospital and see him. She was so happy. She kept staring at him, just looking at him in this overwhelming feeling,” smiles Geeta, further adding that Harbhajan is travelling for work. “However, he is always video calling and talking with him and her. He is obviously over the moon, he has a huge attachment with the kids,” she adds. 

Geeta states that she and Harbhajan share their parents’ duties. “Bhajji was here for 10 days. We both did the work - I would feed him, bhajji would change the diaper, bathe him. He would get up with me, so we both shared the job, and that's great. Obviously everything can't be put on just the mother, it's important for the father to have that bond, to have that equal partnership in raising the children,” she concludes.

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