EXCLUSIVE: Kangana Ranaut on not working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali: It will be one of my biggest regrets

Kangana Ranaut, who got into an Instagram Live chat with Pinkvilla, stated that she regrets not working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali.
EXCLUSIVE: Kangana Ranaut on not working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali: It will be one of my biggest regretsEXCLUSIVE: Kangana Ranaut on not working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali: It will be one of my biggest regrets
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Sanjay Leela Bhansali is one of the Bollywood's ace filmmakers. It is no secret that every actor is the industry desires to work with him. Kangana Ranaut is no different. The actress admitted that she also wanted to work with the legendary director. But little did people know that she did get a chance to work with Bhansali twice. The actress revealed that she was approached for a song in Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela and Padmaavat. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out between them. The Queen actress admits that it will be one of her biggest regrets in her career.

In an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla during an Instagram Live, Kangana reveals she was in talks with Bhansali for Padmaavat. She also revealed that the filmmaker even discussed a movie called Kheecha Taani with Rangoli which was a love story of a married couple. However, the Tanu Weds Manu actress stated that they haven’t been in touch with each other post Padmaavat thus minimising her chances of collaborating with Bhansali in the future.

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“So, when Padmaavat didn’t happen I think now nothing will happen,” she added. Furthermore, Kangana also asserted that many times people are offended by her as she isn’t in their camp. Recalling an incident, the actress mentioned that when she said no to Salman Khan starrer Sultan, producer Aditya Chopra told her that she is never going to work with him again. Although, Kangana did emphasised that Bhansali never said anything like this she did get a sense of it.

Furthermore, the 33-year-old actress also revealed that she was also offered a song in Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram Leela but she couldn’t do it either. “He wanted to get a sense of me as an artist but we didn’t get an opportunity and it didn’t work out. It will be one of my biggest regrets,” Kangana said. As of now, the diva has some interesting movies in the pipeline which include legendary politician J Jayalalithaa’s biopic Thalaivi, Razneesh Ghai directorial Dhaakad and Tejas wherein she will play the role of Indian Air Force officer.

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SLB should give her a classic character like waheeda rehman or madhubala. She will look ethereal in his films.

Hope SLB do work with kangana bcoz both are the legends and kangana the queen of Bollywood, she deserves more than that

Bhansali has to give her a part worthy of her talent. These padmaavat style pseudo titular roles of 15 minutes of hips don’t lie won’t work for Kangana.

Problem with Bhansali is similar to Karan and even Adi and more He has a camp of actors he prefers to use. Kangana causes too much drama that even when they approach her, she turns them off. They continue to use the same actresses, we continue to see Deepika-Alia-Anushka in every movie.

She is not getting work so she is peddling all lies....dont trust this horrible n toxic woman

3 upcoming big budget films.

Toxic is a great compliment for a woman of today like Kangana. She can intoxicate ;) Please keep this 80s and 90s vocabulary to yourself.

Girl,You have the power to do anything.Your first direction itself was amazing, but ofc if you too come together,it's going to get bigger.

Yes Padmaavat was a extended cameo not suited for Kangana. He should work with her. There is no Bollywood today minus a talent like Kangana. She is his contemporary, he should shun male chauvinism and give her a role her worth.

Kudos to Kangana for having the GUTS to call out bollywood mafias...hats off to her!

SLB will soon expose her lies.

oh please dream on

Yes Kangna should work with Bhansali, although she needs real tough strong roles, otherwise it will not work..

Kangana plus Bhansali is a bona fide classic. Provided he gets over his fixation of men and ghagra-choli-navel-sacrifice women and gives her a part worthy of her talent.

it must make her crazy that he met kat before her for something. So he may have met her for padmaavat but she wasn’t the only ans that move had its own destiny. It’s crass to bring it up especially when she’s so ill suited

His loss clearly.Nowadays he's signing alia , she will look funny in these roles, can't wait to see her 12year old face saying loud dialogues and wearing heavy clothes.

She's a liar

Fir ro pada PR club. Give yourself the respite that they didnt work and she has achieved more than SLB in her career.

campaigning i see. padmaavat would have flopped with her in it, she’s not a bhansali heroine tho neither is alia

LOL Dp has no role in Padmavat . She has the title and most important role in the movie.

Deepika has no role in padmaavat so much for the so called titular role. Glad Kangana didnt do such a useless part.

It will be epic if they can collaborate in the future.They share the same passion for films.

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