EXCLUSIVE: Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s brother Shamas on berating the actor on Twitter: Felt what he said was wrong

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EXCLUSIVE: Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s brother Shamas on berating the actor on Twitter: Felt what he said was wrong

Recently, Nawazuddin Siddiqui reportedly called out celebrities for posting vacation pictures, while the world is dealing with the second wave of Covid-19. While many applauded the actor for speaking out, his filmmaker-brother Shamas Siddiqui didn’t seem very pleased with the statement. He wrote on Twitter, “Why are you so angry bro @Nawazuddin_S everyone has the right to go anywhere. Everyone paid on their taxes and contributing to building the nation and what about you? Can you tell me what have you done for society? Please “FALTU MEIN AACHCHA BANNE KI KOSHISH KYON KARTE HO?”

Soon after, Pinkvilla reached out to Shamas to know why he lashed out at his brother on a public platform. “I felt what he said was wrong. Everyone is trying to contribute in their own way, and the Government to is trying to do whatever they can. So we shouldn't pass such harsh comments on anyone. He is also sitting in his own village, (Budhana) right? Others might not have a similar place to go, so they would travel to wherever they please and feel safe,” he reasons. Why didn’t he call Nawaz directly, rather than tweeting about it?

“I thought I should say it publicly. Of course, we are brothers, but the public should also know that if something is wrong then it is wrong,” adds Shamas. He informs that most celebs are not posting their vacation pictures on their own, and the snaps on the internet are airport sightings.

Did Nawazuddin Siddiqui call him after he tweeted? “We didn’t speak on the phone, but we messaged each other. He said that everyone has freedom of speech, and added that I can express myself however I want. Everyone has the right to say what they feel, isn’t it? Nawaz Bhai should rather go out and help people, rather than commenting on them. It would be beneficial if he can help at least 5 Covid patients,” says Shamas.

Question him on what he has done for the Covid patients, and he responds, “I have not done anything specifically for the Covid patients, but I have helped those around me. And I have been doing that right since the beginning of the pandemic. I am also associated with UNICEF too.”

Will this tweet create a rift between them? “Not at all. I know he appreciates when you speak your mind,” Shamas signs off.

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Anonymous : Nawazuddin is right
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Anonymous : True, shama is right. People should question government rather than celebs. Celebs are paying taxes and contributing to society.
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Anonymous : Nawas is right
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Anonymous : But nawaz is right
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Anonymous : Shama has sane mind.
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