La Familia: On Shraddha Kapoor’s birthday, Tejaswini Kolhapure shares fond memories: We used to call her Lolly

Shraddha’s actress-aunt Tejaswini shares anecdotes from Kapoor’s childhood days, her first photoshoot and her equation with Kolhapure’s daughter Vedika
La Familia: On Shraddha Kapoor’s birthday, Tejaswini Kolhapure shares fond memories: We used to call her Lolly
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Shraddha Kapoor started out with Teen Patti in 2010, which was followed by Luv Ka The End a year later. However, it was Mohit Suri’s Aashiqui 2 in 2013, which changed the game for her. Later she featured in many popular films, including Ek Villain, Haider, Baaghi, Ok Jaanu, Stree and Chhichhore, and has been ruling the hearts of many. On her 34th birthday today, Pinkvilla reached out to Shraddha’s actress-aunt Tejaswini Kolhapure to know more about her darling niece. 

Tejaswini reveals that as a child Shraddha was very aloof and didn’t like to be held. “She was a very cute baby, and we used to call her Lolly as she used to look like one. She didn’t even like anyone pulling her cheeks. But she has blossomed into this lovely, beautiful girl, who is so concerned about everybody, always reaching out and being very inclusive,” says Shraddha’s Teju Masi. She adds that the actress is very calm, never hassled and never judgemental. 

Kolhapure informs that she and Shraddha got very close, when the latter was gearing up to enter films. “There are these two trips with her that I clearly remember. Once I had gone to Florida with my sisters (Shivangi Kapoor and Padmini Kolhapure), Siddhanth and Shraddha. We were in Disneyland for a week and we had a blast. The second holiday was me and Shraddha in Goa, where we made friends in the pool, danced in the middle of a night in front of an entire audience, and just had a great time. I think she was just 16 then. From that time we started getting close. Now of course it’s a different relationship that we share, and discuss a lot of personal things, our journeys and lots more,” says Tejaswini, further informing that they had planned a surprise birthday party for Shraddha in Maldives last night. The family was there for Padmini’s son Priyaank’s Christian wedding. The Hindu wedding will be held in Mumbai on March 5.

Tejaswini also recollects Shraddha’s first professional photoshoot. “Munna S was the photographer, who’s a dear friend of mine. I felt so protected for her, that I was instructing her to pose in a certain way and was advising on what to wear and what not to wear,” says the actress adding that she also shares fashion notes with her superstar niece. “I bounce a lot of things with her as she is great with her thought process. So the times when I have been dressed decently, I have asked her. And the other times I would be like, ‘I wished I would have asked her’,” laughs Tejaswini.

Shraddha is also very close to her Teju Masi’s daughter. “Vedika is also totally in love with Shraddha, because of the lovely things she keeps doing. At one of the family get togethers recently, Shraddha was with Vedika from the time we entered till she left the do. I didn’t ever hear her say that ‘I am tired Teju Masi’, or can someone else take over. Vedika even loves going to her place, as Shraddha has tons of makeup in her room which my daughter loves,” says Kolhapure.

She further adds that Shraddha also gets a lot of gifts for Vedika. “So much so that I had to tell her to not spoil her. I am a little bit of a strict mom, and believe that they should be gifted on special occasions or when they do something good. But here Shraddha, Siddhanth and my sisters go ballistic and keep giving things to Vedika. So now I hide them and give it to her on special days. Shraddha is always looking after her, pampering her, and in fact she has given all her favourite dolls to Vedika,” Tejaswini recalls.

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natural beauty actress

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Shraddha is most grounded actress. A natural beauty too.

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Happy birthday shraddha kapoor darling

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So warm and adorable!

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we all know shraddha is sweet