Billy Ray Cyrus Plans To Reconcile With Miley Amid Firerose Divorce Drama; Report

Billy Ray Cyrus very much wants to reunite with her daughter Miley Cyrus. In the process, he is ready to throw his young wife Firerose out of his life. Read on.

Published on Jul 05, 2024  |  10:47 PM IST |  37.3K
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Billy Ray Cyrus has been trying to mend his distance from his daughter Miley Cyrus amid his divorce drama with his young wife Firerose. Miley never liked her, and during an argument when he stated facts about Firerose, her father defended his muse rather than listening to his daughter. This created a rift between the father-daughter duo.

However, now, Billy is ready to throw Firerose out of his life and reconcile his relationship with Miley. Reports have been rife that when Billy divorced Tish in 2022, after being married to her for 28 years, and immediately hooked up with a young singer Firerose, it soured his bond with the Flowers singer.

What caused Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus’ relationship to deteriorate?

As per a source who revealed to RadarOnline, "Miley was not a fan of Firerose from the get-go when Billy started dating her four years ago. She told her dad Firerose was an opportunist who was taking him for a ride, and Billy got so angry he and Miley stopped talking to each other."

But now, after seven months of marriage, when Billy filed a divorce against Firerose on May 23 based on some “irreconcilable differences” and inappropriate marital conduct, he wants to bridge the gap with his daughter. The insider shared, "But now he wants Firerose out of his life and Miley back in, and he's even willing to put up with all her 'I told-you-so's!'" Miley is a daughter to Billy and Tish Cyrus.


Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose’s divorce drama

When Billy Ray filed for divorce from Firerose, he submitted a few documents asking for an annulment. However, Firerose denied to be guilty and further accused Billy of his misbehavior and that she was feeling “not safe” with him. She even further claimed that he had “strict rules” that she had to follow and struggled to do so.

Billy’s court papers didn’t accept the charges to be abusive and claimed that Firerose had begged to return after 2 days the divorce was filed. He also claimed that her ex-wife never told him that she was married before and that Firerose was taking out huge sums of money from his account. On the other hand, Firerose accused him of taking advantage of her mastectomy and filed the divorce. However, amid all of these, Billy has been trying to reach out to his daughter, Miley Cyrus.


And an insider declared that they have been patching things up. The source shared, "Miley fully believes their estrangement is on her father, not her. But with Firerose out of the picture, she's willing to at least try to repair the damage and once again have a loving relationship with him."

Well, what are your thoughts? Will Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus be able to reconcile again?

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