Dateline NBC: Who Were Eduardo Valseca and Jayne Valseca? Explored

The Ranch on Dateline NBC details the harrowing kidnapping of Eduardo Valseca and its impact on his family, especially his wife Jayne, who was battling stage 4 breast cancer.

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Dateline The Ranch (YouTube)
Dateline The Ranch (YouTube)

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Jayne Valseca and her family endured a horrific tragedy when Eduardo Valseca was kidnapped, making headlines across the country. After seven months in captivity, Eduardo was released in exchange for an undisclosed ransom. At the time, Jayne was undergoing treatment for stage 4 breast cancer. Following the ordeal, the family relocated to a suburb of Washington, D.C. Sadly, Jayne passed away on May 3, 2012.

The Ranch, a Dateline NBC episode that re-aired on July 5, 2024, revisits the harrowing details of Eduardo Valseca's kidnapping. According to the synopsis, "The Valseca siblings' lives are changed when their father is taken hostage in an orchestrated abduction." This was originally aired on March 20, 2020.

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Who were Eduardo and Jayne Valseca?

Episode 25 of Dateline's season 28 chronicles the journey of Eduardo Valseca from his abduction to his eventual release by his abductors. The incident occurred on June 13, 2007, when at least ten individuals in five vehicles targeted Eduardo and his wife's Jeep as they were returning home after dropping their children off at school.

Jose Garcia Valseca, a newspaper baron and sports promoter, had nine children, including Eduardo Valseca. In Mexico, Jose founded 37 newspapers under his paper empire, the Garcia-Valseca Chain. In Eduardo's adulthood, Jose operated from a Pullman train car, which was his sole luxury.

Jayne and Eduardo met in 1992, when the latter was appearing in minor roles on television and in commercials. When Jayne was at a pay phone in a Maryland parking lot, she spotted Eduardo, a divorced art dealer at the time.


The couple settled in San Miguel de Allende, in central Mexico, after getting married on July 9, 1994. Together, they started a business tearing down and renovating houses.

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"They built a real ranch house among the mesquite trees and surrounded it with fine, big gates and outbuildings, a garden for her, a riding ring, and fine Spanish horses for him," Keith Morrison said in their episode.

A part of the ranch was donated by the couple to start the Waldorf Schools after they had three children, Fernando, Emiliano, and Nayah. Every day, the couple traversed the quarter-mile country road to get their children to school.

Eduardo and Jayne Valseca, where are they?

The strangers abducted Eduardo Valseca on June 13, 2007, and held him hostage for seven months inside a small box, torturing him mercilessly while waiting for the ransom. On January 24, 2008, Eduardo was released for a reduced ransom amount.

As a result of this terrifying experience, Eduardo Valseca and Jayne Valseca relocated to Maryland, the latter's birthplace. In May 2012, Jayne's cancer returned, and sadly, it was terminal. She breathed her last on the third of the month. Eduardo and their children still reside in the suburbs of Washington D.C.


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