Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Chad Confronted With Shocking Revelation About Abigail's Fate

In the upcoming Days of Our Lives episode, June 14, 2024: Chad receives shocking news about Abigail that he can't ignore, while Chanel and Paulina face strained family dynamics.

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Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the hit series Days of Our Lives

On Friday, June 14, Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal unexpected events. Julie is back in her rebuilt Horton house when she receives shocking news. Meanwhile, Chad holds a gun to Clyde, seeking revenge for Abigail's death.

Days of Our Lives spoilers and highlights

With his usual smirk, Clyde tells Chad that Abigail is still alive. Chad doesn't believe him but doesn't kill him either. With Clyde now in police custody, Chad can't stop thinking about what he said. Despite her age and health concerns, Chad decides to talk to Julie, risking shocking her with the news.

Elsewhere, Chanel and Paulina are still on shaky terms after Paulina's reckless rescue attempt during a snowstorm, which endangered both Chanel and her unborn child. Despite their issues, Chanel won't leave town without telling her mother or saying goodbye when Johnny gets a job offer in LA.

Meanwhile, the DiMera siblings usually follow an "every person for themselves" policy but join forces when needed. This week, Stefan asks Kristen for help proving that Gabi didn't kill Li. Kristen, known for always having an angle, will surely come up with a reason to assist.

Previously on Days of Our Lives:


In Yesterday's Days of Our Lives, Chanel asks Johnny where he wants to go if he leaves Salem. Johnny tells her he landed his dream job with his favorite director, but he needs to decide by tomorrow and would have to move to Los Angeles. Chanel is upset that Johnny has known about this for weeks but didn't tell her.

She feels hurt and wonders if he planned to tell her only when he was never on a flight. Johnny apologizes, explaining he didn't want to add to her stress. They’re supposed to be a team, so keeping her in the dark feels like a betrayal.

Chanel learns that Marlena knew before she did, which makes her even more upset. Johnny admits he’s conflicted because he loves Salem and fears failing in LA. Chanel assures him they can always come back if things don’t work out and promises to support him.


At the pub, Roman tells Kate that Eric has just moved back in. Kate is happy but worried about Lucas, who has gone silent since hunting down Clyde. Lucas returns and apologizes for worrying her, explaining the FBI made him stay quiet until Clyde was back in Salem.

Kate is upset but notes that Lucas should be free since he helped catch Clyde. Lucas isn’t sure about his deal, but he refuses to go to the monastery and would rather return to prison. Kate fills Roman in on the situation, and Roman thinks it would be wrong if Harris doesn’t honor his bargain with Lucas.

Julie hugs Chad as he returns home and tells her about Clyde's claim that Abigail is alive. Chad is skeptical but has a small hope it might be true. He plans to confront Clyde at the police station but asks Julie not to say anything to Jack and Jennifer to avoid raising false hopes.


After he leaves, Lucas shows up to say goodbye to Julie before possibly going back to prison. Julie asks his thoughts on Abigail being alive, and Lucas wishes it were true but doesn’t know how it could be possible.

Meanwhile, Rafe questions Clyde at the police station about Li Shin’s murder. Clyde plays dumb but makes a creepy comment about Gabi. Rafe insists Clyde knows who killed Li and presses him for information. Clyde hints he might cooperate if there's something in it for him.

Johnny accepts the job offer, and Chanel supports him, ready to move to LA. Julie worries about Maggie and struggles to access a time capsule. Lucas learns from Roman that his sentence has been commuted and he is free. Stefan realizes he might need to help Clyde to find out the truth.

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