EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Eternals' Richard Madden and Gemma Chan on Kumail's Bollywood dance number & a Diwali message

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Richard Gemma Bollywood Diwali
Eternals releases on November 5.

Eternals, the latest MCU Phase 4 movie, is jam-packed with Indian elements including an epic Bollywood dance number performed by the ever-charming Kumail Nanjiani aka Kingo. Besides being tricked into doing the Bollywood dance by Eternals' Oscar-winning director Chloé Zhao, also present on set for the hilarious sequence were Richard Madden and Gemma Chan aka Ikaris and Sersi.

In an EXCLUSIVE chat with Pinkvilla, I asked Richard and Gemma what they felt about the song and dance filming atmosphere and whether they wanted to join in. Smiling wide, the real-life close pals chimed in at the same time! While Madden enthusiastically exclaimed, "I would love to join in!," Chan gushed, "Oh, I loved it! It was amazing! It was absolutely amazing and the dances are so brilliant and the costumes, everything about it. I was blown away."

"It's just so beautiful and elegant. And to being up there, up close and see everyone's work, it's stunning," Richard further marvelled about the particular scene. Moreover, Gemma and Richard even endearingly wished their Indian fans a "Happy Diwali" as Eternals releases this Friday, right in time of the festivities.

When it comes to Chan, from Captain Marvel's Minn-Erva to now leading the Eternals as Sersi, Marvel Head Kevin Feige had stated early on how it was Gemma who was the true lead in Eternals. I asked Chan if she felt any pressure of leading an MCU film, that too as experimentally diverse as Eternals, with the burden of a humungous, loyal fanbase of the super successful franchise. "Gosh! Yeah, of course! Of course, you don't want to let the side down. You want to do a good job. I feel so honoured and lucky to be back for a second time playing this completely different character," Gemma confessed before adding, "But, I also feel that I'm surrounded by such an incredible, talented cast. Everyone has their moment to shine, I really feel that in the film. So, I feel like kind of 'together' is something that we all share, telling this story."

Watch Richard Madden and Gemma Chan's EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla for Eternals (P.S. Richard also talks about Priyanka Chopra as a possible Eternal!) below:

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Also starring Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek and Kit Harington, amongst many others, Eternals releases on November 5.

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