Harry Styles' UNSEEN look from Eternals appears in co star Lia McHugh's BTS snap

Published on Nov 22, 2021 01:15 PM IST  |  194.9K
Harry Styles Eternals
Eternals' Lia McHugh shares BTS photos from Eternals.

One of the biggest surprises of Eternals was the introduction of Harry Styles as Eros in the post-credit scenes. After months of keeping the singer's introduction into the MCU a secret, fans couldn't help but go gaga after seeing Styles' amazing introduction in the film. After Harry recently also received his own character poster for the film, a new BTS snap of the singer has now made it to social media. 

Eternals star Lia McHugh posted a series of photos on her Instagram account on Sunday night that took us behind the scenes of the film. While Lia's post consisted of some hilarious snaps of Kumail Nanjiani, it was one photo that particularly grabbed attention and it was the one featuring McHugh along with Richard Madden and Harry Styles. 

The photo showed the actors wearing robe-like clothing which was seen in the film's opening scene although, in the final cut of the film, Styles wasn't a part of it. Fans are considering the BTS snap to be from one of Harry's deleted scenes from the film. 

Check out Lia McHugh's post here:

While sharing the snaps, Lia captioned the post as, "SERIOUSLY GO SEE ETERNALS IN THEATERS NOW!!! Some of my fav bts  Love you guys (Kumail was very tired in the last one." 

As for Harry Styles' character of Eros, it's yet unclear when he will appear next in MCU. The studio is yet to confirm if the Eternals will get a sequel although during an interaction at the premiere event, it almost seemed like Angelina Jolie had hinted that a second part may be in the works. 

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