Nicki Minaj Cancels Romania’s Saga Festival Show Hours Before Performance Citing Safety Concerns; Fans Disappointed

Nicki Minaj canceled her performance at Romania’s Saga Festival just hours before she was due to perform, citing safety concerns related to nearby protests and promising to reschedule.

Published on Jul 08, 2024  |  05:19 PM IST |  34.7K
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Nicki Minaj canceled a scheduled festival appearance in Romania on Sunday, July 7, just hours before she was due to hit the stage. The rapper cited “safety concerns” as the reason for a last-minute withdrawal from the Saga Festival performance in Bucharest.

Minaj, in a post on X on Sunday, noted that after being warned about “protests in the area,” she needed to make “sound decisions” to ensure she made it home to her son safely and her team to their families. “I look forward to seeing you all another time,” she added.

Fans rage as festival organizers confirm Nicki Minaj's cancellation at Saga 

The Saga Festival's official Instagram handle confirmed the news of Minaj’s show cancellation on Sunday, explaining that the WAP singer pulling the plug from the festival last minute was beyond their control and that the tickets for the show would be refunded. The news, needless to say, upset many of the artist's fans, who had waited to see her live for months.

“We decided to come to the festival in Romania mainly to see you, so hearing this hours before your set is really disappointing,” a self-proclaimed Barb wrote on Twitter. “I don't think this is fair to everybody that came out, since the protests are supposed to be tomorrow and far from SAGA,” they added.

A second person wrote: "THIS IS A LIE. Im romanian and there is absolutely no protest happening right now anywhere Romania is literally a safe country (the last terrorist attack happened in 1941???) This is a such a pathetic excuse to not come at Saga festival"


While Minaj did not mention which protest led her to cancel her appearance in Bucharest, TMZ reported that a demonstration against the government's fiscal policies was scheduled for Monday, July 8.

Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 concert has been in chaos recently

The Anaconda singer cut short her concert in Dublin just a day before her Romania show was canceled. Minaj’s performance at Malahide Castle was supposed to start at 8 p.m. and run for two hours, but concertgoers reported that the singer showed up an hour and a half late and only performed for 45 minutes.

The delay in her performance allegedly happened because of rain, which further infuriated her fans as they were left to wait in the torrent. There were demands for a refund there as well.

In May, Minaj rescheduled a gig in Manchester and canceled a show in Amsterdam following her arrest over reported possession of drugs.


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What issues have happened on Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 tour?
Recent issues include a canceled Romania show, a shortened Dublin concert, and rescheduled/canceled gigs in Manchester and Amsterdam.

What happened at Nicki Minaj’s Dublin concert?
Minaj arrived late and performed only 45 minutes due to rain.

What is the focus of the Pink Friday 2 album?
The album continues the success of her original Pink Friday release.

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