The Morning Show Season 3: Billy Crudup drops hints and talks about Bradley’s reaction to Cory’s declaration of love

Billy Crudup teases a third season of The Morning Show, and here's everything you need to know about the drama.

Published on Feb 23, 2023  |  12:06 AM IST |  765.7K
Jennifer Aniston in The Morning Show — Trailer | (Image -  Apple TV+, YouTube)
Jennifer Aniston in The Morning Show — Trailer | (Image - Apple TV+, YouTube)

With the best overall cast, The Morning Show comes with fresh vibes and unmatched drama, which will definitely not allow you to look away. With its successful seasons 1 and 2, which received a lot of love from viewers, the show is set to return with twisting plots and a daily dose of drama. And to provide some insight, Billy Crudup snuggled up to share behind-the-scenes glimpses and what about season 3 will pique the audience's interest.

The Morning Show, season 2  (TV Series 2019) - (Image credit - IMDb)

Billy Crudup drops hints:

In an interview with TVLine, Billy Crudup was asked about Bradley’s reaction after Cory unexpectedly declares love, which was the end of season 2, and ever since, viewers have had the same question, which will be sequenced in season 3 of The Morning Show.

To provide some context for the Season 2 finale: When Bradley, played by Reese Witherspoon, was worried because she couldn't find her brother, that was the time when Cory decided to talk about his feelings. With time, the audience couldn’t help but put their hands on their heads because Cory didn’t wait for a perfect moment but rather blurted out his feelings when Bradley had something else on her mind.

Cory’s impromptu declaration of love in season 2:

"I love you." I want that recorded in the annals of time. I don’t know what’s going to happen, OK? Now the universe knows I said that. I really love you. I love you." Before Bradley could react or process Cory’s declaration of love in a meaningful manner, her phone rang with news about her brother’s whereabouts. And the audience has been curious about what Bradley said ever since.


Billy Crudup talks about Cory and Bradley's circle of romance in season 3:

Season 3 of The Morning Show will not have a love angle at first. “He declared his love, and I believe it was not returned," Billy is quoted as saying. So, HR-wise, they're good to go for the start of Season 3. "But that doesn't mean Cory's declaration of love for Bradley will be in vain, as the season will continue to revolve around it." To which he added, "Like any good tension moment, the writers keep coming back to it. So, there’ll be lots more opportunities for a failure on Cory’s part!"

As not all love is accepted at first, it contains pain, thrills, and romance to make it an epic one. Let's say season 3 of The Morning Show contains all of that which will keep the interest of the audience. 

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