Which Of The Friends Cast Members Have Kids? Meet The Children Of The Sitcom Stars

Discover the children of the Friends stars and what connects them, as nearly all of the iconic cast members have become parents, adding to the show's enduring legacy.

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  • Meet the children of the Friends cast keeping the sitcom spirit alive
  • Know more about whats common between the Friends cast members

Considered to be one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, Friends acquired a massive fanbase across the globe and continues to resonate with the audience long after its initial airing. From its beloved star cast to witty punchlines, the show has set an inevitable mark in pop culture. It has made people feel genuine emotions, made them cry, appreciate the witty humor and felt a roller coaster of emotions, leaving them wanting more and more. Let's take a minute and explore more about the cast members and their children in real life. 

Meet the kids of the cast of Friends

Courteney Cox's Daughter Coco


Courteney Cox, who portrayed Monica Geller on the successful sitcom, has an 18-year-old daughter named Coco with ex-husband David Arquette. Cox's mini-me is always there to support her mother, whether they're at the red carpet premiere of the actress' latest film or celebrating her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you are wondering what's common, she is also Jennifer Aniston's goddaughter. Aniston, a.k.a. Rachel Green, does not have children, but she is the godmother of her best friend's daughter, Coco! In November 2019, the actress commented on a photo of her goddaughter, saying, "Coco! You're growing up way too fast. Or am I protecting? I love you deep."


Matt LeBlanc's daughter, Marina


Matt LeBlanc, who essayed the role of the most loved character of the show, Joey Tribbiani, has a 20-year-old daughter, Marina Pearl, with his ex-wife, Melissa McKnight. He said in a 2016 interview that he is also active in the lives of McKnight's two children, Tyler (32), and Jacquelyn (28). Even though he tries to keep his daughter away from the limelight, in 2016, he told PEOPLE that then 12-year-old Marina's biggest interests were "Horses and Rihanna." He added, "So that's what I'm into."

"[Tyler is] a sound engineer," LeBlanc also told PEOPLE in 2016. "He works in a recording studio. And my daughter [Jacquelyn] graduates from FIT [on Thursday]... She's in the design program. She's a really hard worker, and I'm proud of her. She's doing fantastic," he added at the time.

 Lisa Kudrow's Son Julian


Fan-favorite Phoebe Buffay actor Lisa Kudrow is also a proud mother to her son Julian. Kudrow's son was technically also her costar as her pregnancy was included in the story of Phoebe Buffay in season 4 of the program! "The six of us would do a huddle backstage and just say 'All right, have a good show, love you, love you, love you,'" she remembered while speaking to PEOPLE in 2018. "And when I was pregnant, then they would say, 'Have a great show, love you love you — love you, little Julian!' Cause we knew it was a boy and that was his name. So sweet, they included my little fetus in the huddle," Kudrow added.


During a 2021 interview with Conan O'Brien, Kudrow shared that her 24-year-old son supported her at the taping of Friends: The Reunion. "He was able to come to the reunion… and afterward, he came up to me and he said, 'Can I say that I’m really proud of you?'" she shared, adding, "That was one of the very emotional things that happened to me."

David Schwimmer's Daughter Cleo


 David Schwimmer in Friends (1994) - IMDb

In 2011, David Schwimmer and his then-wife Zoë Buckman welcomed their daughter Cleo into the world. In January 2018, the Friends alumni talked with the Today program about discussing physical autonomy with his daughter, Cleo, who was 6½ at the time. "With my kid, it's really about understanding that your body and your space are what matter. It's more about personal space and giving her the courage to speak out and speak up if anything she meets makes her feel uncomfortable," Schwimmer said. "Her hair, her body—all of it is hers. It belongs to her. She now has the bravery and self-assurance to speak out and express herself," he added.

Now 12 years old, Cleo is a vegetarian and passionate about animal rights, reports PEOPLE. She also loves to experiment with her personal style, dyeing her hair different colors and even shaving her head.

Maggie Wheeler's daughters, Gemma and Juno


Friends Star Maggie Wheeler  (Getty Images)

Maggie Wheeler, who played Janice in the comedy, is also mother of two. She has two kids, Juno and Gemma, with her husband, Daniel Wheeler. Her daughter, Gemma, became famous on TikTok in 2020 after imitating her mother's iconic "Oh, my god" phrase from the show. Since then, Wheeler has popped up in several of her daughter's videos.

 Paul Rudd's Kids, Jack and Darby

Paul Rudd ( IMDb)

Paul Rudd joined the legendary series just before it was ending to portray Phoebe's boyfriend-turned-husband, Mike Hannigan. Although Rudd's popularity has grown tremendously since then, the actor has been able to hide a lot of his personal life, including his two children. Rudd and his wife, Julie Yaeger, welcomed their son, Jack Sullivan, in 2006, followed by their daughter, Darby, in 2010. Additionally, Paul, a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs supporter, is seen at Super Bowl LVIII with his child.

Matthew Perry, who died on October 28, 2023, had no children. Jennifer Aniston does not have any kids either.  She shared her own struggles with infertility and failed IVF treatments in December 2022.


What is common between them, and what is the collective impact?

What, then, is the commonality among the Friends children? All are the sole offspring of their parents in the program. Marina LeBlanc has two half-siblings from McKnight's previous marriage, while Coco has two from Arquette's second marriage. Meanwhile, children of Friends cast are making waves in the world of pop culture, continuing on the sitcom's heritage while pursuing their own professions. With the support of their well-known parents, these up-and-coming youngsters are elevating humor and entertainment with their skills and charisma.

From acting to directing, they are following in their parents' footsteps while also making their own mark in the profession. They serve as a constant reminder of the lasting influence of Friends and their ageless lesson in laughter and friendship. Owing to the hype, it seems like fans will soon demand another installment of the show.

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