Video Shows Prince Harry Comforting Mom As She Recalls Telling 5-Year-Old About Dad's Passing; WATCH

Scotty’s Little Soldiers is a charity that supports over 680 children who have lost a parent in the military, and Prince Harry continues to show his support for the charity in various ways.

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Prince Harry Comforting Mom As She Recalls Telling 5-Yr-Old About Dad's Passing
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Trigger Warning: This article contains mention of death.

Prince Harry has always been known for his compassionate nature and dedication to helping others. Recently, he showed his support for a cause very close to his heart. Prince Harry sat down with Nikki Scott, the founder of Scotty’s Little Soldiers. It is a charity that supports children who have lost a parent in the military.

Prince Harry and Scott’s conversation was recorded in a new video, released just before Armed Forces Day in the UK. In the video, Scott opens up about the painful day she had to tell her son that his father had died in Afghanistan. Prince Harry who also lost his mother at a very young age, supported and praised Scott.

A heartfelt conversation between Prince Harry and Scott

During their conversation titled, From Grief to Growth, Nikki Scott shared the heartbreaking story of telling her son about his father’s demise. She had to tell her young son, Kai, that his father, Corp. Lee Scott had been killed in Afghanistan. Kai was only 5 years old at that time. Nikki described the pain of shattering Kai’s world by sharing this news.

She said while shedding tears, “It was the worst. How do you tell a 5-year-old this He knew that life was never going to be the same.” This video was released just before Armed Forces Day. Armed Forces Day is a special day observed on the last Saturday in June. It honors the military community, including active personnel, veterans, cadets, and their families. 


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Prince Harry connected through the shared loss

Prince Harry lost his own mother, Princess Diana when he was 12. He heard Scott’s whole conversation with a lot of empathy and understanding. In the conversation, Nikki shared how she began to think about other children who had lost a parent too. She claimed that it may sound very corny, but there are many other children also who have lost a parent.

Prince Harry praised Nikki for her incredible work. He said, “What you’ve done is incredible, it is truly inspirational. I know that word gets thrown around a lot, but it is.” He noted the significant positive changes in some of the children he had met before in 2017. Harry observed that these children are still processing their grief but the community has made a profound difference in their lives.

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The birth of Scotty’s Little Soldiers

Nikki’s personal tragedy inspired her to create Scotty’s Little Soldiers in 2010. She began supporting other children who have lost a parent in the British Armed Forces. The charity now supports over 680 children through various programs and a strong community network. Prince Harry who lost his own mother has been a strong supporter of the charity.


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Prince Harry’s connection with Scotty’s Little Soldiers

He first met Nikki at Buckingham Palace in 2017. Prince Harry believes that the sense of support and belonging offered by Scotty’s Little Soldiers is crucial. These children need to navigate their loss and find ways to celebrate their parent’s lives. Prince Harry has continued to show his support for Scotty’s Little Soldiers in various ways.

During his most recent visit to England in May, he made a surprise appearance at one of the charity’s events. The children were delighted to see him. He even dressed up as Spider-Man and sent messages as Santa Claus to the children. This shows how much he loves to care for these children. Nikki Scott also once claimed that Harry “really gets” the charity’s mission. His personal experiences and military background make him a relatable and supportive figure for these children.


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How is Prince Harry involved with Scotty's Little Soldiers?
Prince Harry has supported the charity since 2017 and serves as its Global Ambassador.

Why does Prince Harry support Scotty's Little Soldiers?
Prince Harry lost his mother at a young age and understands the impact of losing a parent. His military background also connects him to the charity's mission.

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