Prince William Under Questions Over Covert MI6 Visit and Royal Duties; Explained

M16 is also called the Secret Intelligence Service, which operates behind the scenes, it deals with foreign intelligence to protect the UK from various threats overseas and make decisions about its relationships with other countries.

Published on Jun 15, 2024  |  07:36 PM IST |  37.9K
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In a surprise move that has captured public interest Price William recently undertook a secretive visit to M16. According to sources, the future King of England visited the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service secretly. This visit was not announced beforehand, and that’s why it has sparked curiosity. People are speculating about its purpose and implications.  

This trip only came to light in the Court Circular after it actually happened. It has left many wondering about the implications for the prince’s royal responsibilities. Let’s explore the details behind this covert visit and its significance.

The future king’s secretive M16 visit

Recently, Prince William made a hush-hush visit to M16. M16 is a renowned intelligence agency known for its role in safeguarding the nation’s security abroad. The visit was revealed afterward in the Court Circular, which lists all the official things the royals do.

The entry in the Court Circular simply said, “The Prince of Wales this afternoon visited the Secret Intelligence Service.” It didn’t specify anything further. There’s no information about the location where it happened and not even what was discussed during the meeting.

More about M16 and its royal connections

M16 is also called the Secret Intelligence Service, which operates behind the scenes. It deals with foreign intelligence and protects the UK from various threats overseas. M16’s work is highly confidential, so much so that even the families of their agents may not know what they are up to.


Their work involves spying, gathering intelligence, and analyzing information. This helps the UK government make decisions about its relationships with other countries. It’s all about making sure Britain stays secure and well-informed in a complex world. Agents operate under codenames, and their identities are closely guarded secrets.

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Previous meetings with M16

This isn’t the first time Prince William has engaged with M16. As part of his royal duties and interest in national security, he previously visited M16. In 2012, he visited their headquarters alongside his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge. In 2019, he spent three weeks learning about the operations of M15, M16, and GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters).

Reports claim that he was gaining insights into the vital work they do. But this time his visit was kept under wraps until after the fact. Kensington Palace, the residence and office of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, declined to provide any details about the visit. It remains unknown whether Prince William met Richard Moore or anybody else. Sir Richard Moore is the head of M16 known by the codename C.


Prince William fulfilling all the royal duties

Aside from his covert engagements, Prince William continues to fulfill his public duties as a member of the royal family. Recently, he resumed official engagements following a brief hiatus due to personal reasons. In recent months, the royals are facing challenges. This includes Kate’s cancer treatment too. Prince William is managing his royal duties along with being a huge support to wifey.

He attended an investiture ceremony, supported charitable issues, and even attended the Duke of Westminster’s wedding. He even became an usher for Hugh Grosvenor’s wedding. In fact according to reports Prince Harry was not able to attend the wedding. Reports claimed he couldn’t attend due to some logistical challenges. Although he spoke to Hugh before the wedding and they mutually agreed on this.

Well, Prince William’s visit to M16 which was not being publicly announced shows the sensitivity of such engagements.


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Why did Prince William visit MI6?
Prince William undertook a secretive visit to MI6, the UK's Secret Intelligence Service, to learn more about their operations and support their work in safeguarding national security.

What is MI6?
MI6, also known as the Secret Intelligence Service, handles foreign intelligence to protect the UK from threats overseas and advises on international relations.

Why was Prince William's visit to MI6 secretive?
The visit was not announced beforehand and only appeared in the Court Circular after it occurred, sparking curiosity about its purpose and implications.

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