Who Is Sheryl Goddard? All You Need To Know About Alice Cooper’s Wife

Check out who is musician Alice Cooper’s wife, Sheryl Goddard. Read ahead to get an insight into her life.

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Sheryl Goddard and Alice Cooper  (CC: Getty Images)
Sheryl Goddard and Alice Cooper (CC: Getty Images)

Alice Cooper, 76 is a very famous American rock singer, who is also known for being a songwriter, and has a career trajectory spanning around six decades.

The artist who contributed to the music industry is known for his “raspy” voice. As much as the mainstream media knows about him, not much is known about Alice Cooper’s wife Sheryl Goddard, whom he married in 1976.

Sheryl is more than just Alice Cooper’s wife. She is an artist herself who is known for blowing people’s minds with her dancing talent. Read ahead to know who the brilliant dancer is and also about the pair.

Sheryl Cooper is a professional dancer

Goddard is a talented and skilled dancer along with that she is a stage performer and has often contributed her skills during various of her husband’s shows. As per Wikipedia, in Phoenix Arizona, she also teaches choreography and produces and directs children's dances and theater.

The brilliant performer started her journey of dancing at a very young age. She is trained in classical ballet in New York City as well as Jazz.

In 1978, Goddard opened up to People about her Ballet experience. She said, “I knew I couldn't be a ballerina, but not because I didn't have potential,” adding, “Ballet was extremely vicious, political and narrow-minded."


How did Sheryl Goddard meet her husband Alice Cooper?

According to the outlet, the ex-ballerina admitted that she was not aware of who Alice Cooper was. As she wanted to pay her bills, she accepted an audition invitation for his show. During that time, the Rock and Roll genre was not for her.

After being selected by giving the audition, she worked with the Poison singer as she joined as a dancer for his Welcome To My Nightmare tour in 1975. While touring the pair bonded over watching TV. They would soon kick off their romantic journey and get married in 1976.

Cooper revealed to Billboard that when they are on stage, Goddard is not his wife but a character, so is he. They do not view each other as husband and wife on stage. But afterward, on tour, they are never away from each other and that’s great.

Sheryl Goddard and Alice Cooper’s family


The couple shares three children, Calico, Dashiell, and Sonora Cooper. Their firstborn child, Calico was born on May 19, 1981, in Beverly Hills, California. Just like her parents she also ventured into the entertainment business.

Calico is a singer and actress who also directs. She contributed to choreographing her father’s tour, Brutal Panel in 2015. As per Hello, the eldest Cooper child got married to Jed Wiliams in 2015 in Hawaii.

The pair’s middle child Dashiell, who is also called Dash was born on June 3, 1985. As per People, Keeping the family legacy alive, he is also a musician. His band is called CO-OP. He married Morgan Cooper and together they share three children.

The Goddard-Cooper’s youngest child Sonora was born in 1992. However, she chose a different career path unlike her parents and older siblings. Her profession remains a mystery as it is not known in the media. Sonora married Diago Diaz. The veteran singer told Cleveland about his youngest daughter having a baby in July 2020.


Goddard-Cooper’s ‘Life-Pact’

According to the outlet’s article, the singer and the dancer became the talk of the media in 2019 for seemingly having a death pact. The rockstar called on his Instagram that the couple rather shared a life pact. 

He wrote that they love life so much and he means that the pair is always together whether that be their home or on the road. And if something happens to any one of the individuals, the other person is most likely to be there. He denied having a suicide pact. The rockstar added that he is booked through 2028.

 He also spoke to Billboard about this. The School’s Out singer said that the media sensationalizes everything. He said, “They said, 'What happens if one of you dies?”

The 76-year-old singer answered that it would never happen because the pair had conversed about the fact that they would go in an airplane or maybe walk down the street and if the singer got hit by the lightning, Goddard would die too because of being next to him. 

The singer added, “The next thing you know, the paper comes out and it goes, 'Alice's Death Pact With Wife!' "

Sheryl Goddard has always been there for Alice Cooper


As per People, the No More Mr. Nice Guiy singer battled his addiction to alcohol. This affected the pair's married life. There came a point where Sheryl filed for a divorce from the veteran musician. But she did not leave his side and was committed to getting the singer on track. The rockstar eventually got sober and they got back together as they reconciled.

The talented dancer told the publication, “He was not going anywhere except down.” Sheryl added, “He was never really drunk, but he just couldn't function — he was like a living vegetable. It put a lot of strain on me because I had to sign the papers to commit him."

Cooper was admitted at the New York State rehabilitation center located at White Plains, N.Y. Goddard reveille that the iconic singer could not get out with her written consent.

Alice Cooper and Sheryl Goddard are made for each other

This lovely pair’s relationship ship has shined over the years. The couple has been married for almost five decades. Their fans and media are always wondering about the secret of their wholesome relationship.

As per the outlet, The Under My Wheels singer revealed in a  2016 interview about being asked by people when he is on the road, it must be hard for him to leave his home. To which Cooper answered, that when he goes, he takes his home with him. The rockstar said, “Because really, a house is a house, but a home is who you are within the house.”


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