After a rip-roaring Season 11, Real Housewives Of Beverley Hills is back with Season 12 & we can’t keep calm!

Real Housewives Of Beverley Hills is on its 12th season and here’s all the high-octane drama we are looking forward to.

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After a rip-roaring Season 11, Real Housewives Of Beverley Hills is back with Season 12 & we can’t keep calm!
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Dropping sass like they own the world, the Housewives Of Beverley Hills never fail to make their fans go gaga with every passing season! From their extravagant Hollywood parties to exotic trips, every episode of the Real Housewives is so amazingly entertaining that I can’t stop bragging about how much I love the style-savvy ladies! With the 12th season dropping in, how could I hold myself back from not finding out what’s going to happen! But before I give away a major hint from my brief encounter with a sneak peek of the first episode of S12, let me tell you that the 90210 gang is back with twice the drama, twice the glamor, and double the entertainment! 


After everything that went down in the last season, it was very tricky to tell how things would turn out in the succeeding season. For someone like me who is a serial binger of the Real Housewives series, some of the most shocking revelations that were made in the 11th season include Erika’s painful separation from Girardi and the horrifying allegations about her soon-to-be ex dropped like a bomb. Also, not one but two hellish dinner parties that were full of contempt, accusations, and crying turned tables for all the characters and I could only begin to imagine how things would go in the upcoming season. 


For the fashion and style nerds, season 11 did have some stunning moments that I personally felt added the much-needed fun and light-heartedness in its entirety. Amidst all the shocking revelations, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills managed to flaunt their most fabulous foot forward! Dorit’s eye-grabbing and one-of-a-kind, vintage Vivienne Westwood corset look, and Lisa Rinna’s wardrobe full of vintage couture dresses were my personal favorite fashion moments of the season. 


I was also glad that season 11 did bring some comic relief with the newest addition to the show, Kyle Richards' sister and Paris’s mum, Kathy Hilton. She brought the big fun energy to the girls’ trip to Tahoe, and don’t tell me you didn’t laugh hysterically at her almost naive quips, especially during a tense moment when she randomly asked "Who is hunky dory?”. Boy, was she not pure gold in the show!


RHOBH fans will agree with me when I say this, the ladies of Beverly Hills can never have an everlasting moment of fun or happiness without something majorly tragic happening to one of the housewives at one point or the other. This reminds me of the major piece of information I was supposed to reveal to you guys. So, just when I thought the ladies are in a good place and finally having some fun in season 12, there drops a bomb that disrupts everything! Dorit has faced a traumatic home invasion and she is almost on the verge of a breakdown! As the fashionista of the group, she has always managed to look cool and flawless. However, when her world turns upside down after the life-changing incident, she is prompted to undergo a process of deep healing.


From the little sneak peek I have had, I can also tell you that there is more drama, more revelations, more tragedies, and more of just everything that we could imagine! Putting a rest to all speculations, the 12th season is going to unravel all things good, bad, and ugly. 

The way the 1st episode unpacks some shocking scenes is beyond anything I have ever come across in the previous seasons. Trust me, Jane’s tragic separation wouldn’t seem that bad if you knew what Dorit is going to go through! And watching everything unfold through Dorit’s eyes, I bet you will regret not keeping a tissue box by your side. So, brace yourself and tune into Hayu to catch the all-new season of RHOBH. You can also watch Hayu on Amazon Prime Video with an easy add-on subscription.

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