Kabir Singh Movie Review: Shahid Kapoor shines in this breezy romantic drama

Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani starrer Kabir Singh impresses despite having a predictable plot, with good direction and amazing cinematography.
Kabir Singh Movie Review: Shahid Kapoor shines in this breezy romantic drama
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Movie: Kabir Singh 


Kabir Singh Director: Sandeep Reddy Vanga


Kabir Singh Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Kiara Advani


Kabir Singh Stars: 3/5


Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani starrer Kabir Singh which is the Hindi remake of Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy is quite impressive despite being marred by a predictable plot. The direction and cinematography lifted up the movie and kept the audiences hooked to the screen till the end. 

The movie follows the life of Kabir Singh who is an alcoholic surgeon and is in depression as his girlfriend is married off to some other guy. Flashback scenes shown in the first half unfolds the love story of Kabir and Preeti. In the same, we see how Kabir falls in love with Preeti at first sight and later cupid also strikes her and they get into a relationship. The second half showcases how Kabir drowns himself in alcohol and drugs to forget his ex-girlfriend. 

I have to say that the film completely belongs to Shahid Kapoor as he perfectly internalized the character of Kabir. On the other hand, Kiara Advani complemented Shahid effortlessly in her inimitable style. However, her character I think was poorly etched. The character development could have been better as her sudden meekly to bold avatar was tough to digest. 

Speaking of the supporting cast, the makers get an A plus for casting. Shahid Kapoor's character's sidekick was one of the major highlights of the movie. His dialogues and scenes were one of the best written. Other actors such as Nikita Dutta and Arjan Bajwa among others acted with confidence and conviction. Veteran actors Suresh Oberoi and Kamini Kaushal proved that they are reliable performers. 

Coming to the storyline, the drab plot was a let down as I feel it was lazily written and some may find few of the scenes unrealistic and OTT as well. The comedic respites were throughout the movie and the same was a welcome break after and before the intense theatrics. For example, Shahid running behind his maid and several other scenes will induce heaps of laughter for sure. 

Speaking of the dialogues, Shahid definitely got the deftly written dialogues and monologues but some others could have been better as I found them quite pedestrian. Coming to the disappointments, the major setbacks were the pace, clichéd treatment and length of the film. However, overall the movie is breezy and entertaining. 

So, if you are a sucker for romantic dramas then you should definitely head to the cinema's this weekend and buy a ticket. Otherwise, you can sit this one out.



Loved Shahid ! Brilliant performance

One of the best performances and a feel fresh movie tired of all the extra marital flings thrown by KJ...

Eew! So much of over-acting and arroagance!

I watched it. The major drawbacks were the LENGTH, the abuses, the cliched treatment that will bore you and the extreme misogyny displayed. The impactful dialogues, music and Shahid's performance are the only pluses though Vijay devkonda from the original >>>>> Shahid.

I just really wish well for shahid, he seems really nice .I want this movie to succeed for him .Best wishes

Fake praises everywhere

Just saw the movie. Excellent! You’ll love the story and acting... it’s not a regular romantic movie...ppl are right. It’s shahid’s career best performance

I like his performance in his films but this one i want to miss it. Just not a fan of guy chasing a girl for 3 hous, or girl chasing guy. It kinda reminds me of "Half Girlfriend". I love romantic films but nit that kind romance.

Overacting shahid

Personally, iam gonna watch the movie as I've heard alot about arjun reddy and I've gone through a shitty breakup.

After reading your review i thought apart from the pace i don't you will not find any negative points but in the end you reviewed it like a hardcore salman fan

How did this get a lower rating than the horrible movie Bharat

Lmao how is this story a ‘breezy romantic drama’??? Are you crazy or something? SMDH

Seriously z it is intense but it will be good for sure

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