Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Review: Tom Holland's film is the apt cure to your Avengers hangover

Spider-Man: Far From Home Review: This Jon Watts directorial is the perfect epilogue to Avengers: Endgame. While Tom Holland packs a punch with the emotional quotient, Jake Gyllenhaal has a whole lot of fun, playing Mysterio.

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Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Review: Tom Holland's film is the apt cure to your Avengers hangover
Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Review: Tom Holland's film is the apt cure to your Avengers hangover

Spider-Man : Far From Home

Spider-Man : Far From Home Director: Jon Watts

Spider-Man : Far From Home Cast: Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jake Gyllenhaal

Spider-Man : Far From Home Stars: 3.5/5

"The world needs an Iron Man," forms the basic fundamental of Spider-Man: Far From Home as Peter Parker is the personification of us MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) fans. Everywhere we go, we see Tony Stark and incase you are still hungover by Avengers: Endgame like me, this Jon Watts directorial is perfect remedy.

Incase you were looking for spoilers from this review, thank you next! Spider-Man: Far From Home is the journey of one Peter Parker, as he tries to move on from the loss of his mentor, Iron Man. All he wants to do is have a normal teenage life and have the girl of his dreams, MJ, fall in love with him. Shoutout to the mini-Europe trip we got to go on along with Peter and his classmates. However, with great power, comes great responsibility and after an attack by The Elementals, Spider-Man is enlisted by Nick Fury to save the world. But with no Iron Man, Peter has to rely on Quentin Beck aka Mysterio. What was supposed to be a school trip, turns into yet another Avenger-sized battle.


Tom Holland as Spider-Man proves yet again why he's a force to be reckoned with. Relying heavily on his equation with Tony Stark, we see the evolution of Peter Parker and Tom has splendidly taken the MCU on his shoulders. The emotional sequences are aplenty and keep the tissues in handy. Jake Gyllenhaal is the perfect addition to the MCU and you can see he had a ball of time playing Mysterio. An actor par excellence, Marvel could not have cast a better person to play Quentin Beck. The equation between Peter and Quentin, especially during the fight sequences was a visual spectacle. Zendaya and Jacon Batalon as MJ and Ned are the perfect sidekicks for the humour elements. Even Peter and MJ's story is handled delicately and is not just another teenage romance. An endearing underdog is Jon Favreau whose presence fills the Tony Stark void in Peter's life. Not that Tony's replaceable, but Happy is more like a guiding force. We saw glimpses of Captain Marvel-esque Nick Fury and seeing Samuel L. Jackson on the big screen is guaranteed fun. 

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Getting back to the fight sequences, the VFX deserves all the credit for being able to induce jam-packed action with clever editing techniques that leave you at the edge of your seat. It would be criminal to not watch the film in IMAX! Special mention to the background score especially a nostalgia-filled track that is sure to leave you pumped yet teary-eyed. With some sassy dialogues and the perfect balance between action and drama, the storytelling was smooth and satisfying. 

The movie blends beautifully with Avengers: Endgame and is the perfect epilogue for the 10-year journey, which started with the man - Iron Man. No spoilers, but the mid-credits scene is going to blow your mind and make you realise, the show is not yet over! And that Tony Stark's legacy lives on. 


Spider-Man: Far From Home's beauty is that it doesn't try to divert your mind away from Endgame. Instead, it gives you time to embrace it, as hard as it is.

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