Sui Dhaaga: Made in India Movie Review: Anushka and Varun are a revelation in this extraordinary love story

The chemistry between Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma in Sui Dhaaga looks so organic onscreen that we wonder why did it take long for the two to come together.
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Sab Bhadiya Hai... and that is exactly what you feel as you exit the theaters watching Sui Dhaaga: Made in India. If Anushka Sharma is the 'sui', Varun Dhawan is the 'dhaaga' in this beautifully and delicately weaved love story set amidst a regular middle-class set up. What started as an ordinary story of Mamta [Anushka Sharma] and Mauji [Varun Dhawan] and their arrange marriage woes ends up in what can be called an extraordinary journey of self-discovery. 

Mauji just like his name is a carefree person who doesn't give two hoots before breaking into a stand up comedian act to please his boss, who treats him like a 'doggy' in most parts of the film. On the other hand, Mamta is a woman of self-respect, she is strong, wise and ambitious. Despite many efforts, the duo is unable to break free from the shackles of their awkwardness until one day, her tear-stricken eyes and shame becomes the driving force for Mauji to embark on an unexplored terrain of self-employment. But, what's a love story without hurdles? When a naive Mauji and a skeptical Mamta are forced to see the real world, they take up a decision which changes their life forever. 

Director Sharat Kataria focuses more on the budding relationship between Mamta and Mauji amidst the grievances of work and family drama in the first half while the second half deals with the couples act to put together an ambitious fashion show. Straight face humour, smooth screenplay and dialogues are the biggest strength of this movie which has been accentuated by the honest performances by Varun and Anushka. Both Varun and Anushka got into the skin of Mamta and Mauji like second skin with no apprehension of awkward screen presence even in one frame. Special mention to Anushka for portraying several layers of Mamta seamlessly. Anushka stood out in scenes where she had to portray the dilemma of a wife who yearned for love. Her emotions when the couple shares their first meal, or when he praises her for the first time will genuinely warm your hearts. 

The chemistry between Varun and Anushka looks so organic onscreen that we wonder why did it take long for the two come together. 

The supporting cast for the movie including Raghuvir Yadav is an added bonus. Their comic timing will leave you in splits. Namit Das as Guddu is likable in most parts but his animated laughter gets annoying after a point. The climax of the movie is predictable but nonetheless it leaves you with a feel good vibe.  Sharat played up well with the emotions without making it too melodramatic. 

Thankfully, the makers refrained from adding too much glamour quotient to the movie and kept it earthy. It is a huge thumbs up from us, for Sui Dhaaga: Made In India. 

We rate it a 70% on the movie meter.

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No woman who wears a sari everyday, weare it as akwardly as she's worn it.

Major disappoint. 2nd half felt so far fetched and unrealistic. I had huge expectations from Sui Dhaaga given how great Dum Laga Ki Haisha was but this trash wasn't even half as good. I almost fell asleep in the 2nd and didn't even care what happens to Mamta and Mauji. And I am some1 who NEVER falls asleep in theatres

I wasted my time and money. Horrible. Bollywood is trash these days.

The trailer looked dull

Give over. You know this review is written by Kohli.

Worst casting ever! Couldn't even tolerate the 2 min trailer. Anushka & Varun are unintentionally funny.

This film is a flop and PV is praising it. They must have got paid to write these praises

Has anyone seen the movie ? How is it ?

Sui Dhaaga what a waste. Full of overacting. boring movie.FLOP


People are leaving cinema the movie is so dull

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