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Talk to Me movie review: Sophie Wilde steals limelight with bone-chilling performance in horror-flick

Talk to Me starring Sophie Wilde explores the horrifying results of what happens when you play with supernatural forces. It is bone-chilling and little gore. Read Pinkvilla review!

Published on Aug 02, 2023   |  06:05 PM IST  |  573.4K
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Sophie Wilde in Talk to Me as Mia (IMDb)

Name: Talk to Me

Rating: 3


Social media addict young people end up playing with supernatural forces when they get access to a hand sculpture. Mia, a girl who recently lost her mother confides in her best friend Jade, and forms a close connection with her brother Riley. Things go south when they get in contact with the embalmed hand that connects the real world to the spirit one. The person needs to hold the hand and say "Talk to me", this will bring a spirit in front of them and to allow the whole to take over, they need to say "I let you in". A human has exactly 90 seconds to communicate with the spirit after which they will end up taking over. Now, will the young people be able to control the spirit or end up becoming a part of it? 

What works? 

Australian filmmaking brothers Danny Philippou and Michael Philippou brings to us a horror story that is bone-chilling and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Sophie Wilde carries the movie and brings the element of surprise with every scene. The movie has gore scenes that might make you close your eyes. It has a modern touch to it given the character are intrigued to try something based on how viral it went on Snapchat. It has a very smooth transition and storyline which makes it easy for one to follow. Some scenes left a powerful mark despite the scare. It is spooky and the background score makes it easy for the filmmakers to scare you. It has scenes with blood and at times it will make you go "Woah, What??". The A24 movie is crisp, terrifying and a little violent.

What Doesn't Work?

While the movie tries to keep you engaged with the story, there are parts where it feels like it is clumsy writing. There are loopholes and some significance that was left unexplained. You might forget the movie after an hour of watching given the horror isn't similar to that of The Conjuring, Sinister etc. 

Star Performances 

Sophie Wilde (Mia) along with Joe Bird (Riley) takes the limelight throughout the movie. The duo was terrific and made sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Joe's acting as the possessed human takes the lead given the emotions he portrays throughout the movie is inexplicable. His scenes at the hospital was mind-boggling. 

Talk to Me movie review: Final Verdict 

The movie is a one-time watch and will keep you engaged for the time duration of 1 hour 35 mins! Don't expect jump scares because the movie has a subtle way of scaring the audience. You can watch Talk to Me in theatres near you!


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