Zero Movie Review: Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif make this Zero into a Hero

Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif's fine performances are the backbones of the film Zero. The first half is a treat to watch while the second half is too long and stretched. Read the movie review of Zero.
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Director: Aanand L. Rai

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif

Stars: 3/5

A significant scene in the movie is when Bauua is seen stripping off his clothes and belongings one by one and in that poignant stage, down to his banyan and boxers, this Zero becomes a Hero. If Aanand L Rai's larger than life (more like Mars) vision is the mind of Zero then, Bauua Singh is the heart of Zero. If VFX is the face that beautifies and adds colour to Zero than Aafia and Babita are the limbs of Zero.

Zero is a simple love story at the beginning between a dwarf, Bauua Singh (Shah Rukh Khan) and Aafia Bhinder (Anushka Sharma), a renowned scientist whose only weakness is that she suffers from cerebral palsy.  Their love story was doomed from the beginning as Bauua was infatuated for years with the rebellious actress Babita Kumari (Katrina Kaif). A chance encounter between Bauaa and Babita leads to a fallout with Aafia and then we are taken on a journey, which is so absurd and out of Space, that you don't know whether to love it or hate like this reviewer is feeling right now.

The first half was the typical masala entertainer which is made unique by the one and only King Khan. It's a testament for the actor, who is 50+ that all he needs is a romantic song like Mere Naam Tu to melt even the strongest of hearts, like that of Aafia. SRK digs deep into the equal parts adorable and equal parts funny Bauaa whose sincerity in being a 'Kamina' wins your heart. His one-liners are laugh out loud worthy and are one of the highlights of the first half. Anushka Sharma's performance is like old wine, it gets better as the movie progresses along. Her character could have been ridden off as caricaturish but Anushka's body language and speech showcased her hard work. Shah Rukh and Anushka's lack of chemistry in Jab Harry Met Sejal was rectified in this beautiful love story. The hidden 'tara' of Zero is Katrina Kaif, who has given her best performance to date as the depressed alcoholic Babita. Her pain is palpable and one actually empathises with her. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Bauua's sidekick is like a cherry on top of a 'short' cake.

While the performances were spectacular, the storyline was filled with glitches galore. The first half was a treat to watch while the second half was too long and stretched. At some points, the film picks up but then crashes down the next minute. There's a sense of magical realism we witness in the second half which is shot mostly in NSRA and while there are certain emotional scenes like when Aafia confront Bauaa in NSRA, there are unnecessary scenes as well. It's the cinematography, the art direction, the dialogues, the small town feeling, that all scream Aanand L. Rai's vision and he has managed to give us three extreme polar opposites of characters, who come together to tell a complicated love story that is part endearing and part nauseous. 

The VFX deserves a special mention; whether it be maintaining Bauaa's height without making it feel fake and especially, the scenes at NSRA. There are a minor few glitches in between, but Zero is definitely a step ahead for VFX to really take over India. The soundtrack is pleasing to the ears and does not deter from the storyline whether it be the visually aesthetic Mere Naam Tu or even the Salman Khan cameo 'whistle-baaja' party track, Issaqbaazi. It would be wrong for me not to mention the late Sridevi, whose barely a minute cameo along with the other leading ladies of Bollywood and SRK is a bittersweet moment.

So, at the end of the day, is Zero worth a watch? If you love SRK, Anushka and Katrina, then hell yeah, because they make for a deadly trio on screen. However, beware of the absurdity that the second half ensues, which will literally drive you to Mars, no pun intended.

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5/5 star zero movie

SRK should just retire

i knew it; katrina is damn hardworking; learnt dance and became one of the best dancers, learnt the language and also learnt how to act. i think she proved time and again why she can be a super star for the Bollywood despite being an outsider. she proved it again to all the anti fans, she was once a top star and an A-lister.

She is still an A-lister though.

After 15 years... Thank God!

Another flop feather added to his cap

SRK go reinvent yourself with Ash, Rani etc. Stop this so called experiments. Give us a mature Love Story!

PROOF this is the end of the Khan era. RajkumarR and AnshumanK are giving hits now.

Cannot believe how all 3 Khan's have flopped this year. Which is worse Disaster Race 3, TOH or this?

Zero should do better than Race 3 and TOH because I haven't seen anyone posting memes about it or screaming it made their eyes bleed or stuff like the first two did. Word of mouth is much better, SRK, Katrina, and Anushka also did exceptional adding in difficult roles portraying disabilities, no nonsense like Race 3 or TOH. Sounds like another ADHM where the writing is the biggest weakness yet again.

SRK has to give us a clean HIT this decade. Come on get your act together and learn from this disaster.

Over all nice movie.
Awesome acting by three of them.
SRK is class actor but Kat took all the glory.
They deserve award for acting for sure, no matter how movie works

Disastrous Reviews 1* from so many critics. wow. SRK do what you were best at.


Bro Katrina CAN'T ACT. She did a good job in this film because she is playing herself : arrogant, rude superstar with a broken heart and a dying career so it's natural no acting needed.

Loved the moved especially Katrina. You rock this time, plz do such potential roles.
Anu, you did nice work too
Film bit laggy in second half but over all its good.

My honest and unbiased opinion: SRK does the best here but what surprised me was that Katrina was actually acting! Though her role was short, this role for her was done very well. Anushka was great as well and I loved her character. However some of the story is a bit confusing and weird. The second half was very slow and that's what ruined it for me. I think if you want to see the performances, watch it. If you want a story that makes sense, skip it. It's not great but was just okay. 2/5

I hope the girls at least get awards for their challenging roles. Katrina should do another movie with Aanand if he managed to direct her so well. I love Katrina and Anushka's friendship and chemistry, hope they get to do another film to their justice, they barely interact in these SRK movies... female Dil Chahta Hai anyone? Throw in Deepika and that's a freakin' blockbuster.

This happened to Amitabh as another biggest star in the world. SRK needs to stop doing random experimental stuff for just ONE movie and get a major blockbuster like everybody else, then he can go back to whatever he wants. This doesn't even mean he has to turn to dad roles like Dangal or anything. What I personally would do would try to get SLB, Hirani, Karan, or Aditya. First two are biggest current directors, second two are biggest Shahrukh Khan hit deliverers. Second, I would try to either do a pair that has NEVER been done before or reunite any pair from pre-2006-ish, no more Deepika-Katrina-Anushka every movie. Three, STOP REFERENCING YOURSELF AND BOLLYWOOD IN EVERY MOVIE. WE GET IT, YOU'RE A HUGE STAR, YOU'RE RAJ, WE LOVE THAT, NOW STOP. The only Shahrukh Khan movie within the last 5 years without some sort of remake or reference to another SRK movie was Raees, and that was probably the biggest hit.

SRK , Honey please no more. Katrina you deserve this accolade. Anu , well done.

Going to watch only for katrina.

Film is getting mixed reviews. Not sure I want to see it now.

First review that mentions katrinas acting potential

Did you just revealed climax in your last line?

Wow i'm definitely gonna watch it all the reviews are amazing

Poor girls put everything into their performances but srk still manages to ruin the film.

Srk needs to retire gracefully from leading roles..he’s always been a ham.

Zero did not suffer from performance. The script went kerplooey in second half. Reviews said so.

He is more or less over..the is the last gasp of air he is hoping for.

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