Run BTS Ep 113: Suga and V's reverse limbo leaves members in splits; J Hope shows his strength by lifting RM

Updated on Oct 28, 2020 02:20 PM IST  |  5.2M
Run BTS Ep 113: Suga and V's reverse limbo leaves members in splits; J Hope shows his strength by lifting RM

When BTS ARMY watched the preview for Run BTS Ep 113 last week, which would continue with Dalbang School from the previous episode, they were expecting 'laugh until you cry' moments and that's exactly what OT7 gave us; especially Suga and V. *SPOILERS ALERT* BTS' third class was dedicated to music as the boys had to play Morning Sunrise with the melodica and the recorder.

The teams were RM & J-Hope, Suga & V and Jimin & Jungkook with Jin as the teacher aka MC. Hilarity ensued as the boys started practising with ChimChim cutely going on another tangent and belting out I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. Eventually, it was Baby Mochi and Kookie, who successfully completed the round while Hobi and Namjoon had everyone laughing with their slow melody. Next up was lunchtime but with a twist. As Jin pretended to write Chinese characters on the blackboard, every time he would look at the members eating, they'd have to be like statues. The ecstatic look on the boys when they receive their lunch is too relatable.

Taehyung and Jimin kept getting caught by Jin and they adorably tried to convince the eldest member and the Run BTS staff otherwise. Eventually, their tactics didn't work and along with Yoongi, they were eliminated. Jungkook had a funny moment when he was drinking coke and Jin turned back only to continue irritating him and eventually, he gave up. Namjoon and Hobi ultimately won the round.

The best part of Run BTS Ep 113 came during P.E. class as the members had to play limbo with Jin decreasing the height of the pole lower and lower. While the first round was easily won by all, it was the later rounds where the real fun began. J-Hope showed his brute strength by successfully carrying RM three times which left the Bangtan leader majorly impressed. Moreover, Taehyung had the members falling on the floor laughing by trying reverse limbo while Yoongi kept complaining to him to stop. However, Yoongi showed his soft side for TaeTae and let him do whatever he wanted. As for Jimin and Jungkook, the latter literally carried the former and showed just how muscular he really is. Eventually, the '94 line members aka Joonie and Hobi won the whole game while Jimin and Jungkook were given the penalty of wearing spangle t-shirts made by the staff for the next episode of Run BTS.

Other memorable moments included Jimin and V annoying Jin, who has his hilarious enraging fits while Yoongi and ChimChim couldn't stop bickering at each other once again. Props to Run BTS editors for the laugh out loud memes, especially Suga with the giraffe!

Check out some of our favourite highlights from Run BTS Ep 113 below:

We adore these boys and how!

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Anonymous : Okay,now!! I will not going to absent in my classes anymore if they were my classmates and Jin will be my teacher... Its freakin me out,OMG!!
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Anonymous : I LOVE YOU BTS BUT I have seen that always V and kook and junkook And I have sone J-hope and Suga
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Anonymous : As always suga and V's moment
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