EXCLUSIVE: Anita Hassanandani opens up on her pregnancy, Rohit Reddy being supportive and Diwali plans

Soon to be mommy Anita Hassanandani revealed how her husband Rohit Reddy is looking forward to embracing fatherhood for the first time.
EXCLUSIVE: Anita Hassanandani opens up on her pregnancy, Rohit Reddy being supportive and Diwali plans EXCLUSIVE: Anita Hassanandani opens up on her pregnancy, Rohit Reddy being supportive and Diwali plans
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Anita Hassanandani and Rohit Reddy recently made a huge announcement about their pregnancy with a video on Triller. The lovely couple who have been married for several years is going to turn parents very soon and are pretty excited about it. Anita, who has found a new way to express herself on social media, spoke to Pinkvilla about embracing motherhood soon, the excitement and nervousness which follows, her body changing, Diwali celebrations this year, what all she loves gorging on, and more. You don't want to miss Anita in her element, with the pregnancy glow accentuating her beauty. Over to her.

This Diwali is going to special with you embracing motherhood soon. What are your plans this year?

It is all connected to friends and family. It will be a small get-together with friends and every year, I do Puja with my family. We go out for dinner, this year I think we will just order in but otherwise, we will be doing everything we do for Diwali. It is the festival of love, light, laughter, and food. This year, I have a reason to gorge on sweets without feeling guilty. Both Rohit and I have a sweet tooth so all the sweets are welcomed.

How has the announcement changed Rohit?

Rohit is very excited and thrilled. We already have a pet together and he is very very involved with Mowgli as well. So, as a parent, I know he will be 100% an active father. He is really looking forward to fatherhood. I think he is already so responsible, so excited, I am getting to see new sides to him. I think it is an exciting phase and we both are looking forward to it.

You seem to have found your own little way to stay connected with fans on social media with your videos (currently on Triller)...

Honestly, I have always been very active on social media, but now because of pregnancy, I wasn't working and needed an outlet where I can continue my connect with the audience and keep myself entertained. Acting is my love, and to actually have a year where I don't face the camera at all, I was very uneasy with that thought and hence I started making more videos. It is to stay connect with fans but also with my craft.

It must be difficult for a person like you who has worked throughout life to rest for a little while?

I cannot sit at home. The first few months were okay because it was COVID and everyone was inside but then it started feeling like this is not my life, this is not me. I was uncomfortable for a while and then I was discussing with Rohit that I would immediately want to get back to work after delivery. But after you realise and it hits you that you are going to be a mother, I think all of it changes and your priority changes. Right now, I want to enjoy this phase and not worry about work.

Usually, mom-to-be feel the pressure and apprehensions of their body changing with pregnancy. Did you have any of those fears?

Absolutely not. I was just excited to embrace it, it did not even cross my mind. Weight is the smallest thing, if you want you can lose it. Right now, I just want to enjoy this phase and embrace motherhood. I have worked all of my life and worked hard, now is the time to focus on my motherhood phase. I want to enjoy every moment. I am in no hurry. It is okay, weight will go. When the doctor tells me that I can put on 12-15 kgs, I am like I can put on whatever is needed, because I want to relish these moments.

What are your views on Diwali Ke Chirag initiative by the app? 

I think it is wonderful that people have an opportunity to showcase their talent and express themselves on platforms like these. I am very happy that Triller is giving people a way to express and outlet their creativity.

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