Anupamaa Written Episode Update, June 19: Anuj and Devika are concerned about Anupama

In the latest episode, Anupama shares with Devika and Bhavesh that the only real fear is ageing, and this fear only intensifies over time.

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Anupamaa Written Episode Update, June 19 (PC: Star Plus Instagram)

Anupama tells Devika and Bhavesh that the only fear she has is ageing, and this fear keeps growing. Devika and Bhavesh discuss the challenges faced by the elderly, emphasising how difficult it is to truly understand their experiences, especially when they struggle with seeing or hearing. 

Anupama reflects on her conversations with Baa and Babu ji, realising that they often feel like burdens despite their significant contributions, such as taking care of the grandchildren and handling household tasks. 

Anupama reflects on Baa's role in kitchen, Babuji's chores, and elderly struggles

She notes that Baa manages the kitchen and Babuji does various chores, including buying and preparing vegetables. Anupama expresses empathy, mentioning that she knows how much Babuji must have endured, and recalls Pakhi being asleep during a particular incident after which she had to scold Babu ji.

Anupama reflects on irony of elderly burden despite Vanraj's respect

Bhavesh remarks that Vanraj had always been a good son, showing deep respect for his parents and treating them like gods, yet he ended up hurting them deeply. Anupama explains that Baa and Babu ji are profoundly wounded by his actions. 

She finds it ironic and heartbreaking that elderly people, who shoulder so many responsibilities and burdens, are often the ones labelled as burdens themselves.

Vanraj grapples with Pakhi's disrespect towards Babu ji, Kavya highlights parental neglect

Vanraj reflects on Pakhi humiliating Babu ji. Kavya comments that he was caught between the two. Vanraj admits he was unsure what to do since Pakhi was insulting Babu ji, and he felt helpless because his daughter was in danger. 


Kavya hands him water and explains that he saw the conflict between Babu ji and Pakhi but missed the underlying issue. 

Kavya highlights contrasting roles in family dynamics

Kavya emphasises the stark contrast in familial responsibilities within Vanraj's household. She underscores that despite Vanraj's devotion as a grandfather to Ansh, Pakhi neglects her duties as a mother to Ishu. 

Kavya further elaborates on the dynamics by pointing out Babu ji's diligent care for the children and Baa's tireless efforts in feeding them, highlighting the traditional roles of great-grandparents that Vanraj's actions have seemingly deprived them of. 

She concludes with a poignant image, suggesting that while Pakhi peacefully sleeps, Baa and Babuji are likely shedding tears over the situation.

Anupama hopes for reconciliation as Baa comforts Babuji

Devika suggests considering an old age home for elderly family members, noting that they might find more joy there. Bhavesh agrees, saying it could be a viable option. 


Anupama urges caution, suggesting they think about it when they reach that stage of life, expressing hope for reconciliation and understanding within the family, particularly hoping Mr. Shah realises his mistakes.

Meanwhile, Baa reassures Babu ji that they can't pass away now, especially with Dimpy and Titu's upcoming marriage, as it would turn their joyous occasion into mourning. 

She discusses the possibility of leaving the house after Dimpy's wedding, citing the need for more space once Titu moves in. Baa consoles Babuji to rest and turns off the lights, but Babuji is visibly emotional, shedding tears as he tries to sleep.

Anuj reaches out to Anupama, Baa reflects on gota mishap

Anuj calls Anupama to check if everything is alright after hearing from Dimpy. Anupama reassures him that everything is currently fine. Anuj suggests she get some sleep, but Anupama admits she's having trouble sleeping. He offers to come over, stating he won't apologise for doing so.


Meanwhile, Baa wakes up with concerns about forgetting to attach gota to Dimpy's dupatta, attributing it to Ishu's recent incident. She worries about Pakhi's upset mood today and potential future issues. Babu ji suggests that Dimpy might have felt upset. Baa asks for his help and expresses concern that Vanraj will face challenges balancing between them and his children.

Anupama worries about food, Anuj offers help

Anupama inquires about Rahul from Anuj, who confirms that he has spoken to him. Anuj then asks about the catering arrangements for the wedding after Gulati's departure. Anupama explains that they haven't found a replacement caterer yet. 

Anuj suggests that she prepare the food herself, but Anupama expresses her inability to do so and mentions that Mr. Shah will handle it. Anuj wonders if she's afraid of cooking.

Baa, Babu ji, Pakhi, Ishani, and Adhik clash over responsibilities

Baa advises Babuji to be careful with the tea cup and worries that no one has checked the kitchen yet, unsure if the kids have had their milk. Ansh, Mahi, and Pari arrive, requesting milk, roti, and a game of cricket. Although Baa and Babuji start to get up, they remain seated, remembering the recent accusations.


Kavya, Kinjal, and Dimpy ask Baa for help in the kitchen, but Baa stays quiet. Ishu enters and hugs Babu ji, who blesses her. Kavya expresses the need for everyone's blessings, and Ishani asks for spiced milk. 

Baa agrees to make it. However, Pakhi interrupts, scolding Ishani and warning her not to ask anyone for help. Ishani defends herself, saying she asks Pakhi first but turns to Dimpy if Pakhi doesn't respond. This angers Pakhi, who tries to pull Ishani away.

Kinjal questions Pakhi's behaviour, prompting Pakhi to mock her and remind her that she's only visiting temporarily. Ishu, upset, declares she doesn't want to be with Pakhi, calling her a bad mother. Pakhi threatens to slap Ishu, but Adhik arrives and warns her not to touch his daughter. Ishu runs to her father, relieved, as Adhik reassures her that he's there now, comforting her.

Anupama worries about cooking, Devika offers support

After leaving the market, Devika and Anupama discuss food preparations. Anupama mentions that she bought vegetables but plans to hire a chef or caterer instead of cooking herself. 

Devika questions if Anupama is afraid to cook, to which Anupama admits yes. Devika reminds her of her culinary skills as Annapurna and questions if she would quit dancing if she made a mistake. Anupama decides to bring coconut for Babuji instead.


Devika notices that Anupama's confidence has been shaken by recent events but reassures her that everything will work out fine. The episode ends here.

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