The Hair Makeovers - Asin

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Hair Makeovers: Sonakshi Sinha

If there is anyone in Bollywood who needs a hair makeover, its Sonakshi Sinha. I feel she will look more youthful and fun with a new hairdo. Here are some hair makeovers I chose for her. She needs to add some highlights to her hair and also some bangs to balance her wide forehead. This post is insp

The Hair Makeovers - Sonam Kapoor

I have to say, it was hard doing these on Sonam as it made me realise that she has a small and delicate face and not all hairstyles do justice to that. I love the redhead look.. it looks very cool!

The Hair Makeovers - Priyanka Chopra

After having fun with Priyankas hair, I am sooo longing for her to just calm down the HUGE barnet and do something more soft and free flowing.. As her features are so bold, I think something less voluminous would work better.. Love the first one so much!

The Hair Makeovers - Deepika Padukone

I looooooooooove the afro on her!!



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