Wedding Make up-Dos and Don’ts

Every girl wants to look their best on their wedding day. After all, it is your big day! To feel confident and look your best, Sheena Agarwal of Urbanista Image Consulting has come up with a simple list of Dos & Don'ts of Bridal Makeup. Read through the list below and if you have any skin or m

The Makeup Queens Of Bollywood - DIYA MIRZA

So, the second segment of this series belongs to the doll like beauty that is Diya Mirza. Diya is known for her simplistic approach to fashion and makeup. Although she is simple, she always impresses and stands out. Simplicity really is the best way to get attention for Diya Mirza. She is an all out Exclusive interview with Kareena Kapoor's hairstylist Pompy Hans

You might not know him my name, but chances are that you have seen his work. Meet Pompy Hans, the talented and down-to-earth hairstylist of Kareena Kapoor. Born in Amritsar, Pompy had a very modest beginning. But today he is one of the most sorted celebrity hairstylists in Bollywood. Pompy stud

The Makeup Queens Of Bollywood - LARA DUTTA

So, after analysing the highs and lows of certain Bollywood ladies, I thought it was high time that praise was given to the ladies who get it right 90% of the time. I was going to include some of these ladies in the Highs and Lows post, but didn’t. The reason? It was hard finding bad pictures of th

The Highs & Lows Of Bollywood Makeup (2)

Gauri Khan THE GOOD • What I love about this look, is Gauris skin. Although she has foundation on, you can see her skin through it and it is glowing. Gauri is blessed with great skin, but she usually goes overboard in trying to make it look perfect. A lightweight foundation has been applied with

Which skin care products do you use to keep your skin clean and healthy?

Hello guys! My skin is really sensitive its like whatever i use it does not suit my skin. Well my skin is really improved thanks to my doctor. I have quite oily skin so i used olay foaming face wash it didn't work for me i got pimples. So i am using olay normal face wash its good but not much its a

The Highs & Lows Of Bollywood Makeup

Being a makeup artist and beautician myself, the first thing I notice is how the Bollywood ladies wear their makeup. I've chose some FAB makeup moments, and the NOT so fab moments that some of the leading ladies have been seen in. I am fully aware that lighting makes a LOT of difference, please tak

L'Oreal UK ads banned for retouched photos

Two L'Oreal cosmetics adverts featuring actress Julia Roberts and supermodel Christy Turlington were banned in Britain by the Advertising Standards Agency on Wednesday, following complaints by MP Jo Swinson. Liberal Democrat MP Swinson said the magazine adverts for foundations made by Maybelline an

Aishwarya Rai Oscar 2011 Red Carpet Makeup Tutorial

Guys now you can also try it out.

Get fresh look like Malaika Arora Khan.

Hey guys hope these videos are same you are looking for.I saw many comments in my post asking the make-up break down of Malaika Arora Khan hope you get the look in two videos.Please comment and let me know! Apply concealor or foundation then use powder and blush after that use kajal in inner rim of