In Which Chapter Of The Manga Does The Wind Breaker Anime End? Explored

The first season of the Wind Breaker anime just aired its last episode. If you want to continue the story, here is where you should start the manga after the anime.

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where to start Wind Breaker manga from after the anime
Wind Breaker anime (PC: Cloverworks, Crunchyroll, Aniplex, Satoru Nii)

This article contains some spoilers from Wind Breaker anime and manga

The massively hit Spring 2024 anime Wind Breaker, based on Satoru Nii’s eponymous manga has sadly come to an end. With the 13th and last episode of the first season already out, fans are left on a massive cliffhanger as to what is going to happen to Sakura and his friends as they are seen heading to a dangerous fight. 

Well even though the second season of Wind Breaker has already been announced, some fans are eager to find out what happens to Sakura and the rest of his class who go out to fight KEEL. For those, here is where you can start the original manga after you are done with the anime.

Wind Breaker manga: Where to start after the anime?

People who read Satoru Nii’s original delinquent manga already know what is going to happen in the anime next. However, if you are one of the fans who were interested in the anime first and just finished the first season, you can also read the manga ahead of the second season to quench your curiosity. 

The latest episode of the anime finished animation chapter 41 of the manga. Much like chapter 41 of Wind Breaker manga, the 13th episode of the anime was also titled For A Friend. The latest chapter took a deep dive into the lives of one of Sakura’s classmates Anzai, and showed us how one of his friends Nagato got mixed up with a dangerous group called KEEL, and now seems to be in grave danger. 


The ending scene of the anime showed all of Furin High School’s first-year students, led by Sakura, heading out to fight the group called KEEL, who have taken Nagato hostage. Just as they leave, they are spotted by the second-year students who are sitting by the window. This gave us a glimpse into Sakura’s next big fight, one that he will fight alongside all his classmates, and probably also seniors. If you want to know what happens next, you can start reading the Wind Breaker manga from chapter 42. 

Where can you read the Wind Breaker manga?

You can purchase the Wind Breaker manga volumes from the Kodansha official website. You can read the first two chapters for free on the website but will be required to purchase the volumes after that. If you are eager to read chapter 42 and beyond, then you can buy the digital manga volumes on Kodansha’s website.


The upcoming chapters of the manga and the next season of the anime will highlight the extremely dangerous fight between the first-year Bofurin members and the group named KEEL. Since unlike Shishitoren, KEEL often uses weapons and underhanded methods of fighting, Bofurin is going to have a hard time against them.

We will also see how Sakura’s seniors, led by the second-year grade captain Kaji come to aid the first-year students in their grave situation. The second season of the anime is coming out in 2025, which will also probably include the next arc of the anime, which will center around Bofurin’s Jikoku Unit’s leader, Tsubakino Tasuku. 

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