Box Office Collections: Ved records a greater second weekend than first; Avatar 2, Drishyam 2 hold ground

Avatar 2 has emerged as the highest grossing Hollywood film in India, eclipsing Avengers: Endgame.

Published on Jan 09, 2023   |  12:23 PM IST  |  400.7K
James Cameron, Riteish Deshmukh
Avatar 2 emerges as the highest grossing Hollywood film in India while Ved tops first weekend in second (Avatar and MFC YouTube channel)

This week at the box office saw holdover releases dominating at the box office as there were practically no noted new releases this week. Generally, this period is known as a dull period for the box office as things get back to normal after an elongated festive season which starts around Christmas and goes through the new year. The best result this week was seen by Ved which grew from its first weekend. With a trend like this, not will it only cross Pawankhind to emerge as the second highest Marathi grosser of all time but will also target Sairat, which is the highest grossing Marathi film since 2016.

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Ved Records Greater Second Weekend Than First:

Riteish Deshmukh's directorial, Ved, starring himself and Genelia Deshmukh is running bonkers at the box office. The second weekend numbers are higher than the first, indicating that the film might just as well record an equal or higher number than it did in the first week. The showcasing for week two has been higher than the first week owing to huge acceptance for the film at the box office. This film was certainly anticipated but the fact that it can even hunt down Sairat's numbers in the full run was something not many expected to begin with, especially considering a discouraging recent box office record for the leads of the film. Their last film together, Mr Mummy, tanked at the box office but this one is a certified blockbuster and long runner at the theatres. Riteish tasted major success in Marathi films back in 2014, when his action-drama film Lai Bhaari emerged as the highest grossing Marathi film, then. The Marathi audiences have shown their loyalty towards Riteish's films and one can expect the actor to be a part of more Marathi films in the future.


The Day-Wise Nett Collections Of Ved Are As Follows:-

Friday - Rs. 2.25 cr

Saturday - Rs. 3.25 cr

Sunday - Rs. 4.50 cr

Monday - Rs. 3 cr

Tuesday - Rs. 2.55 cr

Wednesday - Rs. 2.45 cr

Thursday - Rs. 2.30 cr

Second Friday - Rs. 2.45 cr

Second Saturday - Rs. 4.50 cr

Second Sunday - Rs. 5.70 cr

Total = Rs. 32.95 cr Nett


Avatar 2 Becomes The Highest Grossing Hollywood Film In India:

James Cameron's Avatar: The Way Of Water, after some bigger than normal drops at the box office, finally got back into its groove over the weekend. The film saw growth over the weekend and was benefitted by no new films releasing at the box office. On Sunday, Avatar: The Way Of Water edged past Avengers: Endgame to become the highest grossing Hollywood film in India of all time. Previously, his two other blockbusters, Titanic and Avatar emerged as the highest grossing Hollywood films of all time in India. The film is steadily moving towards the prestigious 2 billion dollar club at the global box office. James Cameron will become the only director to accomplish this feat of having 3 films gross over 2 billion dollars, theatrically.

The Day-Wise Nett Collections Of Avatar 2 Are As Follows:

Week 1 - Rs. 191.50 cr

Week 2 - Rs. 100 cr

Week 3 - Rs 56 cr

Fourth Friday - Rs. 3.50 cr

Fourth Saturday - Rs. 6 cr

Fourth Sunday - Rs. 7.5 cr

Total = Rs. 364 cr Nett


Drishyam 2, Uunchai And Bhediya Are Benefited By Lack Of Competition:

Long runners like Drishyam 2, Uunchai, Bhediya and Cirkus were benefited by the lack of new releases at the box office and continued to perform at their own pace. Drishyam 2 in its eighth weekend, netted over a crore and a half and these are unprecedented numbers. The film will soon be out on digital means, but the job has been done theatrically. It eclipsed Brahmastra's Hindi numbers but has fallen a little short of Brahmastra's all languages figures and The Kashmir Files. Bhediya and Uunchai have not raked in big numbers but the collections aren't disappointing either, seeing it in the larger scheme of things. In a theatrical period where films are facing immediate reaction, these two films proved that a film can perform well in its eventual run, even after a slow start.


The Day-Wise Nett Collections Of Drishyam 2 Are As Follows:-

Week 1 - Rs. 103.50 cr 

Week 2 - Rs. 58 cr

Week 3 - Rs. 31.50 cr

Week 4 - Rs. 19 cr

Week 5 - Rs. 8 cr

Week 6 - Rs. 5 cr 

Week 7 - Rs. 6 cr

Eighth Friday - Rs. 40 lakh

Eighth Saturday - Rs. 60 lakh

Eighth Sunday - Rs. 75 lakh

Total - Rs. 232.85 Nett

Cirkus Is Unable To Make Use Of The Lack Of New Releases Because Of Rejection:

Cirkus, on the other hand, has faced rejection on all accounts and it is one of the biggest failures theatrically, vis-à-vis the expectations pegged on the film. Rohit Shetty had a string of movie successes and this film broke that chain. Regardless, both Rohit and Ranveer have moved onto their other projects. Rohit apparently finished the narration of Singham Again with Ajay Devgn and also resumed shooting of his big web series Indian Police Force.

You can watch the above-mentioned films at a theatre near you.

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Ved a remake of telugu movie MajiLi looks like
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fame and name are short lived. once upon a time Ranveer was The most popular post boy today he\'s no where to be seen .
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