Munjya Box Office 2 Weeks: Sharvari Wagh and Abhay Verma's superhit horror-comedy approaches Rs 70 crores

Munjya directed by Aditya Sarpotdar and starring Abhay Verma, Sharvari Wagh, Mona Singh and others will target to hit Rs 100 crores in its full run in India.

Published on Jun 21, 2024  |  10:15 AM IST |  98.1K
Munjya stands at Rs 68 crores at the Indian box office after 2 weeks (Credit: Maddock Films)
Key Highlight
  • Munjya has an excellent second week at the Indian box office as it netts over Rs 30 crores
  • Munjya is yet another super-hit part of Maddock's Supernatural Universe
  • Munjya plays at a theatre near you, now

Munjya directed by Aditya Sarpotdar and starring Abhay Verma, Sharvari Wagh, Mona Singh and others, had an excellent week 2 at the Indian box office, where it netted over Rs 30 crores. The two week total of Munjya has reached Rs 68 crores and it is very likely to hit Rs 100 crores in its full run in India, provided it braves the competition that it receives from Kalki 2898 AD the coming week.

Munjya Has An Excellent 2nd Week At The Indian Box Office; It Goes Into Week 3 As The Most Preferred Hindi Movie Option

Munjya heads into week 3 as the most preferred Hindi movie option and that's with a much bigger film like Chandu Champion in its second week and a new release Ishq Vishk Rebound that's also making ripples among the youth. Munjya is a certified super-hit at the box office and the second super-hit of Maddock Films' Supernatural Universe after Stree. Since Munjya is part of the Supernatural Universe, it is speculated that Munjya will be part of Stree 2 in some capacity. Stree 2 releases in theatres on August 15, 2024 and the opening will be thunderous.

Munjya Proves That Movies Don't Necessarily Need Big Or Renowned Faces To Make A Killing

Munjya has proven that films don't necessarily need big or renowned faces to make a killing at the box office. What really matters eventually is the concept, the vision and the appeal. Munjya had more appeal than bigger budget films that released before and after it and thus it is collecting the way that it is.


The Day Wise India Nett Collections Of Munjya Are As Under

Day India Nett Collections
Premieres Rs 25 lakhs
1 Rs 4 crores
2 Rs 7.25 crores
3 Rs 8.25 crores
4 Rs 4 crores
5 Rs 4.15 crores
6 Rs 3.90 crores
7 Rs 3.90 crores
8 Rs 3.50 crores
9 Rs 6.25 crores
10 Rs 8.30 crores
11 Rs 5.25 crores
12 Rs 3.25 crores
13 Rs 3 crores
14 Rs 2.75 crores
Total Rs 68 crores in India in 14 days

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About Munjya

In the year 1952, a boy is denied to marry Munni, a girl 7 years older than him. The boy's head is shaved off forcefully and Munni is wedded to someone else. That night, the boy takes his sister along and performs dark magic under a peepal tree. He dies in an effort to kill his sister, whom he tried to use as a sacrificial goat. Since the boy dies within the 10 days of shaving off his head, he turns into a monster named Munjya, who dwells on individuals of his own family, and pesters them to find him his Munni.

In present day, Bittu (Abhay Verma), who works with his mother (Mona Singh) in a hair salon, gets frequent nightmares and it often catches him off guard. He loves Bella (Sharvari Wagh) but is never able to express his love as Bella has always considered him to be a buddy and because he finds out that she is in a relationship with a foreigner named Kuba.


Bittu's nightmares become more specific in a casual visit to his ancestral village, with his mother and grandmother. He learns about Munjya and goes to the haunted peepal tree where he encounters Munjya. While he somehow survives it, he can't get rid of Munjya, who pesters him to help him find his Munni.

Watch Munjya to know whether Bittu is able to help Munjya find his Munni or not.

Munjya In Theatres

Munjya now plays at a theatre near you. Have you booked your tickets for the movie yet?

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