Radhe Overseas Opening Day: Salman Khan collects approx. Rs 4.75 crore plus at the box office in Covid Times

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Salman Khan's Radhe Overseas Box Office Collection

The big Eid 2021 release, Radhe, opened in the cinema halls in the overseas belt on Thursday and the film has raked in an opening day figure in the range of $625K to $700K (INR 4.50 to 5.12 crore). While the Salman Khan fronted action thriller has recorded the best opening day in the overseas belt for a Bollywood film over the last 14 months. As expected, Gulf was the best performing market for Radhe, as it contributed over $450K to the opening day biz with UAE collecting upside of $400K and Saudi Arabia in the range of $55K. The figures can be higher too, standing a chance to touch $500K ($0.5 million) in GCC. 

There were Covid restrictions across GCC with capacity cap in UAE and Saudi Arabia and a no release in Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar. Had these markets being functional, the opening day biz of Radhe in Gulf would have easily been upside of $750K. The film raked in $49K in Australia and $7K in New Zealand whereas USA was in the range of $40 to $50K. The reports of the film are on the negative side which can rule out a healthy trend in the long run.

Radhe is looking at an extended weekend in the range of $2.25 million (Rs 16.50 crore) plus and the lifetime depends on how the markets which are opening up for film exhibition on May 17 – UK, and some territories of GCC – fare for Radhe. With a positive talk, these figures would have been better, as the film might have seen an upward trend through the weekend, but now it’s all wait and watch scenario.

The US market collected in the range of $40 to $50K, and one needs to sit back and analyse if it’s the covid factor that came into play or was there no awareness about the film in the US. Canada was completely shut. It was a broken release in the US, with every location running with different restrictions on occupancy front. The figures of Radhe in all territories for all benchmarks – Opening Day, Opening Weekend, Opening Week and Lifetime – will certainly be the biggest of a Bollywood film over the last one year, but there wasn’t really much to ask for as Salman is the biggest crowd-puller abroad after Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan among the Hindi stars. The film will emerge as the highest-grossing Bollywood film in Covid times within its 3-day run itself.

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PS: These are early estimates that we've compiled from our sources. The article will be updated with final figures post 6 PM.

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