EXCLUSIVE: No pictures of Sushant Singh Rajput hanging, how can we believe suicide theory, asks Shekhar Suman

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EXCLUSIVE: No pictures of Sushant Singh Rajput hanging, how can we believe suicide theory, asks Shekhar Suman

Post Sushant Singh Rajput's mysterious death on the 14th of June this year, veteran actor Shekhar Suman started a campaign aimed at getting #JusticeForSushant. He had been constantly arguing that the death is a clear case of murder being passed off as a suicide. Now, in an exclusive conversation with us, Shekhar Suman has raised some pertinent questions on the entire probe that has happened. Here's what he had to say:

1. Why were there no photos of Sushant hanging?
"There was not even a single picture of Sushant Singh Rajput hanging. Even till date, you haven't seen him hanging. So what is the guarantee of him hanging there? Mybe, probably he was just murdered and left on the bed?"

2. CCTV footage absent?
"The locksmith came in from somewhere mysteriously and we don't know much about it. the CCTV footage was missing. The fact that he was partying. There are different versions that have started coming out."

3. Who got the body down?
"Day before yesterday, we get to know that there are 3 people claiming to have got the body down. The ambulance driver said I got it down, the ambulance owner said the police got it down and Siddharth Pithani says he got it down. It was very evident that these were all shoddy players."

4. What's the connection between Disha's death and Sushant's death?
"Right from day one, I had been saying that Disha's death and Sushant's death are somewhere interconnected. It can be a coincidence but it doesn't seem like one. There were four people, including Sushant who died within a span of a month. So it's scary, it's like straight out of a thriller film." 

The veteran actor adds, "There are glaring inconsistencies in their statements. It's like to hide one lie, you end up saying so many more lies. You tend to hide one thing but unravel so many more things. They are not perfect murderers or absolute professionals, so they left too many trails behind. As days passed by and the protests became louder, they started making more mistakes."

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Anonymous : you tell me how anyone who was in leaked video, not know he was murdered.
REPLY 1 11 months ago
Anonymous : I can totally believe that he was murdered. But if someone beat him up, they would have to enter his place and his staff must have seen them. Is the staff lying then?
REPLY 2 11 months ago
Anonymous : I was very disturbed when I saw Sushants pictures on the net... I thought how could someone be so heartless and cold to upload those pictures.... But now when I look back.... We gotta say thank u to the person who did that.... It is that picture which got all his fans in an uproar... Calling it murger and not suicide That cop probably wanted justice for Sushant but was afraid of the corrupt law... So he leaked the picture
REPLY 28 11 months ago
Anonymous : Absolutely same feeling, now i know why they leaked it, possibly some cop who wanted justice, Mumbai Police is considered at par with Scotland yard, We have seen them solving cases all my life, how they encountered gangsters, during 90s so you can imagine how they must feel with all allegations, i am so sure they are pressured big time, some big guy is involved, they are just helpless, because their bosses are managing everything. Its a shame that they are hiding everything and covering up.. i just hope now that we have CBI inquiry, we may get justice.. hope for the best..
REPLY 19 11 months ago
Anonymous : Where are these all dabang , singham, shimba gone when they needed most?
REPLY 6 11 months ago
Anonymous : Thanks the photo were leaked because the photos speak for themselves SSR was murdered ! I have seen in my career people hanging and it’s not like that ! They strangled him and beat him but before they drugged him so he will not have power to defend himself ! It’s not one person but many to kill him ! Since the beginning I said Rhea knows what will happen and left the house ! Just hope they will all pay it in this life and after death ! Pv post justice for SSR Be a help in this battle !
REPLY 10 11 months ago
Anonymous : third degree to tjose who claim tgey saw him hanging
REPLY 19 11 months ago