EXCLUSIVE: Saira Banu shares Dilip Kumar’s health update: Just now sonography has been done again, he's better

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Saira Banu shares Dilip Kumar’s health update (Pic Credit: Dilip Kumar / Twitter)

On June 6, it was reported that actor Dilip Kumar has been admitted to a suburban hospital in Mumbai. “Dilip Sahab has been admitted to non-Covid PD Hinduja Hospital Khar for routine tests and investigations. He’s had episodes of breathlessness. A team of healthcare workers led by Dr. Nitin Gokhale is attending to him,” read a tweet on Kumar’s Twitter handle. Now, in an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, the veteran actor’s wife Saira Banu shared a health update on Kumar. 

“We are having him treated over here. He has reported some fluid retention, so we are figuring that out. Just now the sonography has been done again, he is better. You all keep praying that he gets better and better,” says Banu. Earlier today another update was shared on Dilip Kumar’s Twitter handle which read, “Update at 11:45am. Dilip Saab is on oxygen support - not on ventilator. He is stable. Waiting for few test results to perform pleural  aspiration : Dr Jalil Parkar, chest specialist treating Saab. Will update regularly.”

Kumar’s family friend Faisal Farooqui also made a request to the media. “Millions of Dilip Saab’s fans look upto you for update on his health. You have always done a great job. Please verify from this twitter handle instead of calling anybody who may not have direct knowledge - FF,” he posted. 

Yesterday, Saira Banu also dismissed all rumours about Dilip Kumar’s health. A tweet on Dilip Kumar’s handle read, "Don’t believe in WhatsApp forwards. Saab is stable. Thank you for your heart-felt duas and prayers. As per doctors, he should be home in 2-3 days. Insh’Allah."

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