EXCLUSIVE: There's no need of fear or justification: Hrithik Roshan opens up on dealing with personal issues

From the whole Kangana Ranaut episode to the recent development at home revolving around sister Sunaina Roshan and her controversial statements about the family, Hrithik Roshan has seen it all in the last few years. Here, he discusses what gives him strength to brave through such oddities in life.
EXCLUSIVE: There's no need of fear or justification: Hrithik Roshan opens up on dealing with personal issues
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In the last few years, Hrithik Roshan's personal life has been discussed in the media much more than his professional one, and in a rather unwanted way. While the actor had maintained a silent stand on the whole Kangana Ranaut issue, the actress has been vocal about their alleged relationship and has also taken several digs at the superstar. Recently, his family issues grabbed headlines when sister Sunaina Roshan went all out and about in the media discussing her issues with her dad Rakesh Roshan. A rather sensitive issue, because it deals with someone who's extremely dear to Duggu, he decided to not address it publicly for the longest time.

But it would be right to say that the Super 30 actor braved through all the odds and the issues plaguing his life, even during the release of his last film. Today, the film has hit a home run with over Rs 135 crore in its kitty and he is in a much happier space. But when we meet Hrithik, we asked him if it was difficult for him to handle the situation. Talking about his process and mindset, he reveals, "What helps me keep my focus is that I have a very naive faith in the universe. I believe in magic. I believe that life is more than whats the eye. That what you are and what I'm truly inside will manifest eventually in the world. There needs to be no fear, no justification or explanation and complaints. You will see what I'm anyway. I do not need to scream at the top of my voice."

While many had criticised him for his silence throughout the Kangana Ranaut episode, a lot came out in support and claimed that the society wasn't ready to view the situation from a man's point of view. When asked about that, the actor adds, "Which words are applauded or understood, all depends on the social climate and seasons. If you're going through a season where your words won't be heard or understood, you need to still have infallible faith and that's how my faith is. Aap ko jo karna hai aap kar lo. But my Faith in the fact that what I'm will manifest is unshakeable. So I have no fear."

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