EXCLUSIVE: Urmila Matondkar's special heartfelt message leaves Sushant Divgikar emotional

During the exclusive segment with Pinkvilla, Sushant Divgikar spoke about their childhood, society's pressure, how their dad supported her, struggles to get work and more.

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EXCLUSIVE: Urmila Matondkar's special heartfelt message leaves Sushant Divgikar emotional
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Key Highlight
  • Sushant Divgikar and dad Pradeep Divgikar celebrated Father's Day and Pride month with Pinkvilla
  • They spoke about Sushant's childhood, societal pressures and more
  • Sushant even got a sweet audio message from Urmila Matondkar

Actor and singer Sushant Divgikar aka Rani KoHEnur celebrated the occasion of Father's Day with Pinkvilla recently. It got even more special as Sushant's father Pradeep Divgikar joined the interaction. During the exclusive segment, they spoke about Sushant's childhood, society's pressure, how Sushant's dad supported them, struggles to get work, and more. Sushant was left teary-eyed as they got a surprise message from actress Urmila Matondkar. 

Urmila Matondkar's special message for Sushant Divgikar

Before starting off the conversation and diving deep into other things, Pinkvilla decided to surprise Sushant with a heartfelt audio message from Urmila. Urmila was heard saying, "It is such a pleasure to be connecting with you today. I was told that you are very fond of me and I was like ‘Oh my God that fondness is both ways’ because I just feel that it just takes so much strength and courage in this world, to be sure of what it is that you want, to believe in yourself and to go out in the world to put up a fight, a struggle and to finally achieve, to grab almost from the world what it is that you want and you are one such person who has managed to do so magnificently, turned yourself into this beautiful glamorous, gorgeous diva and such a wonderful performer. Though I haven’t seen much of your work and I would like to see it personally someday soon. But till then I definitely think that you have shown a way to many people who are probably going through their own struggles. You need to let them know that not every day is going to be magnanimous, beautiful and glamorous but do hang in there."


She continued, "It’s pride month and on this day through you, I just want to reach out to as many people as possible who are on a similar path in their lives and I want to tell all of them that at the end it will all be worth it, so just hang in there. And to you Sushant, my glamorous diva, I would only say keep rocking and definitely keep shining really bright because may that light of yours strengthen others and show a light to those people who are probably in a dark spot in their lives not knowing where is the end of the tunnel going to be. You are going to be the star hopefully who is going to show them that ‘yes you can make it and you could stand tall, proud and extremely happy’. So wishing you all the very best in the times to come keep shining and keep rocking lots and lots of love and till the time we meet personally a big tight hug."

Sushant got emotional after they heard Urmila's sweet message. They recalled watching Urmila's films while growing up. Sushant even crooned her song Aa Hi Jaiye. 

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