EXCLUSIVE - Zarina Wahab: When I knew Kangana Ranaut was dating my husband how can I say she’s like my daughter?

The actress speaks EXCLUSIVELY to Pinkvilla in an explosive interview setting facts straight!

Aditya Pancholi’s wife Zarina Wahab usually keeps away from media limelight. She is busy with her chat show on celebrities, Koshish Se Kamyabi Tak on DD1 and currently shooting for a cooking oil brand in Hyderabad. After that, she was taking a break with her sister when she happened to read a Google alert on Kangana Ranaut’s revelations on a television show last week. Kangana had said, “I'm a year younger than his daughter (Sana). I was a minor. For me, this was all very new - the world that I had come into. I remember going to his wife and meeting her, and I'm like 'Please save me! I'm younger than your daughter. I'm a minor and I can't tell my parents.” But Zarina reportedly told Kangana, "For me, the greatest relief is that he doesn't come home anymore. Kangana says, "So then, I was like who is going to help me now? If I go to the cops, my parents are going to take me back and I didn't know which is worse because then there's no way out.”
But Zarina, who had decided to keep silent till now, is very upset about a couple of things that Kangana has said. She breaks her silence since the controversy erupted to speak exclusively to Pinkvilla...
Speaking to us from Hyderabad, Zarina tells us, “I was just going through some stories on my mobile and I read Kangana has said ‘She (Zarina) used to treat her (Kangana) like a daughter…” This is completely untrue! When I knew she was dating my husband how can I say she’s like my daughter? That is ridiculous! Usually, I don’t react to such things but these two things have been really upsetting! I was very upset when I read it! She was dating my husband (Aditya) for four-and-a-half-years so how can I say that she’s like my daughter? Impossible! On national television, she’s going on saying that she’s (Kangana) is like my daughter (Sana)… What nonsense is Kangana talking about?”   
Kangana also said she came to Zarina for help and she refused to give it. “Yeh toh sawaal hi nahi hota hai yaar! (There is no question of this happening) Agar meri husband ko date kar rahi hai, toh mere paas kaise aayegi? (If she is dating my husband how can she come to me? Bolnewali ko bhi akkal honi chahiye! (People who talk like this should have some brains). I met Kangana a few times because my husband wanted me to take her to meet Sanjay Leela Bhansali so I took her there. First of all, I never discuss my problems with my own sisters so who is she (Kangana) to me that I will go and discuss with her that if he’s not coming home I will be happy. What nonsense is she talking about? I should not say anything about her. These things are really bugging me! Mein itni bhi bewakoof nahi hoon (I am not that stupid) to treat her like my daughter! Mein kya aankhon mein patti daal ke duniya ghoomti hoon mein? Am I going around blindfolded, oblivious to the goings-on in the world? I know what happened but I don’t react to that and that’s a different thing. Sabka life deal karne ke liye alag tareeka hota hai, mera bhi alag hai (Everybody has a different way of dealing with life and my way is different from others). I read this on Google alert and I reacted. Otherwise, I am the last person to react.”
Zarina says she doesn’t want to get into a full-fledged discussion countering Kangana’s allegations. “Agar mein bhi aisa bolne lagoon toh uss ke aur hamare beech fadak kya rahega (If I start talking like her then what is the difference between her and me)? I will only say one thing – Bhagwan ne uss ko jo bhi past tha uss ka who, uss ka woh bhi jaanti hai, hum bhi jaante hai. Lekin uski kitna achchi position hai, I wish she had behaved in a more dignified manner… (Whatever past she had, we know and she knows about it, but today considering the successful position she is in, I wish she had behaved in a more dignified manner). Mera ek hi baat hai, ki uss ko position mili hai, uss position ka faayda achchi tarah se uthana chahiye, ye galat tareeka se uthane ka koi matlab nahin (The position that she is in today, she should not use that in a wrong way that but use it in a good and positive one). If she had behaved in a more dignified way, I would have liked it. I don’t want to counter any allegations. What else can I say about it? If she found Aditya to be such a bad person why was she with him? They were together for four-and-a-half years. When I first started hearing what she was saying I felt bad for her actually. This is not the time that she should talk. Abhi kya bol sakte hai… Woh apne marzi ki khud maalik hai… Aaj tak meine kabhi kisi ka bura chaha
Zarina has never been much to talk about anything ever since she became an actress. She agrees, “I have been like this right from the beginning. I have never thought or spoken negatively about anybody. Ups and downs come in everybody’s lives but one has to take it in a positive way. Jitna bura nahi hai toh aapko utna bura lagega. It’s not in my nature to say bad things about anybody and that’s why Aditya’s friends tell me – Bhabhi aap jaise log banane ke baad, aise log banana Allah miyan ne chod diya (Laughs). (After making good people like you, God has stopped making such people).”
One feels that instead of raking up the past, Kangana should focus on promoting on her film Simran, which has good content. Zarina laughs, “I think she is promoting her film only. Aisa nahin karna chahiye (she should not say such things). What is the point of digging up 14-15-year-old stuff, uss waqt ki baat hai… Jab woh aaye thi, struggler thi, woh sabka pata hai and I don’t want to talk about it. Woh baat ka abhi baat karne ka matlab hi nahi hai… We don’t want to say anything right now because whatever we say will affect her film as it’s going to release soon so let things be for now. When the right time comes we will talk.”

Credits: Pinkvilla

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Kangana used aditya pancholi too. By the admission of her own sister we know that Aditya asked zarina to take her to meet sanjay leela bhansali and some other big director. He himself also must have helped her in this way if he went as far as asking his wife to do so.She is no saint.

Kangana used aditya pancholi too. By the admission of her own sister we know that Aditya asked zarina to take her to meet sanjay leela bhansali and some other big director. He himself also must have helped her in this way if he went as far as asking his wife to do so.So kangana is not as self made as she projects.

KR wants HR's attention in any which way she can, negative will do too

Now Kangana is the silly ex of many a married men

Zarina was in abusive relation and everyone knew about it. Kangana has guts to face the world and talk about it. Dont compare kangana and herself coz at that age kangana was naive... very young and fergile ... any tenage girl can relate to this. Where has zarina what she did ... even with abusive relation she kept quite and stayed with her husband ... who is fool and stupid now

if you can call a man like that your husband why cant you call her your daughter- its not like any of these terms seem to mean anything

I love kangana but she needs to relax on the name dropping now. You're the most talented in your craft but keep your matters to urself now

leave kangana alone , thank you !
fix yourselves
Kangana has done great for many women!

More popcorn please. Aditya gave his age and sana adhar card. Asking for kangana Adar card for verification.

"Mein kya aankhon mein patti daal ke duniya ghoomti hoon mein?" LOLOLOLOL....keeps her eyes wide open while husband goes around cheating on her...."Mein itni bhi bewakoof nahi hoon"....right....hahaha

Hey all ladies

Zarina looks more like she's his mother than his wife. Silly aunty.

Zarina Wahab is an enabler, these women are abused but never find the courage to become undependent again. Maybe, the enjoy it too. Watching young girls unravel in their eyes.

Aditya is a filth and so is Salman, Ajay, Akshay, Hrithik, Aamir, Subash Ghay, Ram Gopal Verma, Rajesh Khanna, Sanjay Khan, Rakesh Roshan

Kangna slept with aditya to get films initially, every1 knows..y she is not accepting dis.?? She told truth about every1 but hiding her own truth... hypocrisy at its best.

I want to ask Rangoli, where was her father when Kangana was being exploited by Aditya Pancholi? At tht time they allowed a 17 year old girl to sleep with a man old enuf to be her father? Are they waking up now? At tht time how come no one said anything? Why didnt anyone want to put Zarina behind bars at tht time? Was it coz payments of hospital bills was being made by Aditya for Rangolis acid attack treatment? If Kangana felr exploited...there was a police force. She went to the same woman for help whose husband she was sleeping with? I mean how ridiculous is this? Why dont u accept her need to get into bollywood was so bad tht nothing stopped her

R sisters behaviour Trashy

Kangu had to sell herself to reach stardom and cannot bear to live with it so builds PHANTASY

Kangana's modelling agency when she got 'Gangster' was Elite, the same one she was with in Delhi and they sent her to Mumbai. She had aspirations to become an actress while staying with her original flatmates before Aditya even came into the picture.

Why is KR not blaming her parents or sister who should have slapped her into line.

Now im sure that what Kangana said is the truth... She didnt say that she was like daughter to zarina. Nd Zarina says she was not on talking terms with her. Zarina seems doesnt have any self respect as she put a word to SLB for Kangana on Adityas request... That means she was supporting the affair so that she wud be left alone by Aditya

Renault sisters and pancholi family nice team up! Mocking eachother as if they are telling 100% truth to the world. Wonder What r they up to finally now

When Kangana looks back at the path she took to reach where she is now-it does not look good.She is feeling guilty and cannot sleep well beacuase of her past.That is the reason she keeps bringing it up.When you fall in your own eyes,there can be nothing worse than it.I hope she gets help.God help her.

She used him as a ladder.

Zarina looks like adiya's mother

zarina was one of the prettiest actress of her time talented intelligent n loaded with money successful with the kind of movies she wanted to do ...

kangana will be forever remembered as Pancholi's silly- ex

God bless this girl and help her out of her plight. i wish she got the attention she deserved from her parents. she was a rebellious soul and deserved a better/modern family probably. lack of attention by her father and submissive attitude of her mother made her fall for wrong men (older/married with experience who could make her feel special and give her the attention she craved). she probably still has a very simple small-town girl values deep in her heart and her affairs/sex/emotional dependence on men make her feel guilty afterwards because of which she can't keep quiet for too long. i wish her the best and i hope she finds a man who is not married and who truly loves her and who can be with her for the rest of her life. the men who had affairs with her were probably not at fault either because between a man and a woman devil would always be the third persons trying to make them commit big sins like affair/sex no matter how their relationship initially started (even if from a totally platonic friendship). if she had not found aditya pancholi or an entry into bollywood, perhaps another man in another industry in mumbai would have taken advantage of her considering her youth and vulnerability at that time. i wish aditya pancholi had treated her like a kid and like a daughter, her life would have been so different. If he had controlled himself and his desires to have an affair with her at that time, this girl would have been a completely different woman. but he would have had to be a saint to do that. If kangana had found a woman to support her instead of a man her life would have been completely different, and she was probably just looking for a support and not for a man to play her sugar-daddy, she probably had enough sense not to get involved with an older man but probably eventually she fell for the love/care/attention that he was showering on her at that time. zarina wahab is right by saying this is not the time to speak about what happened 14/15 years ago, but because kangana ranaut still feels guilty about it due to her real values she can't get what happened out of her mind and she has learnt to express her anger/frustration a bit late. i feel really sorry for zarina and kangana both. i feel sorry for the men too, they also just made mistakes because of their nature. women are from venus, men from mars i completely believe that and probably kangana didn't have what those men had in mind, probably they were all believing totally different things towards their affairs and due to a lack of proper/100% accurate communication they all came out of those affairs believing themselves as the victims. i think she should see a psychologist who can help her deal with all this and accept the past as it was, she is still a great person at heart but she just needs someone to help her get over her past "mistakes". we all make mistakes and end with regrets, some people deal with them better than others, some need help and guidance and support from others. she should open herself to making friends who can make her feel better and bring her back to her youth and get over all these older married men mistakes she made. i feel so sorry for her i wish i could go and give her a hug :'( i wish every girl is born emotionally strong and doesn't require emotional support from a man ever in her life. parents should understand this and work on making their daughters stronger emotionally.

She never said she was like her daughter. K said she was her daughter's age. So going to her for help wold have been coz she thought the wife would understand how young girls can be easily trapped, emphatic on her. Didn't hear anywhere K said she was treated like ZW's daughter. All getting excited for nothing.

Kangana dying to be knowing as Hrithik ex...but always end up as Pancholi ex...

The sad part is Kangana after putting up with all the trauma, her body was used by so many men in so many ways, she used people to build a career and when she got to where she wanted to, she is losing it all by her motor mouth , psychotic behavior. I hope god will help her.

I think when she looks back at how she reached this position in her career,it does not look good.She probably feel guilty about it and it is giving her sleepless nights.There is nothing worse than falling in you own eyes.She needs help.

Mrs.P, your husband was not dating , he was having an affair with a minor. Married men don't date they have illicit affairs.

Keep is the word

Why are people even surprise. Look at Rekha's parents they made her into money making machine.

All I can say is this Kangana Woman really needs some help. I pity her !!!

Kangna did her 10 standard in Minali ( at 17). Then she left the house for Delhi. She lived there for 3 years before leaving for mumbai. She slept on pavements for a year and a half before meeting Aditiya Pancholi then how is it possible that she was still a minor when in Mumbai?. Kangna is 35 now and not 30 as she is claiming.

in India usually kids are done with school at 15. i dont know where you are from.

According to her latest interviews, she was sleeping on pavements to get away from Pancholi's stalking only (after 'Gangster''s release) and she had her own accommodation originally and before meeting him. Zarina is right though, that for Aditya's pedophilia, he at least did provide things that Kangana could take in a positive way but the fact remains that she was still providing for herself as a minor, which was how she got to Mumbai in the first place. Aditya was a friend of a friend so if he wanted to help her, it didn't need to be in the capacity of an illicit liaison. She wasn't in Delhi for 3 years, and one is 15 years old in 10th standard.

nope. she's 31. she was 17 when the affair started. she finished school earlier than other kids, at 15/16; her parents faked her age to get her into school at the age of 3 instead of 4y/o

Kangana didn't even say that Zarina treated her like a daughter...Zarina seems to have a martyr complex...anyway, she should not be dragged into this mess, she is neither responsible for her errant husband's actions nor her husband's girlfriend's actions.

"Daugther" would be too insufficient of a word, Zarina Jee. Kangna was more like an "Angel" who took your obnoxious, disgusting husband away from the home for a few hours each day and provided you with some respite or peace-of-mind.

God!!! What a weirdo family! I cant even imagine what Jiah Khan had to go through!

More I hear stories about current actresses more I respect Aidhwsrya and Kareena.

The interesting point here is everyone targets Saif for divorcing Amrita Singh while we haven't heard anything about his affairs with actresses since then (he has worked with Kangana but have we heard anything bad about him from her?) but we have Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, SRK and Hrithik Roshan who had various affairs while being married but nobody says anything bad about them.
Getting divorce is way more dignified behavior than having affairs while being married to a woman with children.

You conveniently forgot Rosa and a host of other men that Saif had affairs with since high school days

Rosa was his gf when he was single.

This is just so messed up. Everyone from Kangana herself to Adita Pancholi, Hrithik Roshan, Ajay Devgan, Karan Johar... all are disgusting. These stories made me hate BW.

I feel sorry for her...if she had any self respect she won't live with this man and would have learned her son to be respectful and responsible...and kangana is the same but she is loud and ambitious...if she had any self respect she would finished her education and tried her luck in movies...but she choosed to live with this trash who was getting her movies and force his wife taking her to directors...sad life this zarina have...
Indians teach thier daughters to treat husband as god...and women lose thier identity ,dignity and lives in the process...
Post pv what's the wrong?!why you always ignore this comment?!...

She was a minor!! You're talking about self respect? The girl didnt know from her lfet to right. You're trying to justify statuary rape by blaming it on the victim. She might not be right in the hrithik case but in pancholi case she definitely is

Ranaut sisters are upgraded version of Rohtak sisters

all these star wives supporting their cheating husbands only encourage such infidelity. if they actually come out with the truth, these so called other family men will clear up their acts atleast out of fear if not for love. post pv

the difference between zarina and kangana is the difference between old world and new world. Zarina will misunderstand all of Kangana's statements because they are not even standing on the same platform or share the same ideology. She may be a nice woman like she calls herself but EVERY statement of hers seems outdated and without any understanding of the complexity of the issue.

Zarina is stuck and scared and her kids are just like their dad messed up. Zarina is too scared of Aditya...can't walk away or is just a doormat...blind and stupid to stay. Obviously she needs the financial support, but cant the kids see what their dad does? Guess not...I mean they got Jiah Khan thus far to end her life. They prey on vulnerable girls from outside the industry and tell them lies about helping them etc...while in fact they just get them to live with them under house arrest.


Kangana and Aditya Pancholi where not together for 4 years...that's a fabrication by Zarina. Kangana lived in a hostel in 2003 and had never met Aditya yet. In fact, Kangana him in 2005 in Mumbar. Zarina, its sad you are defending your husband and it just shows how evil you are. You are blind to the abuse and accept it....you believe that 'Oh well he is an actor and he will go around...so lets ignore it'.


Why would you give Kangana Ranaut jewellery when she courageously decided to go to the police and report your bat shit crazy Husband? Why? Why? Why would Zarina take Kangana around from one director to another director? They manipulated a young girl into believing they cared about her and that they were all there for her. When someone is just 16 they are very impressionable. This is illegal with minors! Why would you cook food for Kangana and send her fish biryani etc? have you suddenly forgotten? You acted like a mommy figure and allowed your husband in turn to abuse her. Why did you ZARINA introduce Kangana to your sisters in Bandra???? You just said you keep your problems to yourself...huh? NO. You are just as much part of the abuse as is your disgusting filthy husband and your sick children. YOU MAKE ME SICK ZARINA. So this is what Zarina did after she noticed Kangana was going to report the abuse...as she was also under house arrest and locked up in a room...HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THAT KANGANA HAD TO ESCAPE FROM THE WINDOW AND RUN TO THE POLICE AFTER YOUR SICK HUSBAND LOCKED HER UP IN A ROOM?




1- GET KANGANA GIFTS: Diamonds and clothes from Bangkok and pleading her not to go.


2- TAKE HER TO DIRECTORS LIKE SANJAY LEELA BHANSALI: To manipulate the minor into believing they do care about her.


3- FAKE MOTHERLY LOVE FOR HER BY SENDING HER FOOD WHILE SHE WAS WORKING: Sana who is Aditya and Zarina's daughter is born in 1985 and Kangana in 1987...of course she felt uneasy as Zarina was acting clearly like an industry mommy towards her.


In fact, if Kangana met your despicable family in 2005 and lodged an FIR against him in 2007....how did that then add to 4 years?


In fact, I want the police to go and lock Zarina and her husband up for allowing this abuse to happen. Let's not talk about Jiah Khan,,,because I have so much more to say about the Pancholi's who get girls who are vulnerable and abuse and milk them for their money once they get famous.

You really are trying to support Kangana but my question to you is: Why did Kangana not report rape after 1 or 2 times coz it was consensual and at that time Kangana was busy milking Aditya. Bad luck, he was abusive otherwise Kangy might have stayed with him much longer. This shows lack of ethics and using people with no regard to his family.
That's why No sympathy for Kangana

Ever heard of grooming? Can't you see how Zarina manipulated the kid? If the wife doesn't say anything and is so sweet and nice you make the 16 year old child confused. She had no idea what was happening. Aditya is just a disgusting pedophile that belongs behind bars no matter what. Even if a 16 Year old is fine with it....its a crime to do this by an old man. Zarina just helps his husband in this. She looks innocent due to the mommy roles she has done, but she is just as evil.


Lets not forget Aditya Pancholi has been accused by many more young girls of abuse and even paedophilia

A young kid who has dreams of making it in that world can be easily manipulated . Yes Kangana went into that relationship but she was way too young to know the repercussions. Once she knew what was happening with her and it was too much she ran for her life ! And that's sensible . Btw she doesn't need your damn sympathy!

Aditya did the exact same thing with Pooja Bedi's maid. It's called a pedophile grooming a minor. With teens, it is financial and career promises, gifts, etc. It wasn't classified as consensual sex with the maid, nor in this case. Big problem in society.

And the minors get confused,,,as Zarina the wife is the mommy figure and buys them clothes and gifts...to protect her husband..but indirectly she is also the main person doing the grooming.

Why did u take her to Sanjay Leela bhansali then? Aankh par patti bandhii thi

Instead of constantly bragging since many years about having an affair with Hrithik, we beg Kangana to show some proof, even a small proof will do. How can we believe her when she has not shown any proof whatsoever.

Now watch so called feminist Kangana supporters will character assassinate Zarina Wahab after insulting Farah, Sussane, Sona Mohapatra and many others.

she never said she was like your daughter (meaning that you treated her like a daughter) but that she was your daughters AGE.

Exactly. Very true starlight. Zarina is talking about nothing here. She is absolutely wrong for still defending Aditya Pancholi. I also blame Pinkvilla for writing such rubbish without verifying claims. The interviewers don't ask critical questions...they just say tell me...and thats all. Shame

I am not Kangana Ranaut's fan , but I fail to understand women like Zarina! How can she live with Aditya? Also, I don't think Kangana said that she was like her daughter. She only stated that she was a year younger than her daughter. Aditya, that's gross!

She is from an older generation, conservative background and she was financially and otherwise dependent on Aditya and she had 2 kids to raise, so she decided to deal with it ...

Bete ki wazah se ek beautiful actress ko suicide karna padha or tab bhi uski maa galat ka saath dey rahi thi or ajj bhi yehi Kar rahi Hai husband ko bacha rahi Hai hate pancholi family lairs they all are
I support kangna love u mam.

no one is innocent here. Kangana tells story in a way that suits her. Certainly going after a married man is no way feminism. If things have worked out with Hrithik, what would have been her explanation for breaking his family? Isn't she as guilty as Hrithik?

This women is talking about her husbands lengthy affair like its just some buisness he was doing on the side. I believe she never treated kangana like a daughter but I dont believe that kangana didnt ask for her help. We all know the type of family kangana comes from and its very much conservative so obviously she was scared to go back. That being said many girls like her have to resort to affairs to make ends meet and survive in Bollywood regardless if they are abusive relations or not.... kangana is digging up old graves and shouldnt because at the end of the day she got herself in those positions but at the same time we shouldnt say that she deserved what she got with those decisions like the abuse.

Zarina's nothing but a pushover, your husband was in a four year long extra marital relationship and you said nothing to him?? This is the very reason we need financial independence for women.. you need to put your husband in his place..

I may try to understand Kangana's take that she was a newcomer and may be this could be the only way to be atleast a someone in bollywood.
But why on Earth is Zarina ji living with such monster? This is what they have taught their son. She is a successful person and has a dignified name and I believe can fend for herself.
Zarina ji and to all the women out there in similar condition, if you are reading this, Please, Please act. It is never too late. And if you ignore it today, tomorrow might be even worse.

So called feminists like Kangana never care for the wives or children and the trauma they cause them when they sleep around with their husbands. Kangana is in some way responsible for the way Sooraj Pancholi turned out.

I suppose that by your logic, Jiah herself is also responsible for how Suraj turned out. As for Aditya, the guy cheated on his wife with Poona Bedi, then cheated on both the women by preying on and bribing Pooja's maid. He did a similar baiting with Kangana, once she moved into the apartment he bought for her, she slowly became trapped. If you don't realise, pedophiles do the same thing to even younger children by baiting and bribing them first to gain trust. Awareness and education for minors is needed in society as such are dangerous criminals. Hrithik in a similar vein cheated on multiple people, if we believe Kangana, was seeing up to 3 women on at least 2 occasions in life.

You dont see Aditays fault. You dont see Soorajs fault. You only see KR the woman at. Fault. Unbelievable.
She was young, naive, vulnerable and made terrible decisions. But Zarina was older and experienced. She let A abuse KR. S is what he is becoz of parents.

Zarina was happy she got Aditya off her habds. God only knows what he forced these women to do.

Rangoli and Kangana are such liars that their tweets and recorded interviews are enough to say that they are serial liars. Kangana had earlier said that she had no money growing up and that she was on the streets. And today Rangoli tweeted to KRK that her parents are landlords in Himachal. Wah re wah, these two sisters have some genetical problem of lying, cheating, using men and then crying like they are innocent. What was Rangoli doing when her sister was sleeping around with men, could she not teach her not to do that. And if they had no problem then, why are they so worked up now. Media should stop giving these liars any air time.

Aditya Pancholi has cheated on her every chance he got. Have some dignity and stop calling him your husband.

This is the married woman's life in India still!! WTF. I am so so glad KR speaks about it when asked because it has to. 10 year old girl raped by her own uncle in India doesn't get cover on news but after BBC, CNN, La'munde then Indian news covered. This is a reality in India. Wake up!!

From minor to adult for God's sake how many relationships do you have queen in your eventful life

Mam.. I just Wish if you have at least properly raised your son, he would not have been turned into a murderer. Like father like son.

Well we cant trust Zarina who is a doormat to her husband and she put up with him inspite of kowing about his affairs!

Et tu Rani. Door mat is what you are since Adi is running behind Vaani and doing just what you did to Payal.

First of all why does she have a google alert on "Kangana's name"??? that's what makes me LOL....one has to actually go on setting and type in 'Kangana' or 'Kangana Ranaut' in your alert setting and google alert informal you whenever there is an article on Kangana!!!! The fact she has an alert itself tells me a lot of her (zarina) being scared of what Kangana says....

I think she probably has an alert on her own or her husband's name....

Okay I am all for feminism and what not but honestly people supporting Kagana - she has been w three married men that we know of (Aditya,ajay,"hritick") meaning there could even be more. What does that say about her ?! It's one thing to make a mistake and o it once but when you've made a habit out of it it's no longer "I was young and taken for a ride". These men are to blame as well it as a women if you can do that to another women you are drf the lowest human being. Kagana needs to stop playing the victim Bc she has been a willing participant in all of this. And on top of it no class Bc she keeps airing it out in public! And honestly she is an okay actress (people want to scream that's she amazing but no she's okay there's plenty of actress on par or better than her). The only positive about her is her fashion lol other than that she seems crazy is filled w drama and doesn't appear to have any morals /values. Pinkvilla please post

Kangana is bold and cunning at the same time. Even in Aap ki Adalat, the way she was exposing truth was commendable but she never said that she dated Aditya Pancholi, slept with him just to get movie offers at initial phase. She knew, if she would have said that then her image would be harmed. Sab koi hypocrite hi hai yaha pe.

Knagana was young. But neither poor nor uneducated. She came from a very rich n influential family in Himachal. And was sent to Top schools. She was clearly looking for Godfather instead of auditioining 1000 times like Vidya. Plus, she was definitely not a "minor" when she started stalking married man, Ajay, Sanjay. Or even sent her dirty mails to Ranbir and Hritik. She lacks shame, remorse and ethics. No wonder, people are ignoring her left right n centre.

Mrs. Zarina is so kind n sati-savitri woman, who allowd her hubby's rape crime, long term extra-relationship, Also she allowd her son's murder, Can someone please give her women of the decade award. Truely deserving.

Forget Kangana Lousy Aditya..one thing I am just not able to digest..Zarina has been a working woman since she was so younģ..why no confidence in herself? Why has she not stoid up for her rights in a relationship? By her irresponsibl attitude she has unleashed jr Aditya in this world..had she stood up for herself and mayb helped Kangana when she came for help..mayb Jiah would hv lived..RIP Jiah..hopefully all the battle Kangana is fighting will help some young teenager somewhere..

She dated your husband and you are still living with him! Huh

Zarna suffers from being an exceptionally good human being, an extreme push over and total lack of self esteem. That's why AP has treated her this way cuz he gets away with it every time. I have supported Kangana through all this and still kinda do. But one thing is absolutely clear from this: she is not 30 now, she is at least 37. She came to join show biz finishing 12th grade, went to Delhi then to Mumbai, and then stayed with Aditya for almost 5 years, all this talk about being 17 when Gangster came along is pure nonsense. Lying about your age is common in show biz, so fair enough. But she stayed with this man for almost FIVE years. If he was so abusive why did she stay so LONG? She has used people to her fullest ability. They used her too and she willingly let them. Her reaction to things is out of proportion to what she has done in her past to get success.

Kangana is not 37. She never did 12 standard only 10th and left Chandigarh. If she is not 37, if so then Rangoli is getting her first child at 40? She lived with Aditya between 2005 and 2007. She moved out from the house he gave her and she was living in an apartment (groundfloor) on her own, he tracked her down and had a key to the door, this is when she jumped out without slippers, got a rickshaw and went to a hotel. He followed her and that is when she begged Anuragh to help her out, so they allowed her to stay at their office for a few weeks, buy her clothes etc. until she was able to get out of it all.

How can zarina tell that kanga was dating her husband. So easily she is telling this as if her husband dint do anything wrong. A girl who is younger to her daughter, wants wrong In considering her as daughter. Kangana was abused by him, and these people are discussing about simple matters and pushing off main issues.

This situation is so weird and creepy. Zarina talks about it so freely. And Kangana was really young when she lived with a married man. How can it be?

I remember when she was asked abt this affair during shooting of one of her film,she said she don't care about her husband's life..that was recorded statements

To be fair, Kangana said Aditya is like her father(after dating 4 and half years) so that kinda makes you her mother! A wife taking her husband's lover to meet directors. She seemed bugged by the interview more than the affair itself. No wonder her son turned out to be a complete trash. How would he respect women when he sees his father living with a women young enough to be his daughter and his mother's taking the said women to meet directors.

I don't like k any more . She is a liar and a home breaker.

she must be real mad for her to hit back publicly when she always stayed quiet. honestly though, aditya and kangana both have no shame, still can't believe they're airing all this dirty laundry out there

women are indeed their very own enemies. why living with a man your fathers age, knowing he has wife and children. stayed with him for 5 years. Didnt she sit one day out of even one year what she was doing to the other woman? very very disappointed in Kangana. shame, shame, shame on both kangana and Aditya. especially, Kangana

It's a pity Zarina never kicked her husband out of her life & moved on . There were interviews she's given in the past too where she accepts her Aditya's behaviour in a very stoic manner even to her children . As for Kangana , she has definitely come up the hard way & tweaks the truth to suit herself . Nobody has forced her to live with Aditya for so many years ,it certainly is not the sort of misplaced love that Zarina has for Aditya .

Zarina wahab is a v dignified woman.She is stuck with a unfaithful man younger than her but she has always been the most dignified and patient woman.Kangana never had morals or dignity.Never shied afway from getting involed with married man

There is no dignity in staying with an unfaithful, abusive man. It is 'dignified women' like Zarina that men like aditya are encouraged for their predatory behaviour. Why is it that people are only judging the wife and the mistress and nobody calls out Pancholi's systematic predatory behaviour?? Stop glorifying women who cover up after their predatory husbands.

Kangana did not said she was like her daughter in that interview which was aap ki adalat. She just mentioned that she was a year younger to her daughter. She finally seems like spoken out but wd wrong information. Looks like someone forced her to say something wrong bout Kangana purposely. Obviously she will not like her but you should stand upon any of the domestic violence around you though it's your own husband.

Kangana was living with a married man for FOUR and half years. Almost FIVE years. Why are Kangana fans so blind to the truth?

It's not fans it's both kangaaroo n her sister both witchy hires r posting nasty comments everywhere pooping everywhere

why will a woman do that to her fellow woman? very sad. Zarina is brave. I cant

She said--------------- *We don’t want to say anything right now because whatever we say will affect her film as it’s going to release soon so let things be for now* So i must say they are very kind. HAHAHAHAHAuh.

dis lady made a biggest mistake by marrying adithya pancholi....and then having useless son.. am sure she must be regretting every bit of it. She was quite when AP was dating pooja bedi and then the story about raping her maid....she never had a peaceful life then and now too...sad indeed.

So she also used connection to reach to Sanjay Leela.

When did Kangana ever work with SLB, regardless of who introduced them?

Zarina says she wont talk to Kangana, but will take her to SLB if husband requested...seems weird..


Her statement not clear, OMG why she allowed her hubby's 4.5years longer extra relationship, when she knews everything? Looks like sati-savitri woman.

How pathetic now all the wives come to the rescue of their cheating husbands. No wonder they cheat. At least Kangana stands up for herself.

where did she defend her husband? she was clearing the Lies kangana made ABOUT her.

Dont play smart. kangana is just bad and heartless. she is female version of KRK

That is the reason I can never like kangana. u stayed with a married man for four years and claim u were young then and didnt know anything, mistake accepted, u target Ajay and Kajol put her foot down and that one too dried. Now Hrithik. what even piss me of is, The man is denying there wasnt anything and she wants to prove to the world they had relationship. what kind o example is she setting? I wish she does that to those who support her, then they will understand how married women go through. Cant she think about the other woman?

Queen of LIES

Kangana used Aditya for getting a break and just got lucky from there. She used him for her sister's surgery, buy a house and wat not.

How about teaching her husband and son behave in a dignified manner first?

How about teaching kangana to stop going after married men, stop lies, stalking harassing and embarrassing WOMANHOOD?

Seems like this woman has lost her comprehension ability along with her self-respect and dignity. Kangana didn't claim that she called her daughter, she just stated the fact that she was 1 year younger than her daughter.

She was no "Minor". She was Major enough to enjoy with him. Nor was she "minor" when she stalked Ajay during Rascals shoot

I did not finish reading the whole Interview for the simple reason that this lady has surprised me with her strange set of moral values. she has zero issues with her husband but she has a problem with what Kangana said. Exactly just how messed up is Zarina. She is not a 'good' person, she supports domestic abuse.

why will u finish? truth really hurts, so I dont blame u. And kangana supports marriage breakage. but karma will deal with her.

Is she indirectly pointing at Kangna's shady past (if she ever had kind of and we are not aware of it). I don't think this woman is talking truth. Everyone know she is a doormat in that house. I think she is thinking ki ek din sab kuch thik ho jayega when Aaditya get bit more older he will definitely rely on his wife. She is just making us to see how much they love each other when there's nothing like that as of now. But it may happen after this. Good luck Zarina! Hope u get ur position as a wife in that house soon. But logo ke nazro me apke liye jo respect hai wo aise Jhoot bol ke gawao mat.

Do you even know that Zarina was on the peak of her carrier when she married Aditya.She must have come to know that it was the biggest mistake of her life so she must have dittached herself emotionaly from her husband.But yes she should not have supported her useless son....her keeping quite has made her son equally moral less....U r rigt she doesnt love her husband ....but i just keeping quite.....i really feel sad for this lady.....hopeless husband and moraless son....

Zarina Wahab, you are a wonderful woman! Nobody, Nobody can take that away from you

Wonderful for what? Tolerating an abusive man or producing a son who killed an innocent girl?

Lol zarina exposed kangana lies too.

Ma'am your fear and weakness is transparent like a mirror reflection in this interview. Like most Asian wives you also fear and worry your husband the father of your children will leave you especially at this age when you need physical mental emotional support. It's understandable but it's completely wrong to support a violent criminal because you will also be equally responsible for his wrong doings

Wawww she says a lot of things. I didnt know that they were dating for more than 4years, its really a lot of time

Dear, Zarina if possible say everything in front of camera. Different types of media publish different types of story about your side. Too confusing.

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