INTERVIEW: KV Vijayendra Prasad talks about Jr NTR & Ram Charan’s chemistry in RRR, Ajay Devgn & Mahesh Babu

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INTERVIEW: KV Vijayendra Prasad talks about Jr NTR & Ram Charan’s chemistry in RRR, Ajay Devgn & Mahesh Babu

KV Vijayendra Prasad is one of the most iconic writers of Indian Cinema having delivered some of the biggest hits of all time. He is now gearing up for son, SS Rajamouli’s upcoming period drama, RRR, which is fronted by Jr. NTR and Ram Charan with Ajay Devgn and Alia Bhatt in key roles. The basic premise of the film rides on the fire and ice. Vijayendra Prasad informs that it was a conscious decision to cast NTR and Charan in character’s that are contrasting to the reel life personalities.

According to him, the biggest USP of RRR are the uniquely curated action scenes. “We have seen a lot of action films. But have you ever seen a fight which brings tears in your eyes? This is what you are going to experience in RRR. Action coupled with emotion is always a sure shot thing, and action without emotion is just another fight,” he shares. Vijayendra Prasad informs that though the scripts are written by him, it’s always pitched to the actors by his son. “My son narrated the story to the actors. He is a good narrator, in-fact, a very good narrator.”

Opening up about the premise of RRR, which is gearing up for an October 13 opening in theatres, the writer says, “Fight for Independence is in the background and the chemistry of both the characters is the dominant thing. The two are on the same path, but unfortunately, they have to clash.” Being a Pan-India film, the makers were clear on getting a Bollywood actor on board and as per Prasad, Ajay Devgn was always their first choice for the character of a freedom fighter. “We like Ajay Devgn sir very much, both as a person and as an artist. Everyone down south appreciates him and we keep hearing great things about his personality, honesty and integrity,” he exults.

Everyone down south appreciates Ajay Devgn sir and we keep hearing great things about his personality, honesty and integrity
KV Vijayendra Prasad

Prasad has been in the industry for over 4 decades now. When asked about being relevant for so long, he smiles, “I will be out of the industry if I am not updated.” He insists that there is no formula of success in the creative world. “One should just enjoy the story that they are writing. One should make an honest introspection about the shocking and emotional moments of the story. These elements are the hallmark of success. Of course, other factors of success include director, star-cast and producer, but as a writer, one should concentrate on impact of the story,” he reveals.

The writer is hopeful that RRR will be the film that will revive the cinema business across the country. Earlier last decade, there was a talk of Eega sequel, however, Prasad clears the air saying, “It’s not happening at the moment. I have an idea of making a sequel, but not right now.” In an earlier interaction with Pinkvilla, Vijayendra Prasad had confirmed that Rajamouli’s next directorial is with Mahesh Babu and they are toying with the idea of making an African Jungle Adventure on the lines of Indiana Jones. When prodded for an update on the same, he concludes, “It’s work in progress. We are exploring various ideas and there is a possibility of African Jungle Adventure in that. Right now, we are looking at how it can be mounted.”

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