Days of Our Lives spoilers: Brady And Alex Bond Over Shared Experiences Amid Theresa Drama

In the upcoming Days of Our Lives on June 17, 2024: Brady and Alex bond over shared experiences while navigating their complicated history with Theresa.

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers (Instagram)

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the hit series Days of Our Lives

In the upcoming Days of our Lives spoilers for Monday, June 17, reveal Brady and Alex bonding over their shared experiences—except for who’s been with Theresa lately.

Days of Our Lives spoilers and highlights

Alex and Brady used to think they were distant cousins but now believe Alex is Brady’s uncle. They have similar tastes in women, as Brady and Theresa have a son together, and Alex and Theresa are currently involved.

Theresa has a complicated history with Alex. After forging Victor's will with Konstantin to make it look like Alex, not Xander, was Victor's long-lost son, she thought Alex didn’t want her anymore and slept with Brady. Now that Alex wants her again, Theresa doesn’t want Brady. Despite this, Alex and Brady can bond over blaming Xander for Konstantin’s death. This alliance will last until more truths come out.

Paulina will do anything for her daughter, Chanel. When Chanel was involved in a death in England, Paulina paid off the authorities to keep her out of trouble. Now, Chanel faces charges in the US for that crime. Paulina, married to then-mayor Abe, ensured the rules didn’t apply to her family. When Chanel was lost in a snowstorm, Paulina used city resources to rescue her, risking radiation poisoning in the process. Paulina meant well, and that's all that matters to her.


Now, Chanel is moving out of town, and Paulina feels betrayed. She can’t believe Chanel would leave after everything she’s done for her. Paulina turns to Abe, seeking his attention and support, feeling like no one has ever suffered as much as she has.

Previously on Days of Our Lives:

In Friday's Days of Our Lives, Johnny and Chanel are thrilled as they leave the hospital but Chanel is nervous about telling her mom the news.

At home, Paulina is on the phone with Abe while browsing the Concerned Citizens of Salem website. She finds photoshopped pictures mocking her. Abe, at Horton Square, tells her he’s going to put an end to this nonsense. EJ arrives to meet Abe, who confronts him about the CCS website. EJ admits he’s behind it. Abe demands he stop, but EJ justifies his actions by saying Paulina lacks good judgment. He denies it’s because she fired him as DA, claiming he’s focused on his new son and his role as acting CEO, which he expects to be permanent soon. Despite Abe's plea to stop, EJ refuses, insisting it’s out of his hands now. Abe leaves, realizing EJ won’t change.


Paulina closes her laptop briefly, then continues reading the trolls’ comments just as Chanel arrives. Chanel shares the baby’s heartbeat is strong but then reveals they’re moving to Los Angeles. Paulina is shocked and thinks it’s impulsive, but Chanel counters that Paulina often acts without thinking. Paulina apologizes for doubting her but worries they’ll grow apart. Chanel reassures her, saying that thanks to Paulina, she and her baby are healthy. They reconcile and Paulina decides to throw Chanel a going-away party.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen tells Stefan she’s done helping him. She’s now the CEO of DiMera, not EJ. She can’t use company resources to help free Gabi but suggests Clyde might have evidence. Stefan is determined to free Gabi, even if it means becoming a fugitive. Kristen gives him a “Grab and go” kit with money and contacts for emergencies. They say goodbye, and Kristen heads to the office. Stefan regrets missing EJ’s reaction to losing the CEO position.


Johnny visits Marlena to thank her for her advice. He’s happy about his decision, but Marlena will miss him. Paulina still struggles with Chanel leaving, but is glad the baby is healthy. Johnny admits he initially had doubts about the pregnancy but now feels it was the right choice.

Julie calls Chad, who is at the police station, about a lead from Clyde. They need to check a safe deposit box in Chicago for proof that Abby is alive. Julie insists on going with him despite the danger. Thomas overhears and asks if Abigail is alive. Julie and Chad explain that Abigail lives in their hearts. After putting Thomas to bed, Chad reflects on missing Abigail and hopes the lead is true. 

Johnny and Chanel tell Marlena, Roman, and Paulina about their move. Everyone is sad but supportive. Abe comforts an emotional Paulina, reminding her they can visit Johnny and Chanel in Los Angeles. He tells her about trying to get EJ to stop but failing. Paulina confidently declares that karma will get EJ in the end.

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