Days of Our Lives Weekly Spoilers: Tate And Holly Scheme To Stay Together During Prom Night

Prom night drama unfolds as Tate and Holly scheme to be together, while Chad and Julie face unexpected twists in their quest for answers about Abigail.

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers (Instagram)

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the hit series Days of Our Lives

Expect prom night, some surprising returns, and maybe a few twists for the week of June 17 – June 21 on Days of Our Lives. Tate and Holly are back, and it’s prom night in Salem! Much like Romeo and Juliet (without the tragic ending), these two will scheme to be together.

Days of Our Lives weekly spoilers and highlights

Chad and Julie have become close friends. Recently, they faced the burning down of the Horton house and celebrated their return to it. They’re heading to Chicago to find a safe deposit box with crucial evidence about why Clyde says Abigail is alive. But their plans get interrupted by Jack’s unexpected arrival. Is Jack Deveraux back? Does he know what Chad and Julie are up to? If not, what will they tell him?

Konstantin may be gone, but his schemes still cause trouble. Maggie gets shocking news about him. It's Juneteenth, which means it's Abe and Paulina’s wedding anniversary. Eli and Lani return to celebrate with them. What’s going on with them and the twins?

Finally, look forward to some heartfelt moments between Marlena and Eric. Despite his grief over losing his son, Marlena finds time to talk to Eric about his feelings for Nicole.


Previously on Days of Our Lives:

In Friday's Days of Our Lives, Johnny and Chanel are happy about their good news as they leave the hospital. Chanel is worried about telling her mom.

Paulina is on a call with Abe while browsing the internet at home. She found the Concerned Citizens of Salem website, which has photoshopped pictures of her. Abe, in Horton Square, says he’ll stop this nonsense. They say goodbye, and EJ arrives to meet Abe.

EJ pretends to know nothing about the website until Abe confronts him. EJ admits he did it and insists he’s just trying to do the right thing because he doesn’t trust Paulina’s judgment. Abe asks EJ to stop, but EJ says it’s out of his hands now. Abe reminds him that despite Lexie being gone, they are still family, but EJ is unmoved. Abe leaves, frustrated.

Paulina is still online when Chanel arrives. Chanel tells her the baby’s heartbeat is strong but then shares the not-so-good news: she’s moving to Los Angeles. Paulina is stunned and thinks it’s impulsive, but Chanel reminds her that she too acts impulsively.


Paulina apologizes and worries they might grow apart. Chanel says Paulina’s actions might have saved her and her baby, so she forgives her. They hug, and Paulina suggests a going-away party.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen tells Stefan she’s done helping him because she’s now the CEO. Stefan is confused since EJ is the acting CEO, but Kristen explains that the board offered her the job.

Stefan wants her to use DiMera resources to help Gabi, but Kristen says she can’t. Stefan decides to break Gabi out, and Kristen gives him a “grab and go” kit with money and contacts. They hug goodbye, and Kristen heads to the office.

Johnny visits Marlena to thank her for her advice. Everything went well, and he accepted the offer. Marlena is happy for him but will miss him. Johnny admits he had doubts about the pregnancy but now knows it was the right decision.


Julie calls Chad at the police station to check on him. Clyde told Chad to look for a safe deposit box in Chicago with proof that Abigail was alive. Chad heads home to talk to Julie, who insists on going with him because it could be dangerous. Just as Chad agrees, his son Thomas walks in and asks why he said Abigail is alive.

Chad brushes it off, and Julie explains that Abigail is alive in their hearts. Chad returns Thomas to bed, expressing his longing for Abigail. Julie reassures him that they will soon know the truth.

Johnny and Chanel meet at the pub and discuss telling their families. Everyone is a bit sad but happy for them. Abe arrives home to an emotional Paulina, who tells him about Chanel’s forgiveness and move to Los Angeles.

Abe reassures her that they can always visit. He then mentions his unsuccessful attempt to get EJ to stop his antics. Paulina believes karma will catch up to EJ.

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