Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Nicole Uncovers A Shocking Truth About Jude Which Will Impact Her ANd Eric's Future

In the upcoming Days of Our Lives; July 8, 2024: Nicole uncovers a shocking truth about Jude that could impact her, Eric, and Jude's futures.

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers (Instagram)

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the hit series Days of Our Lives

Days of our Lives spoilers for Monday, July 8, reveal a major twist as Nicole discovers something about Jude that could change her, Jude’s, and Eric’s futures.

Days of Our Lives spoilers and highlights for July 8

Nicole thought her life was finally stable. Holly is out of her coma and finished her junior year of high school. Nicole has a job as a reporter despite lacking experience. Her son is back, and her marriage with EJ is going well. Eric is leaving town, which is sad, but Nicole doesn't have feelings for her ex-husband anymore. Or so she thinks until she hears surprising news that makes her question her happy family. 

If Gabi is the one who shares the secret, EJ will be furious with her and Stefan. EJ had to beg Paulina to make him DA and drop the charges against Gabi in exchange for their silence about Jude’s paternity. If Gabi and Stefan can’t keep quiet, EJ won’t have to be nice anymore.

Meanwhile, there’s still the mystery of who killed Li. His family is gone from Salem and doesn’t care, but Melinda might. The evidence might be so clear that even the usually clueless Salem Police Department and DA’s office could solve it. They might even blame Clyde just to close the case.


Days of Our Lives July 5 Recap

In Friday's Days of Our Lives, Bobby reads his book, "The Remaining Soul," when Marlena enters his room. He dismissively says he will only talk to Jada, not anyone else. Marlena tries to discuss Everett’s past, but Bobby is more interested in his book. Marlena insists they can't continue this way and leaves. “We’ll see about that,” Bobby mutters to himself.

At the Pub, Jada tells Rafe she saw Bobby yesterday. Rafe sarcastically remarks that Bobby isn't real. Jada snaps back, saying Bobby was real to her. Rafe apologizes, and Jada reveals that Bobby claims to have information on a murder. Rafe calls it manipulation and warns Jada to stay away from Bobby, fearing he might become violent.

In the Square, Melinda waits for Kristen when Connie, a timid middle-aged woman, approaches. Melinda remembers Connie as the woman who attacked her on Valentine’s Day, blaming her for Li’s death. Connie apologizes, admitting she was jealous because she liked Li, who was hung up on Melinda. Melinda cautiously accepts her apology.


Kristen arrives and joins Melinda, mentioning that a CEO doesn't need to be on time. They sit down as Kristen tries to figure out why EJ wants her to hire Melinda as DiMera’s general counsel and why Melinda wants to work for her. Despite their differences, Melinda is willing to work together, but Kristen is not as sure.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ urgently tells Stefan that Gabi needs to explain at his press conference how he fought for her freedom. Stefan jokes, reminding EJ that he only freed Gabi because of blackmail. As they argue, Gabi enters. EJ expects both of them at the press conference, claiming they owe him. After EJ leaves, Gabi asks Stefan about her release, having overheard the blackmail. Stefan closes the doors and reveals that EJ isn't Jude’s father.

Eric tells Nicole at The Spectator that he got a job in Paris and is leaving today. Nicole, visibly affected, says she’ll miss him. Eric, with tears in his eyes, echoes her sentiment but thinks it's for the best, given EJ's dislike for their partnership. They share a tearful embrace, deciding not to say goodbye.


At the Pub, Jada assures Rafe that Bobby won't hurt her, but Rafe thinks it's too risky. Jada reminds him it's her job and questions if he would worry about male detectives. Rafe admits he isn’t involved with any male detectives but reluctantly agrees, insisting on going with her. Jada knows Bobby won’t talk if Rafe is there, so she needs to go alone. Rafe, though reluctant, tells her to be careful and says, “I love you.”

In the Square, Kristen tells Melinda she doesn’t want to always look over her shoulder. Melinda assures her that won’t be necessary. EJ arrives and offers Kristen his DiMera shares to finalize the deal. Kristen agrees but remains skeptical. After she leaves, EJ warns Melinda to keep quiet about Jude’s paternity, and she promises Nicole won’t hear about it from her.

Nicole approaches, asking what they’re talking about. EJ tells her about Kristen hiring Melinda. After Melinda leaves, Nicole informs EJ that Eric took a job in Paris. EJ thinks it’s the best decision for everyone.

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