Happy Birthday Nicole Kidman: Revisiting The Actress' Top 11 Performances On Her Special Day

Nicole Kidman is one of the most sought-after and talented actresses ruling over millions of hearts for three decades. Here are a few of her iconic performances to revisit on her birthday.

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Nicole Kidman (CC: Getty Images)
Nicole Kidman (CC: Getty Images)

Nicole Kidman has appeared in major movies and given her best performance to captivate the audience's attention. Even though she debuted in the 1980s, her career skyrocketed in the mid-90s. She has done everything from featuring in superhero movies to making her mark as one of the most experimental actresses in the Hollywood industry.

Six-time Golden Globe Awards winner Nicole Kidman has also received nominations for Academy Awards five times. Apart from being a star on the big screen, she has made another identity in the television world after featuring in HBO's miniseries Big Little Lies. Over the years, the To Die For actress has tried to put herself in different shoes and explored a variety of roles, proving her versatility. So, without any further ado, let's look at her best performances throughout her career.

1. Moulin Rouge!

Nicole Kidman received her first Oscar nomination for her performance in the movie Moulin Rouge! Baz Luhrmann's directorial is a musical romantic-tragic drama set in Paris. The storyline follows Ewan McGregor, who plays Christian. He is a young English poet who falls in love with Satine (portrayed by Kidman). The amusing musical experience made the movie get eight Oscar nominations. Nicole's outstanding performance was in discussion for a long time.


2.  Eyes Wide Shut

Starring Kidman and Tom Cruise, Eyes Wide Shut is a romantic mystery thriller that delves deep into the ideas of sexual desires, jealousy, and more. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, Nicole plays Alice Harford, the wife of Bill Harford (Tom Cruise). Big Little Lies actress gets a sexual fantasy about another man, and how Bill Harford embarks on a complicated journey with Alice is all about the movie. Nicole’s performance deserves to be mentioned in it.

3. To Die For

Nicole Kidman’s role as Suzanne Stone made her reach the superstardom. The movie and her performance skyrocketed her career and got her all the fame. Gus Van Sant’s directorial gives a stunning cinematic experience where she plays a TV weathercaster’s role and portrays a sociopath's characteristics with a blend of dark humor. Her out-of-the-box performance made her win the Golden Globes award as best actress.


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4. The Hours

The Hours is a movie that explores three strong female characters led by Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, and Julianne Moore. Kidman with a prosthetic nose and mindblowing performance ruled over the hearts of the audience who watched The Hours. She portrayed the famed novelist Virginia Woolf. For her performance, she even got a nomination at the Oscars.

5. The Others

The Others is a psychological horror-thriller where Nicole Kidman plays Grace Stewart, a mother of two. As they begin to live in a mysterious mansion, Grace suspects the place is haunted. Set in England following World War II, the movie explores the horror genre in a different light. The chilling scenes and Kidman’s grueling performance make it more interesting.

6. The Northman

The Northman explores the epic tales of Vikings. The historical movie might have tanked at the box office, however, Nicole’s performance deserves a special mention. She plays the mother of Alexander Skarsgård, who portrays the lead character in the movie.


7. Birth

Nicole Kidman as Anna is worth remembering in the movie Birth. She is a widow who meets a young man claiming to be her late husband’s reincarnation. The movie explores various ranges of emotions. She beautifully portrays the vulnerability and the conflicts of a widow who navigates her feelings with more complexity. The Golden Globes didn’t miss to acknowledge her outstanding performance.

8. Rabbit Hole

Nicole’s performance in Rabbit Hole got her an Oscar nomination for a reason. The movie demanded a blend of the immense amount of grief and resilience as she lost her child. And Kidman gave a heartwrenching performance as Becca Corbett. She is a master of portraying complex emotions, and she showed that in the movie.

9. Dogville

Lars von Trier’s directorial Dogville is one of the most underrated projects, where Nicole Kidman plays the lead role as Grace. Holding deep secrets, she runs from the mobsters and settles in a small town. She gets shelter in return for her labor. Starring Paul Bettany alongside her, the movie deserves a mention because of Kidman’s performance.

10. Malice

In Harold Becker’s thriller Malice, Nicole plays Tracy Kennsinger. Alongside, Alec Baldwin and Bill Pullman, Kidman’s performance attracts the audience’s attention. She portrays layers of emotions with a mysterious flow, keeping the perfect balance. Nicole keeps the storyline of the movie in grip and drives it forward.


11. Lion

Dev Patel as Saroo leads the movie Lion explores the storyline of a boy who gets separated from his family in India. Getting miles away from his family, he turns up at an orphanage where he gets adopted by Sue Brierley (Nicole Kidman). The movie delves deep into the emotions of the boy and the adoptive mother. Nicole might not be in the leading role, but her performance will leave the audience in tears.

These are a few outstanding performances of The Beguiled actress that made it to the list. Let us know your thoughts about them.

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